10 Ways to Make Money as a Web Developer

10 Ways to Make Money as a Web Developer

This guide will teach you about the ten best ways to make money as a web developer.

Worth of having Web Development Skills

What is the worth of your web development skills? That's a question that every web developer asks himself.

???? The field of web development is one that many people are interested in. It offers a variety of opportunities, a flexible schedule, and ways to work from home.

???? As the digital world continues to change rapidly, the need for web developers is growing. At the same time, many people see this as a great opportunity to make money.

✌ The web developer role is one of the hottest and most in-demand jobs in the world. Salary ranges as high as $180K for highly skilled developers, while entry-level salaries can be as low as $40K.

✨ Web development is a fast-growing industry, but it's not just a job. It's a way of life. It's a career choice and a passion. Web development is now the 3rd most popular career choice on the Internet, next to Software Engineer and Software Architect. Many people are doing web development because they want to be their boss.

???? We know that many web developers struggle to earn a living from their talent. However, there are ways to do this. We all know that the Internet is a place that can earn you money, and you should not hide away in the corner and leave your web creations.

Well, here we're sharing the best ways to earn money as a web developer.

Affiliate Marketing (How to make money as web developer)

make money as a web developer min

You make money while getting customers to someone else product.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to earn money online. There are tons of tools that you can promote and get a commission every month.

If you have a blog or audience, you can become an affiliate Web Developer.

You have to make sure that your content is useful, valuable, and informative. Your content/audience niche or topics should be specific.

By doing so, you will be able to engage more visitors to your website and most likely get them to purchase the products or services you are promoting.

You can start promoting:

  • SAAS tools
  • Courses
  • Web development academies & Schools
  • ebooks
  • Youtube Channels & Videos (Get paid from channel owners)
  • Websites

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make money through blogging min

You've probably heard a lot about blogging recently. It's a popular way for web designers, developers, and technical writers to make money, build a personal brand, and make a name for themselves.

Web Developers can make a passive income just by writing blog posts. And the best part? You don't need to be an expert content writer or write thousands of words. Just share your thoughts with other developers.

You can advertise, bring sponsors, do affiliate marketing, sell your products through content writing, and many more.

  • Advertise: Consider, blog as an asset where you're giving someone a place to rent on a monthly/yearly basis.
  • Sponsors: The business owners who want to promote their product and effectively looking for a place to get attention from the audience.

You can start by sharing what you are learning if you do not have a blog yet. You can start with the platforms that already existed (medium, freecodecamp), etc.

It's all about traffic and the audience you can bring to your blog. While getting attention from viewers on your blog posts, you can then start selling them digital products even you can utilize affiliate marketing.

Some tips to consider: You should have the following knowledge to make a good traffic blog.

  • SEO: Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing: Capture the leads (when someone visiting your blog, for contacting them later, you can ask for the email)

You don't need to master them. Grab the basics and start implementing the strategies.

Want to know about some quality tips while building your own website or blog? If Yes, then I'm sure You will definitely learn something from this guide 5 Quick tips to build your own website as a Web Developer.


earn money online with freelancing min

There are things in the world that are as rewarding as building up a successful career in web development.

If you have your burning desire to become a freelance web developer, this is your chance to make it big. You can work for different types of clients from different countries while working from home.

You may know that the websites like freelancer, Fiverr & Upwork providing you such opportunities. But, if you can make yourself a brand, then there are many more opportunities for you like contacting direct clients, getting clients from Facebook groups, Twitter, Linked In, and many more.

Live Streaming

earn money through live streaming

Live web development is a new and emerging source of income for web developers with the right skills.

Real-time live demonstrations of building web applications can be a very engaging experience for developers trying to learn how to build web applications.

The goal is to show developers what the end-product should look like but also to help & engage them in their journey towards becoming great software engineers.

Earn money from live coding, teaching other people how to code, or simply showing your skills in front of thousands of people.

Create online courses

earn money online by creating ecourses

Online courses are the new frontier of education. And they're growing rapidly worldwide.

Online course creation has become one of the most popular ways to teach and learn online. The Internet has transformed how we learn, and web developers are in high demand. With a simple online course, you can build your reputation as an expert, increase your income, attract clients, boost your creativity and grow your community.

Are you passionate about teaching web development? If so, why not utilize it as a business opportunity. Please create your online course and start to earn money from it.

Building a SaaS

earn money by building a SAAS product

You make money while charging users for using your web application.

A SaaS is a Software as a Service, an application or website that allows people to sign up and pay for the service.

Build a product based on your idea, and then find out whether the market needs it. If there is no need for your product, you will waste much time and money.

The initial thing you need to do is analyze the market. How big is this market? Is it growing? Are there enough potential customers so that you can build a successful business on top of it?

As a web developer, you should be aware of the current trends in the market. You can get this information from different sites such as Techcrunch or Medium.

It would be great to look at how your competitors are building their products and what strategies they are using to market them. If you have a budget, you can even hire someone who has experience in marketing and product development. After that, you have to create a prototype of your idea to test it with real users.

You can check the market by searching for similar products on Google and getting to know how successful they have been. If you find out that your concept is not new, think about changing it.

When you build the product, several markets can help you to get initial customers on start like:

  • Appsumo
  • Pitchground
  • SaasMantra

Focus on the demand. Try to understand what customers need your product for and whether they are ready to pay for it. It is a better idea to start from the niche if it exists.

Please do some research and find out whether there are similar solutions available on the market, as it is feasible to build something new than to develop something people don't want at all.

Create digital products

earn money through digital products

Create and sell your products to the world. No matter what you're passionate about, there is a market for it online.

You can create courses, software, ebooks, or any digital product that you want to distribute to customers worldwide. If you have a passion for web development and want to make extra money on the side, this will be a great opportunity for you.

No matter what you're passionate about, there is a market for it online.

Run Youtube Channel

earn money from youtube channel

YouTube is a great platform where you can make money by making videos on different topics. You can create videos about things that you know or are passionate about and start earning money from these videos.

There are many apps available to use on your phone and computer for screen recording to create tutorials.

You can make tutorials on different programming languages or record project-based courses.

There are endless ways to earn money on Youtube, from uploading original videos to running ads via your channel.

If you're a web developer and know how to educate others on how to build websites, then it's time for you to start earning money by running a Youtube Channel.

The process is simple:

  • First, you need to create your YouTube channel.
  • Create interesting content for the viewers.
  • Post your videos regularly & share them with your audience on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Once, you'll start getting love from the audience in the shape of subscribers, likes & views. You can then monetize your channel from google AdSense, bring sponsors & do affiliate marketing.

By the way, we're also running a YouTube Channel. So, that you can become a rock-solid web developer with web development video tutorials.

Working as a professional Remote Web Developer

earn money as a remote web developer

You can also work from home as a professional web developer. Many companies hire people like you to create websites and applications for them. If your skill is good, then you can earn a decent amount of money by working full-time or part-time in these companies.

As a web developer, you can also create your website or application and sell it to other people who might need it.

Contribute to open source community

earn money as open source developer

As a web developer, you have the opportunity to contribute to open-source projects.

You can contribute by fixing bugs or implementing features. You can also do it out of a sense of community and a good feeling of giving back.

This will not only help you gain experience with a particular project but will also help you gain experience with many different programming languages.

There is a wide variety of open-source projects, and the best way to find one you'd like to contribute to is to look at the website's issues.

You can look for projects that interest you, find ones that need help, and finally, pitch your skills to the project's developer.

It's is a great way to get involved with the community and make new connections.



How can I find freelance work as a web developer?

There are many ways to find freelance work as a web developer, but some of the most popular include LinkedIn, Upwork, People Per Hour, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Each of these websites offers a wide range of jobs in different areas of web development, so it is important to filter your search before hitting the submit button.

Another way to find freelance work is by networking with other developers you know or meeting through Meetups or online forums.

Additionally, keep up-to-date with industry trends and stay current on new technologies by reading blogs and participating in discussion groups.

You never know when an opportunity will hit your inbox that would be perfect for your skillset!

Can you make a lot of money as a freelance web developer?

Absolutely! Freelance web development can be a great way to earn an income while working from home. However, you will need excellent web development skills and experience in various technologies.

Additionally, it's important to market yourself effectively and find talented collaborators who share your vision for the project.

Numerous online resources can help you get started, including freelance websites, job boards, and social media channels like LinkedIn.

Why can't I get any jobs on Upwork?

Firstly, it's important to remember that there is no guarantee of success when freelancing on Upwork.

Many experienced developers have found great success through Upwork and can attest that it is an effective way for them to earn income.

If your skills align with clients' requirements and you are willing to put in the hard work, then the chances are that you will find work.

Secondly, it's worth mentioning that Upwork is not the only online platform for finding web development opportunities.

There are numerous other platforms and websites where freelancers can post their projects in search of clients.

It may take some time to build up a following on these platforms.

Still, with perseverance, you should be able to generate a good portfolio of work that would put you front and center when potential employers browse through listings.



make money as a web developer conclusion

The one common thing between all of these different ways of making money is that you should be willing to put in the work to make them happen.

Each of these opportunities is going to require you to do something different to bring them to action.

Time is really important than money, and you shouldn't have to waste it on anything that won't benefit you in the long run.

We say this because there is no such thing as a "shortcut" to success. Every journey has its own pace and reasons for traveling the way it does, so we can't expect every venture to come with an easier path.

Suppose you want it with your burning desire.

In that case, you'll figure out ways to mesh your passions with new career possibilities and perhaps even turn your interests into a well-paying, enjoyable career!

If you have learned at least a little about making money as a web developer, please don't forget to share with others.

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