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Bot-Powered Pinterest Success: Discover the Best Automation Tool of 2023

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What’s Pinterest Automation?

Pinterest automation involves using software to automate your Pinterest activities. A good automation software/tool/bot is one that can safely perform all your Pinterest activities. Activities that can be automated on Pinterest may include the following:

  • auto follow users in the same niche as yourself
  • unfollow users who aren’t following you
  • schedule pins
  • auto-post from a website’s RSS
  • exchange repins with other users to boost engagement

Among others.

What’s the Significance of Automating Your Pinterest?

Automation on Pinterest is not a new phenomenon. There are plenty of marketers today who’re using automation tools on Pinterest to drive traffic to their websites.

By automating your Pinterest, you’re able to free up time to focus on other areas of your business. It also saves money because VAs cost a lot more than the cost of the average automation tool.

Other than saving time and money, you can easily scale up your business by automating more than just one Pinterest account.

I like Pinterest particularly because it accounts for about 45% of the traffic to my websites, which is, as a matter of fact, quite significant because the other big social media platforms like Facebook are increasingly making it tougher to consistently generate traffic from.

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With Pinterest, as you continue to pin, your traffic continuously picks up. This is where a reliable automation tool for Pinterest becomes necessary.

best pinterest bot

Best Automation Tool for Pinterest

Jarvee currently is for me, the best Pinterest automation tool on the market today. I barely need to manually do anything on Pinterest anymore, and for the past few months, since I started automating my Pinterest, I’ve seen my traffic grow at a rate I wouldn’t have thought possible.

pinterest trafficI say Jarvee is the best automation tool because, using it, I’m able to do so much more than what several VAs would have been able to. Jarvee will even check your website constantly for new posts and auto-pin them to your Pinterest.

I’m now going to walk you through a quick process of setting up this automation tool for Pinterest. When we’re done with the setup, we’ll go over a few very useful features of this tool.

PS: You can get a 5-day trial of Jarvee just to get a feel of it. Good thing they won’t even ask for your payment information. You’ll only need your email address to get started.

The 1st thing to do is to head over to Jarvee’s official website and get your copy of this tool.

Once you’ve installed it on your PC, log in using your email and the password they sent to your email.

Now let’s start by adding your Pinterest account to Jarvee:

  • Click on SOCIAL PROFILE on the lest menu bar and then hit ADD PROFILE under the Pinterest logo. Pinterest bot setup
  • Now fill in your username/email and password and then click on VERIFY ACCOUNT. You’re ready to move on to the next step once it says VALID. pinterest bot login

We’re not yet ready here to start automating on Pinterest.

There are plenty of things you can do with this tool. We’ll now go over each one of those and see how we can put them to good use.

First, click on tools and then on the Pinterest account whose activities you want to automate, in my case: “Pinterest Account 1″. Note that this tool for Pinterest allows you to automate not just one, but multiple Pinterest accounts.

Pinterest Auto-Follow

The auto-follow feature on Jarvee has 4 tabs under it: Settings, Follow Sources, Extracted Users, and Results.

Under the Settings tab is where we’re going to set the limits on our activities. pinterest auto follow settings

The Follow Sources tab is where you tell Jarvee who to target. We have 6 target sources potions here:

  1. Follow people by keyword search. When you pick this option you’re only going to enter keywords related to your niche and this Pinterest tool will find users based on those keywords.
  2. Follow Boards by keyword search
  3. Follow followers of target accounts
  4. Follow followers of own followers
  5. Follow people from a provided list
  6. Follow friends of target boards.

3 and 6 are my personal favorites because they make it a lot easier for me to target people in my niche.

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How To Auto-unfollow on Pinterest

This Pinterest tool allows you to auto-unfollow users. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on the user interface:

auto unfollow pinterest bot

The Use Whitelist feature allows you to save the people you do not wish to unfollow using this tool.

Pinterest Auto-comment Feature

The auto-comment feature on this tool allows you to comment on other people’s pins based on keywords. Jarvee will use the keywords you gave it to find related pins and post comments on them.

The other great thing about this feature is the comments syntax. This is a feature that helps you send out a variation of your comments so that you don’t post the same comment on every pin.

pinterest auto comment bot

Pinterest Auto-repin, Auto-comment Feature

The repin feature allows you to repin to your boards from other boards in the same niche. The auto comment feature lets you contact other members by sending automated messages. These messages too can be syntaxed to make them unique.

Pinterest Auto Pin

I should also mention the campaign feature where you can schedule pins on Pinterest. You can either upload all your content at once or set Jarvee to auto-collect content from a folder on your computer. I prefer this feature because it allows my clients to create content at their own convenient times.

This feature also comes with the dynamic hashtags function, where you can collect as many relevant hashtags in your niche and paste them into this tool. Jarvee will randomly select a few hashtags for every post before posting.

Also, as mentioned in the beginning, if you run a website, you can use the RSS feature to have Jarvee pick up new articles and publish their images on Pinterest whenever you post.

Social Exchange

This is by far my favorite feature of this Pinterest automation tool. With this feature, you can automatically exchange repins with fellow users also using Jarvee, no matter where they are!

pinterest social exchange bot

All you have to do is to tell it which among your Pinterest accounts you want to use to give out repins and also tell it which of your accounts you want to receive repins on. I recommend creating slave Pinterest accounts for giving out repins so that your main account will not have to.

When your pins receive a lot of repins from other users, they will start ranking higher for your keywords and more people will get to see them thereby generating clicks to your website.


What is Pinterest automation?

Pinterest automation refers to using a bot or tool to automate certain actions on your Pinterest account, such as scheduling pins, following other accounts, and liking pins.

Why is automation important for Pinterest success?

Automation saves time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. It also helps you maintain a consistent presence on Pinterest, which can lead to increased engagement and traffic.

What should I look for in a Pinterest automation tool?

Look for a tool that offers advanced scheduling options, keyword and hashtag targeting, and analytics to track your results. It should also comply with Pinterest's terms of service.

How can a bot help me on Pinterest?

A bot can help you automate repetitive tasks and reach a larger audience on Pinterest. It can also help you discover new content to share and interact with other accounts more efficiently.

What is the best automation tool for Pinterest in 2023?

There are several great options available, including Jarvee, Tailwind, Hootsuite, and Buffer. It's important to evaluate your needs and budget before choosing a tool.

If you need help setting up your Pinterest on Jarvee, feel free to write me on Skype: Diablo2562