20 Pinterest Board Topics for Business Blog Marketing

20 Pinterest Board Topics for Business Blog Marketing

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    Increase Traffic to Your Business Blog with Creative Pinterest Boards

    Pinterest is a great social media marketing tool that you can use to increase traffic to your business blog, which can lead to sales. Don’t create boring pin boards that no one wants to look at. Instead, create interesting boards that tell stories, pique the interest of your target audience, and motivate them to engage with you and your business.

    By pinning highly shareable content on creative pin boards, you’ll raise your business’ online profile and increased revenues are sure to follow! Twenty creative Pinterest board topics that can boost your business blog marketing are listed below to help you get started.

    1. Sales and Discounts

    Keep all of your promotional content on a single Pinterest board where it’s easy to find and doesn’t clutter your other boards.

    2. Tutorials and How-To’s

    Offer tips, tutorials and how-to’s using images that lead to more detailed articles. However, make sure the images are useful on their own. For example, include a graphic of a person using one of your products with several steps to perform a specific function included in the graphic. Be sure to link it to your business blog for all the details.

    3. Demos

    Create a Pinterest board dedicated to demonstration videos where you can show visitors how to use your products to complete specific tasks.

    4. Look Books and Ideas to Use Your Products

    Fashion, design, decorating, and home improvement brands are just some of the types of businesses that can create great Pinterest boards to show off collections of products. Look books and design ideas can be inspirational and motivate people to click through to learn more on your blog and buy the products they see.

    5. Infographics

    Infographics are highly shareable and can become viral for just about any topic. Search for infographics related to your business, hire someone to create some for you, or create your own. Be sure to blog about them and pin them to your infographics pin board, and share infographics published on other blogs and websites, too.

    6. Research Charts and Graphs

    Whether you conduct research related to your business or industry or you simply find research conducted by and published by other companies, you can blog about that research and pin related charts and graphs to a pinboard on Pinterest. If the data could be interesting to your target customer audience or audiences who are likely to share it with their own followers (for example, journalists, other bloggers, and so on), pin it!

    7. Customer Images

    Ask customers to pin images of themselves using your products and repin images you find across the web that show people using your products!

    8. Testimonials

    You can pin quotes on Pinterest, so be sure to create a testimonials board where you can share customer testimonials from your blog with the Pinterest audience.

    9. Customer Videos

    Create a pin board to pin videos from customers showing how they use your products or talking about your products.

    10. Behind the Scenes

    Make your business more human by publishing images and videos of your office, store, employees, and so on. It’s a great way to display your brand personality and build a stronger emotional connection between your customers and your brand.

    11. Stuff You Like

    Add personal flavour to your business Pinterest account by pinning stuff you like that is directly or indirectly related to your business. Blog about the stuff you like first, so people understand the connection to your business, and then pin the images!

    12. Contests

    Pinterest is a great place for promotional contests, so create pin boards for each of your contests. Use them to increase followers, send traffic to your blog and website, and boost engagement, sharing, and comments on your Pinterest board.

    13. Events

    Do you participate in any events on behalf of your business? Make sure your employees bring cameras to trade shows, conferences, and so on, and blog about the events. Then pin those images to your events pin board.

    14. Causes and Social Responsibility

    Social responsibility is important to people, and you can show customers that you support causes using your blog and a related Pinterest board where you publish images, videos, quotes, and more.

    15. Seasonal

    Get creative and show off your products, your staff, and your business events in seasonal Pinterest boards. This is particularly fun for fashion brands, interior decorators, and so on who can create seasonal product bundles that drive purchases.

    16. Colour

    Another fun type of Pinterest board that works very well for fashion brands, designers, and so on are colour-based boards. For example, an apparel brand could create color-coded boards that show off product bundles in specific colour palettes. However, creative thinkers can apply this idea to many industries. Create a “green” board for spring products or environmentally-friendly products, a “white” board for natural products, a “black” board for luxury products, and so on.

    17. Products Around the World

    Like the Travelocity gnome travels around the world, how many places can you show your product across the globe? At the Olympics? On top of Mount Everest? On the beaches of Bali? Invite customers to submit images for inclusion in your board and make sure employees participate, too! Have them bring one of your products with them on their business trips and vacations or wear a T-shirt or hat with your company name and logo, then take pictures of themselves with the item.

    18. Segmented Boards

    Think about how many ways you can segment content to create niche Pinterest boards. You can segment by demographic, psychographic, and behavioural traits of your target audience and the type of content each segment would like, but you can also segment by the types of products you offer, the places where you offer your products, and more. Niche boards can be very popular, so don’t be afraid to create highly-focused Pinterest boards.

    19. Wish Lists

    What do your customers want? Ask them to pin it to a special board and you’ll get informal market research data!

    20. Resources and Help

    If your customers could use a helping hand from other resources or helpful books, websites, classes, and so on, create a pin board and share that information. They’ll appreciate it! For example, a furniture store could pin content from interior decorators and a travel agent could pin content from weather sites and airports as well as travel-related books, products to make air travel less stressful, and so on.

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