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SoundCloud Royalties Calculator

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SoundCloud Royalties Calculator is the best online tool that will provide you Per Song Income, Revenue, Royalties Share, Final Profit, and other data based on the total plays of your music. By doing it, you can easily understand how much money you will be able to earn.



Per Song Income: With the Per Song Income section, you will be able to now easily understand exactly how much does SoundCloud pay per stream for each song or podcast as an artist or singer, music producer, or music composer. It is also called Pay Per Stream.

Revenue: From the SoundCloud Royalties Calculator Revenue section, easily understand exactly how much you'll earn or exactly how much you've earned for how many streams. Revenue refers to the total earnings earned by an individual or company through its services.

Royalties Share: Royalty refers to a legally binding payment arrangement to an individual or organization for the ongoing use of copyrighted works such as songs or podcasts, books, photos, films, task performances, etc. Royalties are usually measured in % format.

Final Profit: After deducting all incidental expenses including royalty, the remaining money is basically called SoundCloud Royalty Calculator Profit. Basically, you will receive this money in your SoundCloud account which you can transfer or withdraw to the bank.

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SoundCloud Royalties Calculator Features

This SoundCloud plays to money calculator tool has a lot of features that you as a user will definitely love as well as enjoy. I have already mentioned some of the features below for you so that you can understand exactly what features are waiting for you.

Let's know those SoundCloud money calculator features now from the below.

  • No registration or login is required to use this online tool
  • Calculate the SoundCloud royalty rate for free and easily
  • Know how much does SoundCloud pay artists or creators
  • Get the correct as well as real-time data or information
  • Fully safe and secure to use on a smartphone or web

This SoundCloud pay per stream calculator has also more features that you will enjoy.

How Much Does SoundCloud Pay To Streamers

Most probably you have a lot of interest to know a lot of things such as how much does SoundCloud pay for 1 million streams to creators, how much can people earn royalties from SoundCloud, SoundCloud fan powered royalties, etc. So, let's calculate the whole matter now.

Let’s say, the average SoundCloud pay per stream rate is $0.0025.

That is, after SoundCloud monetization, for every successful song or podcast play, you will be able to earn $0.0025 as a creator. If your audio is played 1000 times, you will earn $2.50. And if your music is played 100000 times, you will be able to earn $250 easily.

It is generally seen that creators who are more popular or famous in the music world, their sound trucks are listened to more. This is basically why they earn much more than ordinary people. This online audio distribution platform pays using the following formula.

SoundCloud Music Income = Total Streams * Per Song Income


There are a lot of streaming royalty calculator tools on the market.

But if you need the best that will help you to know the Per Song Income, Revenue, Royalties Share, and Final Profit metrics, then you should use the latest SoundCloud Royalties Calculator tool right now. So that you can understand how many plays you need for targeted income.

And the most interesting thing is that this online tool is 100% free to use.

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