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Pinterest Ads Cost Calculator

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Pinterest Ads Cost Calculator is an online tool designed for advertisers to view approximately Impressions, CPM, Save Pins, Video Views, and Conversions/Leads/Sales based on a specific budget. So that it will be easy to make plans about Pinterest advertising costs.

Impressions: Through the Impressions section, you will be able to easily understand how many times your pin or advertisement will be on people's mobile, tablet, or computer screens. Usually, this impression or reach plays a major role in brand awareness.

CPM: The full form of the CPM is Cost Per Mile. You can now easily understand and know how much CPM can cost per 1000 impressions. Usually, the average CPM of the Pinterest platform is $2.00 to $5.00. It will help you to determine the Pinterest ad cost easily.

Save Pins: From the Pinterest Ads Cost Calculator Save Pins section, you can now easily know or understand how many Pins save you will get by spending exactly how much money. That is, how many people will save the Pin you provide to their account board.

Video Views: Video Views will tell you how much does it cost to promote on Pinterest for videos. This will let you know exactly how much you need to spend to get a certain target of views. Remember, getting views on any social media advertisement is very easy.

Conversions/Leads/Sales: Through this Conversions section, you will be able to easily understand exactly how many digital or physical sales for a product you will get, exactly how many leads you will receive, how many actions can be completed, and other things.

Pinterest Ads Cost Calculator Features

As a Pinterest Money Calculator, this tool provides many great features to users. As you are a user or an advertiser, you should already have all the ideas about the features of this online tool. Some of the best features I have mentioned below are for you.

By the way, let’s know all of the features now from here.

  • No registration or login is required to use this tool
  • Get complete ideas of the Pinterest ads pricing now
  • Calculate the cost of advertising on Pinterest easily
  • Get easily accurate and real-time data or information
  • Completely safe to use on mobile, tablet, or computer

There are many more features that you will enjoy in the future.

How Much Does Pinterest Advertising Cost

Maybe, you are highly interested to know about how much does Pinterest ads cost, ads on Pinterest cost, how much does it cost to advertise on Pinterest, cost for per conversion, how much do Pinterest ads cost, etc. So, let's do a light calculation on this whole thing.

Let's say, the average Pinterest CPM is $2.00 to $5.00.

That is, you will be charged $2.00 - $5.00 for every 1000 people your advertisement impressions. If your advertisement is viewed by 5000 people, you will be charged $10 - $25. Thus, the more impressions or reach you will get, the more you will be charged.

Let’s say, the average Pinterest Conversion Rate is 3%.

In this case, you should easily be able to get 3 conversions for every 100 valid engagements. And for every 1000 engagements, you will easily get 30 conversions. The more attractive your ad is in terms of conversions, the more conversions or leads you will get.

And to automate the calculation, use the above Pinterest budget calculator now.


There are many budget or money tools available today.

But the latest Pinterest Ads Cost Calculator tool is currently the best as it provides accurate Impressions, CPM, Save Pins, Video Views, and Conversions/Leads/Sales ideas for a specific budget. This will give an advertiser an idea or plan of the Pinterest ads cost.

This online tool is 100% free to use on a smartphone, tablet, or PC.