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git rename branch

Git branch rename: A Quick Tutorial (2023)

Naming branches in git is super simple, but many developers get confused about renaming local and remote branches. This tutorial will cover every aspect of git branch rename scenarios. So you can quickly learn how to rename branches more efficiently. What are some reasons for renaming a branch? Git branch rename helps to organize your […]
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formatting dates in javascript

Formatting dates in JavaScript: A Complete Guide

Formatting dates in JavaScript can be a little tricky. Many developers rely on third-party libraries to format dates. Today, I will share a glimpse of Javascript built-in date Objects. So you can start using it easily and quickly in your next project. There are several methods to format a date in javascript. Date Object comes […]
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get elements by name in javascript

How to get elements by class name in JavaScript?

There are two popular and commonly used ways to get elements by class name in JavaScript. I'm going to share the examples with you. Case: Let's say you have ten primary links all over your HTML document with the class name link-primary, and you want to change the behavior of all the primary links. So, when […]
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JSON string to JavaScript Object

How to Convert JSON string to JavaScript Object?

Converting a JSON string to JavaScript Object is extremely useful. In this quick guide, you will learn to use JSON.parse with examples. Case: Once you get the data from the server through an API, it's in string format. To utilize that data in your application, you must do the parsing. The easiest way to parse […]
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Convert JavaScript Object to JSON string

How to Convert JavaScript Object to JSON string?

Do you know you can convert the JavaScript Object to JSON string using JSON.stringify()? I will show you how to use JSON.stringify with examples in this article. Case: As the server accepts data in string format, I needed an efficient way to convert JavaScript object to JSON string. That's where I found JSON.stringify(). 🔥 It converts […]
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how to flatten an array in javascript

How to flatten an array in JavaScript?

Do you know that you can flatten an array in JavaScript with one single method? This article tells you how to flatten a javascript array with the flat() array method. Case: I was looking for the straight solution to convert the multi-dimensional (nested) array into plan array. So, I ended up on the solution which […]
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