12 Places to Find Ideas for Business Blog Posts

12 Places to Find Ideas for Business Blog Posts

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    If you write a blog for your business, then you’ve probably experienced a time when you didn’t know what to write about. Coming up with fresh business blog posts can be challenging, but help is not far away. First, think about the types of business blog posts you could write, and then think about the business blog post topics that people typically want to read. Finally, find your inspiration and start writing!

    Following are 12 specific places you can go to find business blog post ideas when you can’t think of what to write about.

    1. Industry PR Communications

    Are there any associations or organizations related to your industry? If so, those types of organizations usually create useful communications for their members (and sometimes for the wider audience of non-members, too). A quick search of each organization’s website should enable you to discover whether the organization publishes interesting content on its blog, in email newsletters, or in print publications. Start reading those industry communications, and you should be able to think of some blog post ideas.

    2. Industry Publications

    Are there any magazines or other publications dedicated to your industry (or very closely related to it)? If so, you can find interesting content in them which you could discuss on your business blog.

    3. Industry Research Reports

    Are there companies or organizations that conduct research related to your industry? Interesting survey results and research data can be used as the basis of business blog posts.

    4. Customer Reviews and Stories

    Do your customers publish reviews on social media sites or sites like Yelp or Trustpilot? Positive reviews can be the perfect catalyst to a great business blog post.

    5. Local and Regional News

    Does your business operate in a specific local or regional area? If so, you can probably tie your business to local and regional news and events and produce some interesting blog posts as a result.

    6. Government News and Commentary

    Visit government websites to identify any pending legislation or actions that might affect your business and write blog posts about those topics.

    7. Government Official Social Media Profiles

    Did you know that a large number of members of the U.S. Congress have blogs and active Twitter feeds? Many state and local government officials are also active in social media. Keep tabs on their updates and you just might find a great business blog post idea.

    8. Curation Tools

    Using content curation tools, you can collect interesting content from across the web that’s related to your business and industry. When you find a piece of content that inspires a business blog post, write it. Just be sure to link to the source to give attribution credit.

    9. Competitor Content

    What are your competitors talking about on their business blogs and social media accounts? You’re guaranteed to come up with blog post ideas based on topics your competitors are discussing.

    10. Industry Influencers

    Do you know who the influencers in your industry are online? Find the online influencers who already have the eyes and ears of your target audience, and keep tabs on what they’re writing and talking about. It’s a great way to hone in on hot topics that your target audience is already thinking about.

    11. Press Releases

    Search press release distribution sites like PRNewswire.com and PRWeb.com using keywords related to your industry to find corporate news that matters to you, your business, and your consumers. It’s likely you’ll find ideas for your own business blog posts based on other companies’ news releases.

    12. Social Media Activities

    Use a tool like Monitter.com to track real-time Twitter conversations related to your industry and business. Simply visit the site, enter your chosen keywords, and you’ll see an ongoing list of related tweets. Also, join LinkedIn Groups related to your business, which can be great sources for business blog post ideas.

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