WordPress 6.0 is finally here.

WordPress 6.0 is finally here.

After some weeks of waiting, between the announcement and the big release, WordPress 6.0 is here.

WordPress 6.0 Release Date

The official release date of WordPress 6.0 was planned today, on 24 May 2022. This is the second major release, following the WordPress 5.9 “Josephine.” WordPress 6.0 will focus on customization tools presented a few months ago.

WordPress was first released on May 27th, 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. WordPress 1.0 was just a small part of an online contest for programmers that Mullenweg had created.

The latest version, WordPress 6.0 was released on May 24, 2022 with significant changes like new REST API endpoints (to enable developers to build integrations with other apps) and more powerful mobile editing (to make it easier for users to use it).

WordPress 6.0
WordPress 6.0

WordPress 6.0 vs. the old version – What has been improved?

Export WordPress 6 Templates

By far, we can tell you that the most exciting thing in the new WordPress release is the possibility to export the newly created theme through WordPress blocks. What does this mean to you? Well, any creative WordPress developer can use the WordPress blocks to build its own 100% personalized WordPress theme and export it to other sites owned by the developer or by its clients.

Note: A block-enabled WordPress theme that supports this feature is required. You can use the default WordPress themes or the well-recognized ones.

Page-wide copy-text block

With WordPress 6.0, you can copy the text content from multiple blocks without much effort. From our side of view, this is another good feature because, in the 5.9 release, this was a pretty hard thing to do.

Not enough? Starting with the WordPress 6.0 release, you can now bulk select the blocks in ListView. To do this, you have to follow this keyboard command: SHIFT+Click or Shift+Up+Down keys to select

Borders around columns

You can easily add borders around your content columns to enhance your site (page or post) appeal with this feature. On the same note, spacing the Gallery thumbnails is another substantial improvement.

WordPress 6.0 and SEO

From the SEO’s perspective, there is another crucial improvement (Yeah, each WordPress update brings a lot of awesome things): From now, if your posts or pages’ featured images do not have an ALT Description, that description will be taken from the title of the post/page. In our opinion, this is a good thing for the newbies in the SEO world.


The newest WordPress update is currently available for download on WordPress.org or through your hosting provider. If you are using an older version of WordPress and want to upgrade to the latest version, follow these steps:

First, make sure that your site is compatible with the newest version of WordPress by checking your site’s current version number.

Next, back up your website by exporting all content from it in case something goes wrong during the update process. This is very important, in order to avoid any headache. So, once again: Before upgrading, do a site backup.

WordPress 6.0 brings more opportunities for the users. However, from the Gutenberg release, there was a “changing to better&better” feeling, and the change they made with the blocks feature is impressive. We hope you enjoy this new tutorial.