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Best Proxies for Instagram in 2023

What Are Proxies?

In layman’s terms, a proxy is a server application that you can use to change your IP address to make it appear as though you’re logging in on your Instagram from a different location.

You see, there’s a limit to the number of Instagram accounts you can run on the same IP.

When you exceed this limit and are performing the same activities on all your accounts, Instagram will flag your accounts which can lead to a ban.

User <==> Proxy <==> Instagram

If you run a growth service for Instagram or are simply looking to automate tens or hundreds of Instagram accounts, you’ll need to assign proxies to your accounts so as to avoid getting blocked or having your accounts disabled.

Types of Proxies for Instagram

There are 3 main different types of proxies used for social media, and in particular, social media automation:

  1. Datacenter proxies: these would be the cheapest of the three and also used to work well for Instagram until sometime in May of 2018. Today, however, using data center proxies will very likely get your Instagram account in trouble. That said, data center proxies still work well on other platforms. HighProxies.Com offers some of the best data center proxies for social media automation at a relatively low price.
  2. Residential proxies: This is what most of us will have in the house when we connect to our router through cable or WiFi. Residential proxies are generally safe to use on platforms including Instagram and Facebook but are also costlier than data center proxies.
  3. Mobile/4G proxies: These would be the safest proxies among all others, particularly for running clients’ Instagram accounts.

Can You Use Proxies Based in a Different Country?

Running your Instagram on proxies based in a different country other than your own should not be an issue if you run them on mobile/4G proxies.

We’ve used Israel-based mobile proxies from TheSocialProxy.Com and are yet to experience location-based issues.

They’ve been a reliable proxies provider for quite a good number of social media growth service providers.

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How Many Instagram Accounts Can You Run per Proxy?

For both residential and mobile proxies, the ideal number of Instagram accounts you can run lies between 3 and 5, however, mobile proxies are known to handle up to 10 Instagram accounts if the accounts have a good trust score.

If you want to cut down on your cost of mobile proxies, you can set aside one mobile proxy to use on your scrapers and allocate your other mobile proxies to up to 10 main Instagram accounts.

Best Proxies for Jarvee for 2022

If you’re involved in any form of social media automation then you probably understand that proxies are an essential component that you require.

You will definitely need proxies for Jarvee when you’re running multiple social media accounts.

If you’re just starting out with Jarvee and intend to run fewer than five social accounts of the same platform then you probably won’t need to use proxies, unless, of course, you’re running your accounts on a VPS.

Say, for instance, you’re running 5 or fewer Instagram accounts on your home PC. In such a case you won’t be needing to buy proxies if your Jarvee is running on your home internet/IP (residential IP).

On the other hand, if you intend to run, say 10 Instagram accounts on Jarvee on your home PC, or even on a VPS, you will need to use proxies to avoid encountering major issues including getting your account disabled.

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Best proxies for jarvee

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Best Proxies for Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Quora, Reddit E.T.C

As mentioned earlier, other platforms (apart from Instagram and Facebook) are not very strict about the type of proxies you can use.

You do, however, need to use good-quality proxies that have been abused previously. This is why it’s very important to take into consideration where you buy your proxies from.

Platforms on Jarvee, like Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Tumblr do not require expensive proxies.

You can easily run accounts on these platforms without experiencing any issues using Social Media Proxies from Highproxies.

Best Proxies for Instagram and Facebook

On the other hand, if you intend to automate your Instagram or Facebook activities on Jarvee, mobile proxies (4G proxies) are the kind of proxies you’re going to need.

When everything else is right, you should be able to follow between 150 – 200 per day on Instagram. You can also do 150 – 200 unfollows.

The issue with mobile/4G proxies is that they’re usually not the cheapest.

I’ve been using and testing mobile proxies from quite a few sources and I’ve been able to narrow it down to this one main provider of high-quality mobile/4G proxies:

The company that sells these proxies is also involved in Jarvee’s automation of Instagram and is constantly running action limit tests to keep up with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm.

You can run up to 10 main accounts on a single 4G proxy without getting action blocked if your Instagram accounts are in good standing.

Mobile/4G Proxies are great for use on scrapers, and I’ve seen some people run up to 100 scrapers on a single mobile proxy.

That said, if you don’t have an extra proxy to use on your scrapers, you can always go for the ‘Social Media proxies‘ from although you should expect your scrapers to ‘die‘ frequently.

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Avoiding Action Blocks on Jarvee

Using high-quality mobile proxies does not necessarily completely shield us from experiencing action blocks when automating Instagram on Jarvee.

In order to reduce the chances of getting blocked from performing certain actions on Instagram, there are certain simple things that we can do.

I’m going to list them in bullet points:

  • Use the Embedded Browser to perform all activities. You can set this option by checking the option in your account settings that says Show Advanced Profile Settings and then scrolling down and checking the setting that says USE ONLY THE EMBEDDED BROWSER.proxies for jarvee embedded browser
  • Use ‘slave accounts’ to reduce the number of activities your main accounts have to perform. See here how to set up slave accounts on Jarvee.
  • Always start slow. When you’re starting any activity on Jarvee, whether following, unfollowing, DM, etc., always start slow and increase your activities gradually. I call this warming up your Instagram account on Jarvee.

If you have any questions about proxies for Jarvee, please leave them down below in the comments section and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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October Update on the Best Proxies for Jarvee

There was a recent (28th September) Instagram update that led to so many of us getting action blocks and even losing accounts even though we’ve been using mobile and residential proxies.

So we set out to find out what was really causing these issues and it became apparent that proxies weren’t the actual cause.

social media proxies for jarvee

The accounts seen in the image above are running smoothly on mobile proxies from

The key here is to always start slow. Make fewer like and comment actions and ensure you’re also running Full Browser Experience. Bottom line: Appear as humanly as possible.

2022 Best Jarvee Proxies for Instagram – Update

Nothing much has changed in regards to mobile proxies this far, but we’ve also tested 10 scraper accounts and one main account running on the same mobile/4G proxy.

Things are going great thus far with every main account doing 150-180 follows/unfollows, up to 150 likes, and up to 30 DMs per day.

They can do up to 200 follows/unfollows per day but we’re playing safe.

Look out for the next update on the best proxies for Jarvee.

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