Bereal App Download Android/ios

Bereal App Download Android/ios

BeReal. Your friends for real.

App Name Bereal
catogary Social Media
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Bereal app is a social media app, if you want this app but don't know how to get it then you are on the right place on the internet.

Be real app how to use:

first go to the any browser and type be real app download you will see the official be real website go to the website and download it. Make bereal profile

BeReal App Download

Bereal App Download:

Most of the people not know the who ownsbe real app. Name of Be real app founder is Alexis Barreyat (CEO) and Kévin Perreau. bereal app is like a social media app but different concept it is quite similar as snapchat application.

In snapchat application you have to send a snap to maintain the streak with your friends in once a day at any time but in bereal you can only send a pic at the bereal time. and the time duration is 2 min.

Bereal app send you a notification click on the notification and take a picture on be real time the duration of this is 2 minute under this 2 minute you need to take a 2 (front and back) picture and add a caption and send a picture.

But the problem is Bereal time is not fixed it will send you a notification at any time to take picture that’s why you can’t prepare your self for taking a photo if you don’t know the be real time . This Concept made a bereal app different from other social media app.

Be real website:

The official website of bereal is .You can get bereal app from this official be real website.

Be real Online:

In snapchat and whatsapp there is an option called web , using this option you can directly access and use your account online without being installed in your device but in the case of bereal there is no option like be real online.

If you want to use then you have to download bereal app from playstore, appstore or be real site.

Be real login:

If you want to login online without open the intaalled app in your mobile go to the any browser and type be real login you will see website tap on it and login online .

Bereal users:

In august 2022 bereal has 73.5 Millions Active monthly users .As of May 2023, BeReal has been installed over 85 million times worldwide. This is a significant increase from August 2022, when it had around 28 million5, July 2022, when it had been downloaded 20 million times,6 and even more so since April 2022, when it had only been downloaded 7.67 million times.

The most bereal users are from the united states.

Bereal support:

If you face any difficulties at the time of account creation or any other time related to your bereal account then you can contact bereal support .

Be real support solve your all kinds of problem related to bereal account, bereal memories bereal notification and bereal time.

Be real app android:

Be real app is available for both android and ios you can get it from their official platform means you have want bereal app android then you have to go to the playstore and download it.

Is bereal apk safe?

From the source of website , BeReal is pretty safe for kids as Compared to most other social media platforms. Its zero personal data sharing policy with third parties protects your kid's personal information. Some risks are still involved for teens using BeReal, such as the lack of parental control features and lack of proactive moderation


Bereal App is social media app but the concept of these app make it differ from other social media and make intresting, Bereal apk is free app.


This website is not an official website of be real APP, this blog is only for educational purposes, which provides all details of breal App, we are not supporting any illegal activities, if you are the original owner of Be real App then kindly check we are promoting your App, still if you feel something goes then contact us via our contact form we ready to discuss with you.


Is Bereal App is a Dating App

No, Bereal is a social Media app you can make new friends around the world.

Can you see strangers on BeReal?

Yes, you can see strangers and you also make a new friends also.

Can my friends see my BeReal?

Yes your bereal friends can see your post or anything you uplaod on bereal app

Does BeReal show screenshots?

Bereal notify when someone take a screenshot.