Written by Shan Shah
Published on May 22, 2021
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3 New Tips to Improve your Performance as a Web Developer

The number of effort put into making this guide is endless. So, please read it carefully and start applying it in your life. I'm sure this will not only increase your performance as a web developer but also will help you to earn more.

There are tons of web technologies coming into the market to utilize in the projects. Clients now demand the most modern and quicker ways to create websites (blogs, applications, e-commerce, landing pages, etc.).

It's really hard to have command of every single technology. But, what you can do is to adopt these tips in life. So, that you will never have to face any difficulty while implementing new technologies & Challenges.

You already know the tips like practice daily, work hard, keep consistent, etc. But, these are different and more focused on making your base strong.

1. Join & Answer in communities around you:

There are tons of platforms like Facebook groups, Quora, StackOverflow, and many others where you will find people struggling to learn the basics of any web technology.

You can commit and Schedule a half or 1 hour daily to answer their queries. If you know about the technology but don't know about the query solution, google it and provide your answer. With this approach, you will not only learn and master quickly but at the same time polishing your skills and performance as a web developer.

The benefit of doing it, you are showing your presence and making up your network. People & companies will start reaching you to provide the solutions to their problems.

2. Share with others what you know:

Nowadays, it's really easy to share your web development knowledge with the world. You can write free and paid ebooks & blogs, create video tutorials & courses, give one-to-one classes. Sharing what you learn daily can help you grow your knowledge and performance as a web developer.

There are many benefits of doing it. Not only are you sharing knowledge, but at the same time, you are making yourself a brand. Your presence in the industry will start growing. People will start asking you to write & create content about a specific topic, technology, etc. Your demand as a web developer will start to increase. Companies will have more trust in your skills than the normal developer.

3. Never underestimate your skills:

I'm telling you this from my years of experience in Web Development. When you learn & implement code, you know to perform that specific task/project in tech. Suppose there is a gap happen between your holidays and your project. After the holidays, You feel like you know nothing about project code, and you start losing confidence just because of this specific thought.

So, you start to learn that thing from scratch, which leads you to overdo things. Keep in mind, your skills still exist, you know it well, and all you need is to do a bird's eye view, and all will be ok.

There are many tips to help improve your performance as a web developer. We have shared three of them in this post. If you could find this information useful, please share it with people you think would appreciate it!


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