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LinkedIn Ad Cost Calculator

LinkedIn Ad Cost Calculator is basically an online tool that will try to give you an idea of the Engagement, CPC, Website Visits, Video Views, and Conversions/Leads metrics based on the budget. It will give you an easy idea of how much do ads on LinkedIn cost and what you can get.

Engagement: Engagement means how much you will get likes, comments, shares, clicks, etc. on ads. To get engagements, you can use different ad formats such as single image ads, carousel image ads, video ads, follower ads, conversation ads, event ads, and document ads.

CPC: CPC or Cost per Click is an online ad model which means cost per valid click. For example, let's say you have shared a landing page of a website, then every time the link is clicked by users, the money per click will be deducted from your LinkedIn campaign manager account.

Website Visits: Through the LinkedIn Ad Cost Calculator Website Visits section, you will easily understand how much visitors or traffic you will get on your website after running an advertisement on this business and employment-focused social media platform.

Video Views: From the Video Views section, you will be able to know exactly how many views you can get after running a video advertisement easily. This result will help you determine the minimum budget for LinkedIn ads for your targeted views or viewers.

Conversions/Leads: Through the Conversion section, you will be able to easily understand exactly how many digital or physical sales you will get, exactly how many leads you will get or collect for an item, how many actions can be completed, and other things.

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LinkedIn Ad Cost Calculator Features

As a LinkedIn ad budget calculator, it provides a variety of features keeping in mind the users so that all users can enjoy it with their hearts. A very few features I have already listed on the below for your convenience so that you will get a brief idea.

By the way, let's know which features are available.

  • No registration or login is required to use this tool
  • Get complete ideas of the LinkedIn paid ads costs
  • Calculate the LinkedIn ad budget for the next goal
  • Get the correct and real-time data or information
  • Fully safe to use on a mobile, tablet, or computer

More features of this tool will be added very soon.

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost

Maybe, you are highly interested to know about the LinkedIn ads cost per click, how LinkedIn ads work, how much the budget should be for LinkedIn ads, whether LinkedIn sponsored content is valuable or not, what is the average cost for the LinkedIn lead, etc.

Now, let's do the calculation about it below.

Let's say, the average LinkedIn CPM cost is $5.26.

That is, you will be charged $5.26 for every 1000 people your advertisement reaches or impressions. If your advertisement is viewed by 10000 people, you will be charged $52.60. And if your advertisement is viewed by 50000 people, you will be charged $263.

Let's say, the average LinkedIn CPC cost is $0.50.

That is, you will be charged $0.50 for every successful click on an advertisement for anything such as a landing page click, website click, subscriber link click, or others. So, in this case, if your advertisement gets 1000 valid clicks, you will be charged $500.


There are a lot of budget calculator tools on the market.

However, the latest LinkedIn Ad Cost Calculator tool is the best now. It currently provides the most accurate information depending on the budget such as Engagement, CPC, Website Visits, Video Views, Conversions/Leads or Actions, and other metrics easily.

Even using this online tool requires no money.