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Apple Music Royalties Calculator

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    Apple Music Royalties Calculator is the most popular and best online tool that will give you approximate data or information about estimated earnings per song or podcast, revenue, royalty share, final profit, etc. based on your music streaming numbers easily.

    Per Song Income: Through the Per Song Income section, you can easily understand now how much money you will be able to earn for each song or podcast as an artist or singer, music producer, or music composer. It is also referred to as Pay Per Stream.

    Revenue: From the Apple Music Royalties Calculator Revenue section, you can easily understand exactly how much revenue you will earn or have earned for how many streams. Revenue actually refers to the total earnings a person or company generates through its service.

    Royalties Share: Royalty is a legally binding payment system to an individual or organization for the ongoing use of copyrighted work such as music, books, photos, movies, work performance, etc. royalties. Royalties are usually measured in the % system.

    Final Profit: Apple Music Streams Calculator Final Profit means how much money is left after excluding royalties or ancillary costs. Basically, you will get this profit in your Apple Music Artist account, which you can later transfer or withdraw to your bank account.

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    Apple Music Royalties Calculator Features

    This Apple Music calculator provides many features for its users. Since you are also a user of this online tool, you will surely be able to enjoy those features from it yourself. Some of the features I have already listed below so that you can get a small idea about this tool.

    Let’s see some of the best features of the tool now.

    • No registration or login is required to use this tool
    • Easily calculate the Apple Music pay per stream rate
    • Know how much Apple Music pays artists or creators
    • Get the correct and real-time data or information
    • Safe and secure to use on a smartphone or web

    Many more new features of the Apple Music royalty calculator will be added here.

    How Much Does Apple Music Pay Artists

    You are probably very interested to know about the Apple Music royalty rate, how much does Apple Music pay per stream, how much does Apple Music pay per 1000 streams, how much does apple music pay for 1 million streams, or other factors.

    So, let's calculate to know all of these.

    Let's say, the average Apple Music pay per stream rate is $0.01.

    That is, for every successful play of your own song or podcast, you will earn $0.01. If your audio is played 1000 times, you will earn $10. And if your music is played 50000 times, you will be able to earn $500. The more popular the music, the higher the income.

    So, the more you play, the more you will be able to make money online. Also, you can easily do the income calculation yourself as an artist based on your streaming numbers. For example, you can now follow the formula below to calculate total income.

    Apple Music Income = Total Streams * Per Song Income


    There are a lot of streaming calculation tools on the market.

    But as the best one, the Apple Music Royalties Calculator provides real data about Per Song Income, Revenue, Royalties Share, and Final Profit according to the given budget. Only because of this you can get an idea of your income in advance and release songs accordingly.

    Also, the online tool is completely free to use on a device.