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Instagram Influencer Pricing Calculator

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    Instagram Influencer Pricing Calculator is an online tool to get an idea of any social media influencer's engagement rate and their cost per post. By adopting this way, as a digital advertiser, you can understand how much an influencer should be paid for promotion.

    Here is a median pricing from Later's 2023 report based on the output format and the amount of followers. Note that based on the brand, the niche or the asked packages, the influencer can always charge a premium.

    Later creator rates grid

    Followers: In the Followers field, enter the total number of followers that influencer has on his or her account. For example, 1000, 10000, 15000, 50000, 90000, 100000, 500000, etc. To get the total number of followers, log in to Instagram > visit Profile > and Followers.

    Average Likes: Add the total likes of the last three images, videos, or reels of the influencer's profile, and then divide by 3. For example, Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3 have a total 2000 likes. After dividing by 3, it got an average of 666 likes. So, enter the number of likes in this field.

    Engagement Rate: In the Instagram Influencer Pricing Calculator Engagement Rate section, find out how much engagement the influencer has based on the total followers and average likes. Engagement means likes, comments, shares, etc. A good engagement rate is 1% to 5%.

    Price Per Post: From the Instagram Influencer Cost Calculator Price Per Post section, easily understand now how much you should spend per post based on the influencer's popularity. Remember, more famous means more engagement, so the cost will be higher.

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    Instagram Influencer Pricing Calculator Features

    From the Instagram pricing calculator tool, you will be able to now enjoy all kinds of amazing features which are completely free. Since you will be using this online tool for calculations, so you should now read all the features from below for your convenience.

    So, let's now find out what benefits are available through this tool.

    • No registration or login is required to use this tool
    • Easily know how to calculate influencer rates now
    • Calculate pricing for Instagram influencers easily
    • Get the accurate and real-time information or data
    • 100% safe to use on mobile, tablet, or computer

    Instagram influencer rate calculator has several other features that can be enjoyed.

    How Much Do Instagram Influencers Charge

    Maybe, you are highly interested to know about how much it costs to hire an Instagram influencer, how much do influencers cost on Instagram, how much influencers charges for promotion, etc. So, let's go, let's know the whole thing through calculation without pretending.

    For example, each follower costs $0.0025 and each like costs $0.025.

    In this case, adding the total follower cost and average like cost or engagement cost will give you the price for per post. For example, the cost of 5000 followers is $12.50 and the cost of 100 likes is $2.50. Therefore, the price of each post or video will be $15.

    To automate this, use the Instagram influencer pay calculator above now.


    There are lots of tools to find the rates of influencers.

    But the latest Instagram Influencer Pricing Calculator tool is the best to use on a device. Because it helps you to know the engagement rate and cost per post of an Instagram influencer by providing total followers and average likes for any social media influencer.

    And the best part is this online tool is 100% free to use.