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Affiliate Disclosure for Bofu Marketing Agency

At Bofu Marketing Agency, the force behind coderchamp.com, we value transparency and integrity in all our interactions. As experts catering to web developers, social media specialists, and online marketers, we understand the importance of clear and honest communication.

Our Partnership with Cloudways: We participate in the Cloudways Affiliate Program. This means some links on our website, blog articles, and posts across various social media platforms (including Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.) are affiliate links.

What This Means for You: If you click on these affiliate links and subsequently subscribe to a service or make a purchase on Cloudways, Bofu Marketing Agency may receive a commission. This is at no additional cost to you. It's Cloudways' way of acknowledging our referral, and it helps support our efforts to bring you valuable content.

Transparency and Your Trust: We assure you that our participation in this affiliate program does not influence the information we provide. We recommend Cloudways based on our positive assessment of their offerings, and not because of the commissions we may receive. Your trust and confidence in our recommendations are paramount.

Privacy and Data Handling: For details on how Cloudways handles data and maintains privacy, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

Our Pledge: We're committed to transparency and will always disclose when a post contains affiliate links. You're under no obligation to use these links, but if you do, it supports our mission to deliver insightful content.

We appreciate your trust and support. If you have questions about this disclosure or our relationship with Cloudways, please feel free to contact us.


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