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How to buy TikTok views 2023-(Real vs Fake)

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How and where to buy REAL TikTok views

In this article, we will do an in-depth analysis of how to buy TikTok views

TikTok is the newest social media platform on the block and it’s taking people by storm and giving previous giants like Instagram a run for their money.

With this gold rush, it’s no wonder that numerous sites are eager to make a buck out of this boom at the expense of unsuspecting users.


FuelTok team is proud to announce the launch of a new free TikTok service that will deliver likes and views to your videos every single day, forever!

All you need to do is join with your TikTok account and their A. I algorithms will automatically exchange likes and views amongst its members.

Step By Step Guide:

1) Join FuelTok’s TikTok engagement group with your account by clicking here

2) Post a new video on TikTok

3) Get likes and views from the other members of the group

The beauty of this service is that everyone in the group is liking and viewing all videos automatically, therefore there’s no need for you to return to the website.

There are only 1000 lifetime free spots available for free in the group. After these 1000 get occupied the next spots will be paid.

Click here to claim your free spot now!

get free TikTok likes and views forever

Why join TikTok

TikTok is a short video-sharing platform that enables users to create and share a 60 seconds video (or less). Short as it may be TikTok is very stimulating, enjoyable, and addictive.

This is captured in their mission statement which is ” to inspire creativity and bring joy”. It enables users to express their creative side.

TikTok is the fastest-growing social platform at the moment. it is available in 150+ countries, has more than 2.6 billion downloads worldwide, and is expected to surpass 1.2 billion average monthly users in 2021.

TikTok stands out from other social media platforms because it’s more of an entertainment platform as opposed to other platforms like Facebook which are more or less lifestyle-oriented.

Its ease of use is super appealing not only to the z generation but also to older folks.

Take this guy old man steve, who has captured the hearts of users on TikTok using his cooking videos. He has managed to go viral which is pretty impressive at 81 years of age.

TikTok is, therefore, a gold mine for users and marketers alike. Whether you want to become famous, make money, or simply be entertained TikTok is for you.

Why you should buy TikTok views

There are two types of views in the market, Fake and Real views. Fake views are bot-generated from unscrupulous sites whose only motive is to make some quick buck without the customer’s needs at heart.

They are derived from fictitious (ghost) accounts that don’t exist. Once they are delivered to your post, they immediately start dropping off.

In a few days, most or all of the views will have dropped off. This has a negative signal to both TikTok moderation and your followers.

Once your followers know you bought views they will most probably unfollow you. This scenario may also lead to a ban on TikTok.

The best way to identify fake views is to view the accounts. They usually do not have a profile image, bio, followers, and/or content on them.

Real views on the other hand are authentic views from real accounts. They are comparatively more expensive but never drop off with time.

As with buying followers for TikTok, this is the right time to do so. TikTok algorithms are not yet strict, however, it’s a guarantee they will, eventually.

When Instagram was relatively young, you could buy followers, likes, and views. In fact, most influencers and marketers started with buying.

Once their accounts had a decent following they either stopped or were caught up by the Instagram algorithm that has made it practically impossible to either buy followers, likes or views without getting banned. It’s also very hard to automate Instagram accounts for growth.

Just like on Instagram, smart influencers and marketers have bought these services early enough before things get tricky.

When you buy TikTok views, there is numerous benefit that your account gains:

1. Fast results

Once you buy TikTok views, you increase your followers automatically.

Buying TikTok views is ideal for starters who want to build their accounts with many followers quickly and catch up with the rest of the users with thousands of followers.

A decent number of views indicates that your video is interesting and will persuade users to view your content. Once they do they may follow you.

It is therefore important to create captivating and entertaining TikTok videos

2. Broader audience

When you buy TikTok views, it will create a domino effect whereby you gain even more views. this is because new users will view your content out of curiosity.

Why has it be viewed so many times? This will enable you to reach more audiences and ultimately more TikTok followers.

3. Boost TikTok ranking

Once you amass views in your content TikTok algorithm will reward your videos with more exposure. This will again bring in even more views and followers alike. The algorithm promotes only videos with more views as it is a signal of its quality.

4. Your videos may go viral

With a perfect mix of choreographed videos and views, your videos have the potential to go viral.

When you buy TikTok views your videos are ranked at the discover section, this is the holy grail for more views, likes followers, and the potential to go viral.

Where to buy Tiktok views

How to buy TikTok views



FuelTok is a TikTok growth service that offers for sale TikTok followers, likes, and views to their clients.

They also offer a comprehensive growth service where you sign up and sit back as they grow your account without your input. We’ve tested this service and in 4 days the results are amazing.

This account has grown from 0 to 307 organic followers using the follow/unfollow method. Feel free to try their irresistible 7-day free trial period.

Then decide to continue or not. With up to 5 account slots, there’s absolutely no charge for followers gained within the 7 days.

fueltok day 4

fueltok screenshot

Fueltok is The Number 1 TikTok Real Views Supplier Worldwide. You can buy TikTok views directly from their site and promote your videos individually.

They have different packages for your convenience.

You can opt to boost a single post or choose a monthly subscription to boost all posts within that month. The latter option is cheaper as it is unlimited for all posts within that particular month.

fueltok views buy

Why buy from FuelTok

Real views from real accounts

FuelTok does not sell views from ghost accounts. When you buy TikTok views on FuelTok you get real authentic TikTok views from real users who post regularly.

Fueltok has been around for quite some time now and has tonnes of positive reviews.

Once you subscribe to their service, you are assigned a personal manager who will respond to your queries and concerns as and when you need them.

Risk of drop-offs

Once you buy TikTok views on FuelTok, you are assured they won’t decrease with time. This is usually the reason most users end up frustrated when they are deceived with cheap fake views.

Fast delivery

Once you buy TikTok views on FuelTok, you various time options at your disposal. You can decide on the above presets how fast the views will be delivered.

We recommend you select the medium speed to avoid raising alarm with TikTok depending on the number of views you have selected.

Try to match what an ideal situation would be, for instance, 1000 views within 1 or 3 hours is quite reasonable as opposed to 1000 views in 15 minutes.

Ease of payment

When you want to buy TikTok views on FuelTok, no registration is required to make payments. FuelTok supports Amazon pay, PayPal, and credit card modes of payment.

Dedicated Support

When you buy TikTok views on FuelTok, it doesn’t end there. They have a 24/7 live chat support where you can contact them on any queries.



NinjaTok is second on our recommendation list. It’s fairly new to the market but from our initial analysis, it seems promising. NinjaTok prides itself on the following feature:


NinjaTok allows you to target users to follow from any tag search. They also allow you to import your own custom-created list to follow


With NinjaTok you are allowed to use various unfollow settings such as ‘only unfollowing users who do not follow you back within a specific no of days. This saves you time as it’s done centrally to all accounts as specified.

Super like Feature

NinjaTok will also target niche-specific users and like their recent videos. Here you have an option to choose how many. This process is much more effective and efficient than simply liking a single video

Auto-Schedule Uploads

Another important feature of NinjaTok is its ability to schedule and upload your videos. All you need to do is to create content for say, a whole week or month and save it in a folder.
NinjaTok will schedule these posts for the specified period automatically.
This will afford you ample time to focus on the quality of your content, rather than the actual posting.

Targeting Filter

This is another valuable feature whereby you can mass unfollow users with an array of settings. For instance, users who don’t follow you back or users who followed more than a specific number of days.


This feature enables you to like thousands of niche targeted videos with just a click of a button. The application can also monitor your feed or tags and like videos as they are published.

Multiple Simultaneous Actions

NinjaTok affords you multiple actions such as follow, unfollow, like, and scheduled uploads which are conducted simultaneously.
This means the TikTok actions to grow your followers are done automatically while you sit back and probably focus on content creation This ensures you get tremendous and expedient growth and propels you to stardom


With NinjaTok you can monitor a tag search and like new videos or even follow user accounts immediately.

Track Usage & Growth

On TikTok, you can track all parameters centrally. Using this valuable data, you can tell which strategies are actually working for you from those that are not.

Blacklist / Whitelist

This preset allows you to either whitelist users you wouldn’t wish to unfollow and blacklist users you wish to unfollow e.t.c. Basically, this preset separates your wanted from the unwanted users.

Proxy Support

Another interesting feature is the proxy support afforded to you by NinjaTok. With proxies, you can hide your IP address and use TikTok from seemingly anywhere in the world

Import or Export ID’s

When and if you have a list of users you want to follow, NinjaTok allows you to export the usernames or video ideas to a text file to process elsewhere.

Targeting Options

NinjaTok allows you to target users from a tag search that is skewed to your individual niche. For instance, users who commented on a particular post.

Account security

In a bid to act as human as possible NinjaTok has preset to use random time delays as well as breaks (when no actions are performed).

This ensures your accounts stay under the radar and avoids getting banned.

Free Updates & Support

NinjaTok strives to provide 24/7 support to all your queries and concerns with their live chat feature, email, and skype.
They also claim to do updates to their website regularly to capture changes in trends and forms within their business practice.

Multiple Accounts

All the aforementioned actions can be performed on a single account or multiple accounts simultaneously.