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Spotify Earnings Calculator

Spotify Earnings Calculator is basically a free online tool that will show you metrics like Per Song Income, Revenue, Royalties Share, Final Profit, etc. depending on the total streaming. So that you will easily understand or know exactly how much Spotify pays creators.

Per Song Income: From the Per Song Income section, you will be able to easily understand exactly how much Spotify pays per stream for each song, podcast, or any audio as an artist or singer, music producer, or music composer. It is also called Pay Per Stream in special cases.

Revenue: With the Spotify Earnings Calculator Revenue section, now find out exactly how much money you will earn or already earned for how many streams easily. Generally, revenue refers to the total earnings earned by an individual or company through its services.

Royalties Share: As an artist or singer, music producer, or music composer, you will get a 70% royalty share and Spotify which is a Swedish audio streaming and media service will take a 30% royalty share out of the total revenue for releasing audio on their platform.

Final Profit: After deducting all incidental expenses including royalties, the remaining amount is called Spotify Royalty Calculator profit. It is basically your main profit which will be credited to your artist account and later you can transfer or withdraw this money to bank.

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Spotify Earnings Calculator Features

As a Spotify revenue calculator tool, this online tool will provide you with many interesting features so that you as an audio creator can understand exactly what you will be able to easily enjoy using this web tool. I have mentioned some of the best features here.

Let's take a look at some of the Spotify income calculator features.

  • No registration or login is required to use this online tool
  • Calculate now the Spotify royalty rate for free and easily
  • Find out how much Spotify pays artists or music creators
  • Get the correct as well as real-time data or information
  • Fully safe to use on a smartphone, tablet, or web devices

Spotify stream earnings calculator has also other features to enjoy.

How Much Does Spotify Pay Artists

You seem to be very interested to know how much Spotify pays for 1 million streams, how much Spotify pays per 1000 stream, how much music streaming services pay artists, how much royalty Spotify pay, how much 10k streams on Spotify, how much 50 million streams on Spotify, etc.

So, let's calculate Spotify earnings now.

Let's say, the average Spotify pays per stream is $0.004.

That is, after Spotify monetization, for every successful song or podcast play, you will earn $0.004 as an audio creator. If your audio is played 1000 times, you will earn $4.00 as revenue. And then your total profit for that play will be $2.80 after cutting the royalty fee.

According to the official website, the Spotify royalty rate is 70/30%.

That is already included in the Spotify streams calculator tool which you will see from above. This means an artist, music creator, or rights holders will get a 70% royalty from the total revenue. And Spotify platform will cut or take a 30% royalty from the total revenue.

And to do it automate, use the above Spotify artist earnings calculator now.


There are a lot of stream revenue calculation tools over the world.

However, the latest Spotify Earnings Calculator tool is ranked #1 only because of its accurate information. That is, by giving the total streaming number, you will get Per Song Income, Revenue, Royalties Share, and Final Profit data completely free just to get the idea.

And the best part is that this Spotify royalties calculator tool is 100% free.