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0 Views on TikTok - Instant Solution

Why you are Getting 0 Views on TikTok Videos

There have been many complaints about getting 0 views on TikTok videos, even if they’ve spent hours creating them.

This has left many users feeling frustrated and wondering what in the world they can do to solve this issue.

In this blog post, I will discuss why some TikTok users might be experiencing 0 views on TikTok videos and give you some tips for increasing your popularity!

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The Reasons Why You May Have 0 Views on TikTok Videos


New User on TikTok

When you are a new user on TikTok, it may take a while to get views.

You might want to try posting more often in order to increase your popularity with the app’s algorithm.

TikTok limits the activities of a new account in order to distinguish real accounts from fake and bots.

So, if you are new to TikTok, you may not be able to see your video views on the app yet. take time to work on your profile by ensuring you:

  • Have a clear profile photo
  • you have a well-written bio
  • you are following people with who you share interests with
  • and that you have a catchy username.

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement

If you’ve been on TikTok for some time and still find a video with zero views, the most probable and common cause is that you have uploaded videos that are not yours.

The TikTok algorithm is designed to recognize copyright infringement.

So, to increase the views on your videos on TikTok you need to make sure that all of your uploads are original content and not somebody else’s work.

In order to confirm whether your account has been limited due to copyright infringement.

View the video yourself and see if it’s counted. If it’s not then you have an issue with copyright infringement.

Similarly, you might try to share the video:

Open the video on your TikTok app

Click on the (…) at the bottom right corner.

Why you are Getting 0 Views on TikTok Videos


Click on the ‘Message’ option.

The Reasons Why You May Have 0 Views on TikTok Videos

When you have a copyright issue, this message will show “This video is under review and cannot be shared right now”

To ensure the algorithm doesn’t limit your views, ensure you record your videos on the TikTok app as opposed to uploading videos from your phone.

To make sure that the video is original content, always keep in mind to shoot with a high-quality camera and use good lighting.

Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate Content

Offensive and inappropriate content such as nudity and violence will not only limit your views but may very well lead to a shadowban or a ban on your TikTok account.

Go through the TikTok community guidelines to ensure you stay in the safe zone of the TikTok algorithm.

Delete any such videos and replace them with a video that is appropriate.

To stay on track with your TikTok account, update the privacy settings to only allow people you want to view your content.

Being a Chinese-owned company, TikTok is quite strict on content issues. Some of the content you may normally find harmless may be viewed as inappropriate on TikTok such as profanity and political content.

To get a sense of the kind of content to create, check out the trending section on TikTok and see what is popular.

To get more views, you may want to also upload your video content onto other social media platforms such as YouTube or Instagram in order to reach a larger audience for promotion purposes.

The community guidelines are available in the app as well or head over here for more information

The rule of ‘your first 5 videos’

If your first videos on TikTok didn’t perform well, the TikTok algorithm will interpret your content as being inferior and will limit your views on the 6th video.

To mitigate this, consider deleting the first few videos and start over with a new video.

Then, the TikTok algorithm will see your content as fresh and you get more views on your newer content.

To make great content on TikTok, you need to put in the effort.

This is why we recommend you use your first video as a test for what TikTok users enjoy and what they don’t like.

Completion Rate and Audience Opinion

Completion rate is the percentage of viewers who watched your video to completion.

If your completion rate is low, it means your audience is not amused by your content.

Once this happens, the algorithm will limit your video reach and you may have o views.

You can increase your completion rate by making content that people actually care about.

Keep your videos short as the audience is easily distracted and will not watch a long video.

Use hashtags that your audience is using to get views and likes on TikTok.

Keep an eye out for trending videos so you can stay up-to-date with what’s popular these days on TikTok and do something similar or better.

More than 1 Account on Your Device

Typically, people use 1 account on one device. If you are using more than 1, actions of either of the accounts will have a direct impact on the other.

So, for instance, if one of the accounts is penalized for some reason, the limitations imposed on it will affect the other one as well.

Use of Cheap VPN

Virtual Private Network

A VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network.

A VPN is a common tool for people to use when they are browsing the internet so that their information does not get intercepted while moving it across networks.

It can also be used as a security measure, especially in public access points where there might be a potential threat of data theft or hacking

The use of a VPN will ensure that your information is not intercepted by someone else while you are browsing on public networks

VPNs can also be used for other purposes such as to access content restricted in certain regions, to avoid censorship and surveillance programs, or just bypassing region locks when buying products from online stores.

However, not all VPNs are good, some are not safe to use and can put your identity at risk

For this reason, it is important to pick a VPN service that meets your needs.

That’s why I rigorously tested my recommendations to make sure they work with TikTok and will keep you safe.

How to Get More Views on TikTok

There are various guidelines you should use in order to get more views for your TikTok videos. They include:

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Add hashtags to your videos

A hashtag is a label for content. It helps others who are interested in a certain topic, quickly find content on that same topic.

Hashtags will help your videos appear in more suggested feeds.

Example: #animatedvideos, #funnyvids

Don’t overdo it with hashtags or else the viewers will not be interested anymore and they may think you are spamming them.

Do thorough research on hashtags before using them.

Make High-Quality Videos

To make high-quality videos you need the best camera, lighting, and background. If you want to use a phone, iPhones are better for capturing videos than tablets and other devices.

Try not to use the camera’s zoom as it will make your video grainy.

If you want to show yourself on cam, don’t be afraid of putting up a filter or makeup so that viewers won’t judge you too much about what they see.

Look for a background that is not distracting.

If you’re filming a TikTok story, be sure to use the best quality and resolution for your phone camera, or else it will end up pixelated and blurry.

Collaborate with Influencers and Fellow Creators

This is one of the fastest ways to get views and have a chance of getting discovered.

To collaborate with influencers, you’ll need to make sure that your content is engaging because if it’s not then they won’t want anything to do with it.

You can also create collaborations by posting on the TikTok story creator feed where creators will get notifications when you post new content.

If your collaborations are successful, then all of the followers that were following those influencers and creators will now be following you too which means more views for your TikTok videos.

Share Your Content on Other Platforms

To enhance your TikTok growth, you can also share your content on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Post your TikTok videos to Pinterest, blogs, and other social media sites to get your content more exposure.

Try different strategies until you find what works best for your brand!

The most important thing is that you are making sure people know about it by maximizing all of these channels in order to increase visibility and engagement.

tiktok views


If you are struggling to get your TikTok account views, there may be a reason why.

It could also mean that your content might just need more time and visibility before it starts trending.

There are many factors that can contribute to this issue but if none of the ones we’ve mentioned seem to work then we recommend reaching out to TikTok’s customer service for help.

They should be able to provide some insight on how else you can increase your popularity in the app with minimal effort. We hope this article has helped solve the 0 Views on TikTok problem.

Till next time!