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Does TikTok Look at Appeals

Does TikTok respond to your appeals?

Does TikTok look at appeals? Let’s find out.

TikTok like other social media platforms offers an avenue to appeal an action you believe was taken against you without proper justification.

This is meant to enhance the user experience while deterring practices that go against their community guidelines.

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buy TikTok likesWhat are community guidelines?

Community guidelines are a set of norms and common codes of conduct that is expected of every individual TikTok user.

These guidelines provide a framework for what is acceptable or otherwise to guarantee a safe environment for all users regardless of their age, race, culture, background, or age.

They further enhance safety, diversity, inclusion, and authenticity. This blends well with TikTok’s mission to inspire creativity and bring joy.

It’s therefore important to go through them to ensure your conduct stays within these guidelines.

When do you send TikTok appeals?

Does TikTok look at appeals?, to answer this question, we need to look at instances when you send TikTok appeals.

In most cases suspension occurs where you have knowingly or unknowingly contravened the above community guidelines.

You may upload a clean video but error in using copyrighted music for the background.

Other users may report you on TikTok and this may also lead to a suspension.

However, TikTok can also suspend you erroneously.

That’s why they offer an avenue for appeals.

TikTok recently agreed to give a vague clue as to why they removed your video.

This feature will name the specific policy you contravened and give you an idea on how to appeal to them and attempt to get your account back.

There are two main instances where you may need to do an appeal.

  1. Suspended from Live Streaming
  2. This account is currently suspended
  3. Your account is permanently banned due to multiple community guidelines violations

1. Suspended from Live Streaming

In this instance, you have been suspended from ‘Live streaming” alone.

This means that all other functions on your account will remain functional.

When you try to live stream you will get an error ‘Oops, your account has been temporarily suspended’

This kind of suspension is usually temporary and will usually last 24 hours to 7 days depending on the severity of your actions.

There are rare instances where your account may be permanently banned from live streaming.


How do I submit an appeal to TikTok

To appeal for suspension from live streaming, you can locate the suspension notification from your inbox and hit “Appeal” or follow this procedure:

  1. Log in to your TikTok account and head to your profile.
  2. On the top right corner, click on the 3 dots, you should see the privacy and settings option. Click on it.
  3. Once you have clicked on the privacy and settings option you will see the ‘about’ option. Click on it and go to report a problem option.
  4. Here you will find the frequently asked questions. From the list, you can select your unique issue and appeal to it
  5. You can also give your feedback and appeal your suspension here
  6. If for some reason you don’t get help using this method, you can contact them by sending mail in the following email accounts or contact them on their Twitter @tiktokcreators

2. This account is currently suspended

This kind of suspension is usually more serious than the one we’ve just covered. You will get this message on your screen “This account is currently suspended”

This account is currently suspendedYou won’t be able to see who you’re either following, your followers, or your likes.

You will not be able to view your profile picture as well as your username. Worse still you won’t be able to post any content on your TikTok account.

This type of suspension may be temporary or permanent depending on the severity of the guidelines’ contravention.

To attempt an appeal, you can follow the procedure we’ve outlined above.

3. Your account is permanently banned due to multiple community guidelines violations

This is the most severe form of punishment by TikTok, your account is permanently banned.

You won’t be able to log in. When you attempt to do so, you get the message “Your account is permanently banned due to multiple community guidelines violations”

Your account is permanently banned due to multiple community guidelines violationsRecovery for this type of ban is really hard but worth trying. After all, you have nothing to lose in trying, and everything is lost if you don’t.

If you get erroneously banned due to the age factor you should use the “Report a problem” method. TikTok will usually get back to you with instructions on how to email an ID.

How long does it take for TikTok to respond to appeals?

The answer to ‘Does TikTok look at appeals? is yes they do. While they may take time to do so, they will eventually respond to your appeal.

The time TikTok takes to respond to appeals majorly depends on the problem you need to be addressed.

Ideally, the normal application problems usually take around 3 days.

With suspension and bans, they respond a lot quicker. Anything from 24 -48 hours.

The most important issue here is patience. If you have any chance of ever recovering your account you need to be patient.

Just like in other service industries, there could be delays in recent times due to the coronavirus pandemic where most of their support staff work from home.

Appeal deadline expired

When you have been permanently banned from TikTok, you need to do an appeal as soon as possible.

We have had quite several users asking us what this means “Appeal deadline expired. You can no longer appeal this decision because the appeal deadline has passed”

When you don’t appeal the ban decision in a reasonable time, TikTok will do away with the option.

You can attempt to have them reconsider this decision by contacting them.

We don’t yet know how much time is given before the deadline lapses, but when we do we will let you know.


Appeal deadline expired

Take away

The goal of a TikTok appeal is to have the suspension (or ban) reconsidered, and hopefully overturned. If your appeal is courteous and clear, this is possible.

Try to avoid any anger or vulgar language in your appeal.

While you might be very upset about the suspension, you don’t want to convey this feeling in your appeal even when you feel TikTok actions were erroneous or unjustified.

You should try to be confident and persuasive, but not aggressive. Admit Any Mistakes If you did something wrong, acknowledge it.

State specifically what you did wrong, and what you have learned from that experience. I hope your appeals are considered.

Till next time!