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Instagram Ads Cost Calculator

Instagram Ad Cost Calculator is basically an online tool that will show you an estimate of total impressions, CPM, clicks, conversions, and more metrics depending on the budget you have given. So that you can easily get a solid idea about the Instagram ads price.

Impressions: Impressions are how many people were shown your ad on their phone, tablet, or computer screens. For example, if an ad is on the device screen and someone scrolls down and then comes back to the same ad by scrolling again, that will count as 1 impression.

CPM: CPM stands for Cost Per Mile, also known as Cost Per Thousand Impressions. Instagram Ad Cost Calculator CPM will tell you exactly how much you will be charged per 1000 impressions. It mainly depends on the audience, location, and category.

Clicks: Click count lets you know exactly how many clicks you will get after running an ad for a given budget. For example, if you provide a link to a website in the ad that users will visit, you can understand exactly how many visitors you will get from the number of clicks.

Conversions: Instagram Ads Budget Calculator Conversions will help you understand exactly how often a certain action will be completed. For example, how many sales will get, how many leads will get, or how many targeted clients will get, is essentially called conversions.

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Instagram Ad Cost Calculator Features

A lot of features, as well as functions, are provided by the Instagram advertising cost calculator tool that you will love most. And the most interesting thing is that this web based online tool shows all kinds of correct data as well as information completely free.

By the way, let’s know some of the Instagram ad calculator features from below.

  • No registration or login is required to use this tool
  • Get the correct and real-time data or information
  • 100% safe to use on a mobile, tablet, or computer

More types of features will be added to this Instagram ads cost calculator in future.

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost

Maybe, you’re highly interested to know the cost per follower Instagram ads, Instagram ad cost per month, Instagram ad pricing, etc. Below is a detailed discussion just to give you an approximate idea from which you can understand how much your budget should be for a particular goal.

So, let's know the cost of Instagram ads.

Average Instagram CPC rate is $0.40 - $0.75.

That is, if 100 people click on your advertisement, you must spend between $40 to $75. If 500 people click on your ad, you must spend between $200 to $375. Clicks can happen for website links, likes, reactions, comments, shares, and other actions.

On the other hand, the average CPM rate is $7.91.

That is, for every 1000 people who will view your ad, you need to spend 7.91 USD on this photo and video sharing platform. If 10000 people view your ad, you have to spend $79.05. And you have to spend $500 if you want your ad to be seen by 63250 people.

And use the above Instagram ads calculator to know faster.


Nowadays, many types of Instagram promotion cost calculator tools are available.

But if you need the best, then you must use the above Instagram Ad Cost Calculator tool on your Android, iOS, or computer device now. It will show you all kinds of metrics such as impressions, CPM, clicks, conversions, etc. depending on your budget.

It will basically help with to set up a budget for specific goals.

So, calculate the cost for Instagram ad now.