How to remove ShareThis from WordPress

How to remove ShareThis from WordPress

Today, while I was working to improve the speed performance of a WordPress site of one of my clients, I found that it’s a bit difficult to get rid of ShareThis. In this article I will show you some tricks about how to remove ShareThis from WordPress and increase the GTmetrix score.

How I discovered the problem:

My client had a Google Analytics plugin (developed by ShareThis) installed on her website. That plugin offered the opportunity to get a nice GDPR button (called Privacy) on each page. The hidden part was that her website were tracked by a countless number of vendors. After I explained her what happened and if she knows that her website is tracked (and her website visitors spied, without the website owner’s consent) , she asked me to get rid of ShareThis quickly.

After I discovered the source of that “Privacy consent” button (it was a quick search, because I knew she installed a free plugin developed by this company) , I deactivated that feature from inside the plugin’s dashboard.

Few minutes later, I checked the website again with GTmetrix & PageSpeed Insights and surprise: Some parts of the script were still there. Of course, I disabled right away that GA plugin and I exhaled noisily as a sign of relief. In the following minutes I rechecked the website from mobile, and suddenly appeared another problem: The GA still report my visits. I rechecked if the GA plugin was deactivated&deleted, and yes: It was deleted.

I went to GTmetrix again, to see if it still there: !!! (Damn! ). Beside it, another one: . Hmm! Strange. What could be the connection between buttons, ShareThis and…Done! The share buttons. But where are they, usually (on the homepage, nothing). OFC! Let’s check on the blog: The share buttons from inside each blog page were the problem( the buttons were inside the theme, as a feature ). Not only they appeared to GTmetrix, but the strange thing was that, even without a GA tracking code or plugin installed on the website, the Analytics still reported the visits. Another person reported this kind of problem on the plugin page of Can’t remove code. Another one here: Plugin does not go away

So, after I deactivated the sharing buttons from the theme, the GA tracking stopped and the dissapeared from GTmetrix and the website speed performance has been increased to A score.

The point is: A lot of “free plugins” may raise huge profits from your website, through your audience, without your consent. I don’t know if it’s legal or not (they may specify this in the ToS of the plugin) , but I am 100% sure that it’s not ethical. Better, ask for a review/donation, instead of tracking people without an initial consent. Below is just a part of the calls through this plugin ( no wonder the website performance was affected ):


  1. (JavaScript, Image)
  2. (JavaScript)
  3. (JavaScript)
  4. (CSS)
  5. (Image)
  6. (Image)
  7. (Image)
  8. (JavaScript)
  9. (JavaScript)
  10. (JavaScript)
  11. (JavaScript)
  12. (JavaScript)
  13. (JavaScript)
  14. (Image)
  15. (Image)
  16. (Image)
  17. (Image)
  18. (Image)
  19. (Image)
  20. (Image)
  21. (Image)
  22. (Image)
  23. (Image)
  24. (Image)
  25. (Image)
  26. (Image)
  27. (Image)
  28. (Image)
  29. (Image)
  30. (Image)
  31. (Image)
  32. (Image)
  33. (Image)
  34. (Image)
  35. (Image)
  36. (Image)
  37. (Image)
  38. (Image)
  39. (Image)
You can read more about the list above, and more contextual information on this article:
ShareThis slowing down your site? Here’s why.

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