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How to Answer Quora Questions Using A.I

Quora is one of the biggest Q&A sites on the internet, with over 1.4 billion monthly users and hundreds of millions of questions asked every month.

Most marketers struggle to gain traffic from Quora because it is hard to answer questions that people are actually searching for.

Moreover, answering Quora questions manually takes up too much time and effort.

You have to find the right answer, write out a well-researched response that answers the question at hand, add links back to your website(s), and then finally share it on social media.

Jarvis is an artificially intelligent assistant that helps you answer any question posted on Quora using natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

This Jarvis tutorial shows marketers how to automatically answer Quora questions using A.I

What is Quora?


Quora is an online social media platform where people ask questions about various topics.

The website was created in 2009 by two former Facebook employees named Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo.

Quora has become one of the largest sites on the internet, with over 1.4 billion monthly users, and hundreds of millions of questions asked every month.

What is Jarvis?


Jarvis is an artificially intelligent assistant that helps you answer any question posted on Quora using natural language processing (NLP) techniques.

Jarvis uses NLP, machine learning (ML), and data science (DS) techniques like sentiment analysis, entity recognition, topic modeling, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, topic modeling, information extraction, text summarization to automatically answer Quora questions.

A.I jarvis

How to Answer Quora Questions Using A.I

By using Artificial Intelligence to answer Quora questions, you’ll be able to ensure that your answers are relevant and tailored for each user.

In order to get started, first claim your 10,000 words free copy of Jarvis.

Once you are logged in to Jarvis, click on “Templates” and scroll down to the “Quora Answers” template.

quora answers template

On the template fill the following fields:

Question– Write the question you want to answer, for example: “How can I stop smoking?”

Information to include in the answer- Write down keywords that are related to the question you want to answer, for example: “smoking cessation”, “overcome smoking addiction”, etc.

The tone of voice- Write the tone of voice you want Jarvis to use when answering the question.

You can choose from the following options: “Informative”, “Friendly”, “Witty” etc. Read more about the tone of voice updates here.

Once you are done filling the fields, select the number of output you wish to generate then click the “Generate AI content” button.

Quora answer Jarvis

Jarvis will generate several possible answers for your problem.

1) How can I stop smoking?

Sample Answer 1:

The best way to quit smoking is through medication. Nicotine patches, gum, and lozenges are the most common treatments for smokers trying to quit. These products help by gradually tapering off your dependence on nicotine during therapy sessions with your doctor. Addiction is an intense process in the brain; the combination of these therapies will be more effective than just one alone.

Yet another option for quitting smoking is called “quit-smoking herb.” It’s available in tablet form in most health food stores and has high success rates in aiding people trying to quit their habit of cigarette use.

But if you’re not inclined towards either treatment option, then there are healthier things you can do when you need a fix for something so addictive

Sample Answer 2:

One question to ask oneself might be “What’s worse? Smoking or being addicted?” A smart decision is to use willpower and not let the addiction win.

Figure out why you started smoking in the first place, then figure out how to remove that thing from your life.

Quit smoking altogether, or only smoke occasionally with friends. Minimize exposure to cigarettes of all kinds, just as you would minimize exposure for any other poison – which cigarettes are!

Practice mindful breathing exercises before going through tough patches of craving – they’ll help you get through it without feeling too stressed about it.

Quitting successfully relies on 3 key components which are progressively implemented over time: Motivation & commitment Enhancement techniques Negotiation skills

The motivation should come from within, but it can be enhanced by looking for positive reinforcements from the outside world too. If you need your partner to help motivate you or provide reinforcements, then get them on board with your plan.

Tip: If you fill you need to expand your answer and add more details, you can copy the answer to the “Long-form assistant” template and expand your answer there.

How to avoid getting banned from Quora

As with any social network, there are certain rules that you need to follow if you want to avoid getting banned.

In most cases, it is enough to be active on the site for a few months before asking questions and publishing answers.

Quora has a policy against self-promotion. If you are using Quora mainly to promote your brand or website, then you might get banned.

It is advisable to focus on answering questions and sharing valuable content instead of just promoting yourself.

A ratio of 5:1 has worked for us for years on Quora. This is where you answer 5 questions giving value and only add your link to the 6th one.

This way your answer doesn’t look like spam and you can get away with more direct links.

Finally, Quora bans a lot of users for publishing the same content on a large number of groups or copying other authors’ work without giving them credit.

It is advisable to avoid following the crowd and stick to your own style instead of writing similar answers as other people in the hope of getting more upvotes.


Quora is a great place to ask questions or answer them. It can also be used as an effective business tool if you use it the right way.

The best way to build your reputation on Quora is by answering relevant questions and focusing on building your expertise. If you only want to promote yourself, then consider other social media platforms that are not as restrictive.

As far as answering questions is concerned, it’s best to answer as many as you can from a unique perspective.

It might be a good idea to develop your own set of go-to answers that you can save and use even if they have been answered before. This way your audience will see you as an expert who has the answer to their problems.

And if you’re not an expert? Don’t worry. Just answer Quora questions using Artificial Intelligence (Jarvis).