Encouraging Fan Engagement with These Helpful Tips

Encouraging Fan Engagement with These Helpful Tips

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    Social media marketing, content, and users all exist in a symbiotic nature. One doesn’t survive without the other. But there is a conscious effort needed to engage users. There is so much to consume and so little time. It’s easy for a brand to get lost in the crowd. Take a look at our tips to encourage engagement across various platforms.

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    Live streaming content

    Live streaming is the internet’s equivalent of comfort TV. Comfort content if you will. Those people who rewatch Friends and The Office episodes they’ve seen a million times before? They’re watching for the comfort of knowing exactly what’s happened and don’t want to overthink or feel too hard. Streaming is the internet’s equivalent. It can get tense, sure, especially if you’re watching a commentator. Still, mostly you’re watching someone cook a meal, play music, put together a computer, play a game, read a book, or some other activity that will take a while and is contained in one room, making it quite relaxing.

    Until you look at the chat. Streaming chatrooms are always full of people trying to engage. Donations to guarantee your comment is read, “spamming” your point, and eager fans just trying to be a part of the moment are all part and parcel of the streaming experience. Look at Red Bee Media for all your streaming needs.

    User-generated content

    User-generated content has engagement baked right into the concept. It’s more commonly seen on photo-based platforms, however. So, if you are marketing your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can encourage more fans by posting user-generated content. If someone draws something to do with you, features your brand in a photo, or sometimes a song, you can reward them by posting it on your social media – with permission of course. Other fans seeing this will then make their own user-generated content for you to spotlight. You can encourage more with some challenges, like “Photo of the day” goals. Make sure to ask for consent and credit the users, however, or you could find yourself in a sticky legal situation and some bad PR simultaneously.

    Curated content

    Curated content is a somewhat casual partnership between brands. You shout out your favorite brand and how it’s been working with them and they shout you out on their platforms. It’s a great way to showcase the brands you’re working with and fill a space in your content calendar in a hurry. You can showcase your own content or ask for something from the brand.

    Where the user engagement comes from is in the sharing of audiences. Your partner’s brand sees how you’ve helped them and starts to follow you and vice versa. If you have any industry events or networking opportunities, take the time to create content or make connections to gain content and mention who you ran into at the event.

    Short-form video content

    The biggest explosion in content in recent years is the acceptance of short-form video content. Vine died not because no one was using it, but due to bad business decisions. Well, it seems like TikTok is here to stay, and it’s a great way to keep users engaged with video content.

    Stitches, duets, and live streams are all used often for people to add their two cents to a video, taking it a step further than comments, but there is also the nature of short-form video content to help you. You can create TikToks from other content, like highlights from live streams and videos, and post them for better engagement since they’ll be easier to consume for being a lot shorter.