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YouTube Channel Earnings Calculator

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YouTube Channel Earnings Calculator is the best and most popular online tool that will give you an idea of Daily, Monthly, and Yearly income based on the video views and RPM. So that you can easily understand how much a YouTube channel earns for views.

Daily Views: In the Daily Views field, you can input exactly how many views you get on average per day or how many views you want to achieve easily. At the same time, you can also input the number 1 view to know the YouTube earnings per view without any issue.

RPM: The full form of RPM is basically Revenue Per Mile. This mainly means how much money you will earn per 1000 video views. It is also known as Revenue Per 1000 Impressions. Basically, because of this, you can easily calculate YouTube earnings by channel category.

Estimated Earnings: From the YouTube Channel Earnings Calculator Estimated Earnings section, easily see how much money you are making or can earn daily, monthly, and yearly based on total views and RPM. Remember, more views and more RPM means more income.

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YouTube Channel Earnings Calculator Features

Being a YouTube channel revenue calculator, it provides a variety of features for users. This is why you can enjoy all those features effortlessly by using this online tool very easily. Keeping your convenience in mind I have already shared some of the best features below.

Let's read some of the YouTube channel calculator features from here now.

  • No registration or login is required to use this tool
  • Know the YouTube Channel earnings check system
  • Calculate now how much YouTubers make per view
  • Correct and real-time data or information is available
  • 100% safe to use on a mobile, tablet, or computer

Keep staying with this YouTube money calculator to enjoy more features.

How Much Does YouTube Pay To Creators

Most probably, you are very interested to know about YouTubers' income, how much does YouTube pay for 1 million views, how much does YouTube pay for 10000 views, how much money you can make on YouTube with 1000 subscribers as a digital creator, and others.

Let's know now how YouTube income is calculated.

Let's say, the average YouTube RPM is $4.

Revenue Per Mille (RPM) is a metric that basically refers to how much money you earn per 1000 video views. For example, if the average RPM is $4, then for 20000 views you will be able to earn $80. RPM usually varies on different things such as location or audience.

And to automate the calculation, use the above YouTube channel income calculator now.

How Much Does YouTube Take From Earnings

YouTube Authority takes 32% of the total ad revenue.

And usually, YouTube pays 68% of total advertising revenue to content creators. For example, an advertiser paid YouTube $1 to advertise in a video. In this case, when the ad will show on your video, you will earn 68% of $1, i.e. $0.68, and YouTube will take 32%, i.e. $0.32.

You can also do the calculation from the above YouTube money per view calculator.


Maybe, you're looking for the best YouTube earnings calculator by channel name.

That's why I want to suggest you use the latest YouTube Channel Earnings Calculator completely free on your Android, iOS, or computer device. This is the best online tool that provides daily, monthly, and yearly income estimates based on views and RPM provided.

So, check earnings of a YouTube channel now easily.