Career Heights You Can Achieve After Passing CompTIA CLO-002 Certification Exam

Career Heights You Can Achieve After Passing CompTIA CLO-002 Certification Exam

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It has been said a million times before that the future is in the clouds and no doubt that is still true. Since cloud computing allows industries and organizations to transfer data from physical devices to the cloud (virtual servers), organizations are gradually embracing the idea. No doubt, as organizations continue to explore these possibilities, there will be more demand for cloud professionals.

With this rise in the demand for cloud professionals, it is a no-brainer if you’ll take the advantage to walk this field. To work in the cloud, the Certbolt CLO-002 exam is what will help you earn the Cloud Essentials+ certification, which could give you a major head start. This globally recognized, vendor-neutral certification validates data-driven cloud recommendations during the employment important business principles and fundamental cloud ideas.

However, let’s take a close look at jobs you can get after passing the CLO-002 exam:

Technical Support Staff

A technical support staff assists businesses in troubleshooting technical issues and provides support to customers about new applications by performing the following tasks:

  • Troubleshooting cloud storage and technological issues;
  • Identifying and fixing problems;
  • Troubleshooting network problems;
  • Constructing a computer system from scratch;
  • Communicating with customers to get to the bottom of their issues;
  • Keeping in touch with customers to make sure the issue has been fixed;
  • Assisting with the introduction of new software;
  • Taking care of several cases simultaneously;
  • New cloud-based technologies are being tested and evaluated.

Having gained these skills, you can earn annually about the $52,690 per annum, according to the vendor’s website.

Cloud Business Analyst

As a certbolt Business Analyst, you’ll be responsible for reengineering company processes and implementing cloud computing solutions. Among the duties that this position includes are the following ones:

  • Consider recommendations to implement best cloud practices;
  • Define which processes/services should be moved to the cloud;
  • Know stakeholders’ expectations, consider them, and communicate with them accordingly;
  • Analyze the possibility to transfer each product to the cloud, considering its capabilities;
  • Understand cloud concepts to specify proper requirements before documenting them;
  • Be knowledgeable of cloud options and services provided, to analyze the implemented solution aimed at increasing its value and measuring its performance;
  • Be able to record security requirements and provide its proper implementation;
  • Implement innovates related to the given requirements to ensure that the products will be applied in the best possible technological way.
  • According to the Ziprecruiter website, the annual salary of the cloud business analyst is $94,180 per year.

Data Center Operator

As a data center operator, you’ll be responsible for keeping track of the systems at your facility and reporting any difficulties to your superiors. Data center administrators write and maintain all system settings in the data centers. Other responsibility includes:

  • Ensuring that data and reports from the systems they work with are accurate and up-to-date;
  • Providing administration and end-user assistance;
  • Managing user accounts, including adding, changing, and deleting disk space;
  • Maintaining cloud backups and restores, as well as monitoring data center activity;
  • Ensuring all systems and networks are working properly at the center by doing preventative maintenance.

Speaking of the average annual salary you are eligible for after taking the certbolt exam and apply for this position, it is $53,898, as stated on the website.


The most important advantages of passing the certbolt go far beyond the Cloud Essentials+ certification. For IT professionals, passing the test proves that they have the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to function at their best in the data center and other IT roles. Employees might benefit from being Cloud Essentials+ certified by choosing a position that fits them most.