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How Can You Copy a Whole Private Chat on Instagram?

How can you copy a whole private chat on Instagram?

You want to keep your private conversations on Instagram safe and away from prying eyes.

It’s a common problem that you can’t copy a whole private chat on Instagram. If someone copies an important message, it will be cut off and the rest of the conversation is lost forever.

This is really frustrating because we all know how valuable those messages are.

There is a solution that will allow you to copy a whole private chat on Instagram. It won’t take much of your time and it will ensure the safety of all your private conversations.

If it sounds good, keep reading because today we are going to explain how to do it.

How can you copy a whole private chat on Instagram?

1.Go to a chrome web browser

2.Log in to your Instagram account


3. Then open your private message which one you want to copy.

4.Go to the started point of your chat, then select your whole chat by pressing ” Ctrl + A ”

pm instagram

5.Press ” shift key + mouse right ” and select the print option.

6.In the destination section, you must choose to “save as a pdf”

pm instagram pdf

7.After that save it.

How can you copy a whole private chat on Instagram?

1.Log in to your Instagram app.

ig profile

2.Tap the button with the 3 horizontal lines at the right-hand upper corner. Then on ‘Settings’

Instagram settings

3.Tap on ‘Security’

security settings

4.Tap on ‘Download data’

5.Request Download – First, confirm your email address as this is where you’ll receive your data. Then, tap on ‘Request Download’.

get a copy

6.Instagram takes some time to process your request, up to 48hs. Once it’s ready, you’ll get an email from Instagram.

48 hours

7.The link in the email will take you to this page.

8.Click on download using the Instagram app then open the file using TextVibes App.

9.Allow permission for TextVibes to open the files

10. You should be able to access all your DM’s from the App.

11. All done

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to have an IT background to understand this?

A. No, it’s really simple and easy to use. It will take less than ten minutes all the way through. You just have to follow our instructions carefully and that is it!

Q. Will this work for any kind of private chat on Instagram?

A. Yes! It doesn’t matter if it’s a DM or group chat, you’ll be able to copy any conversation that you want to keep safe.

Q. Does it work with any version of Instagram?

A. Yes, this works perfectly on all Instagram versions that are currently available. So there’s no problem if you’re using a newer or older version, you’ll still be able to copy any conversation on Instagram!

Q. I only have the download part 1 of my chat. Will the others parts still contain my private message?

A. No, you won’t receive other downloads for this private message by email because it will be enough with just part 1 of your chat. You can get this without any problems following our instructions carefully!


With the help of this tutorial, you will know how to copy a whole private chat on Instagram.

You’ll also understand that this is an easy process and it doesn’t require any special skills which makes everyone able to do it!

So if you want to save all your important conversations in one place, don’t doubt any longer and do it right away.

We hope you understood everything and that our guide was helpful for you!

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