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Discover How TikTok Algorithm Works 2023

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    How Does the TikTok Algorithm Really Work?

    How TikTok Algorithm Works

    We were all curious to know how the TikTok algorithm works and finally, the platform revealed some of its tricks to get to know its users. Within TikTok’s algorithm, the tools are similar to those of other social networks, with a few advancements.

    Many platforms are guided by the tastes and preferences of each profile, by the interactions and the accounts that they follow, but TikTok went further than that. In a statement from TikTok, they explained that the experience of each TikTok user was of great importance to them.

    For this reason, TikTok endeavors as much as possible to facilitate the users’ searches. In this article, I will explain to you how the TikTok algorithm works and how it facilitates the connection with other users.

    The TikTok algorithm discovers your fundamental interests first

    Like other social networks, the starting point for TikTok is to investigate and derive the user’s interests first. TikTok also checks your search engines, discovers your preferences through your interactions and the content you consume. When you make a comment or follow a certain group of users, you give the system the advantage of knowing what your interests are.

    TikTok uses other factors in its algorithm

    To give more importance and prominence to the interests of its users, TikTok reported that they also track other data. The platform wants to intersperse the likes it already knows of your profile with different types of content and thus the algorithm omits information that does not generate any reaction in your feed.

    What’s new in the TikTok algorithm:

    • User interaction with the videos they like and share: the system pays close attention to whether you watch a video until the end or if you decide to go to the next one, in this way it better classifies the content of your interest.
    • Comments posted by the user: with each interaction, you help the system to get to know you better, and thus Tik Tok has more chances to quickly discover the content you want to see.
    • Content that the user creates: the platform will also classify your interests depending on the content, design, and styles that you publish in your feed.
    • Video information: details such as subtitles, sounds, and hashtags will be very important for the social network.
    • Configuration of the user’s device and their account: the language of your account, the country where you are and the type of device you use will also be used in the TikTok algorithm. However, they will not be as relevant as the other factors.

    TikTok algorithm investigates repetitive patterns

    For TikTok, it is important that its patterns do not bore you and one of the key advantages of its algorithm is that it intersperses various content together with the ones it already knows you love. TikTok does not want to show you repeated content, neither video nor sound. It will also pull out already viewed content as well as that it considers spam from your feed.

    On TikTok, diversity is essential to create empathy with all its users and the focus is to keep people together, open to other perspectives, and experiment with new ideas from different creators.

    TikTok pays attention to what interests you

    Just as you can add videos to your favorites section, you also have the benefit of eliminating what is not to your liking. You can long-press a video and tap “Not interested” to alert TikTok that you no longer want to consume that specific type of content.

    In the same way, you can hide publications from a certain creator or sounds that you consider out of your domain.

    However, the social network cautions that by limiting or optimizing your experience you can make the sequences of your videos look similar. “This is a concern that we take seriously by maintaining our recommendation system,” the statement details.

    Security is important in the algorithm

    Another tip on how the TikTok algorithm works is the fact that the TikTok algorithm guarantees visual security, which means that the platform will take care of the content that appears in the feed. Videos that could be shocking to users will not be shown, nor will medical procedures that are too graphic or anything that is considered illegal. Spam and videos that seek to increase traffic in other ways will also not be recommended.

    If you are interested in knowing the patterns of other applications, I invite you to discover how the Instagram algorithm works.

    The platform also has an option called “family safety mode“, where parents can restrict the content they do not want their minors to consume. In order to provide safety for children, this feature allows representatives to decide who can and cannot write to their children. They also a feature that limits the time the child spends on TikTok.

    Why has TikTok been so controversial?

    Many users and specialists have insisted that this platform obtains a lot of information and personal data from many creators. They argue that there is a lot of vulnerability and it endangers the safety of users.

    For this reason, TikTok has strengthened its algorithm and its security policies, emphasizing, its commitment to respecting the privacy of those who use it. The user must also be very careful about what they share and how they share it.

    • What information does it have about you? According to the application, only the data that you provide when creating your account.
    • How does TikTok use that information? The application reiterates that everything you provide it uses for your own benefit. For example, in the suggestion of content that is of interest to you, the advertising that matches your profile, and the users that have things in common with you.

    This is the list of information and data that TikTok will have about you:

    • Date of birth.
    • Email address.
    • Phone number.
    • Description of your profile.
    • Personal photography or video.
    • Information collected through surveys, contests, and competitions in which you participate.
    • If you associate your account with other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google), you will be giving TikTok permission to collect information from those platforms.
    • Tik Tok will know the websites you have used, the applications you download and the purchases you make to evaluate your interests.
    • It collects your IP address, your browsing history, and the mobile service provider you use for advertising purposes.
    • Contacts from your phone or friends list on Facebook to make invitations through that platform.

    How does Tik Tok use the information you provide?

    According to the data of the same platform, your information will be used for changes in the services or in the support. It is also used when making you comply with their political conditions.

    As I have mentioned before, to define your interests and thus give you content suggestions. TikTok also wants to be able to connect with you and make you feel like an important part of its community, at the moment of knowing at least your name it is easier to communicate with you.

    Your information is also necessary to detect any abuse or illegal activities within the platform. As well as to ensure your safety and protection.

    How to Hack TikTok Algorithm and Reach a Bigger Audience

    TikTok’s algorithm ranks posts based on factors like popularity and sentiment. This means that your rank will go down if you stop posting for too long or if you post content that doesn’t match what others have been liking recently. Here are a few tips on how to hack the TikTok algorithm so you can reach a bigger audience.


    In order to appeal to the TikTok algorithm, try to focus your strategy around using trending songs and try to make them relevant to your content. To do this, try scrolling through your “For You” page and see what songs are trending on TikTok. You can also use a third-party app like the Music Manager to find trending music, sync them with your account and start using them in your posts!


    Hashtags are a great way to expand your post’s reach and get a more targeted audience. However, they can make your content seem spammy if you use too many of them! Like hashtags, be careful not to overdo it with the amount that you are using; try to keep it at around four or five tags per post and see how this affects your reach on TikTok.


    Your TikTok caption should be short, precise, and easy to read – after all, it’s the part of your post that viewers will see first! Try not to use more than one line in a caption as this can make it difficult for people to view on their phone. You can also add a call to action in your caption, like “Tag a friend who loves to travel too!”


    it’s important to edit your videos before uploading them to TikTok. This is because you can’t edit a video once it has been uploaded and published, so make sure that the content of your post is ready to be shared with others! Use various effects to animate your video and to make it stand out. Watch other videos in your niche and notice what they do with their videos to make them catch the eye.


    The tikTok algorithm rewards those who post on a regular basis and those posts that are of the same kind. For example, if you wanted to create videos about traveling then it might be worth posting every two days with content in this niche.

    To whom is this information shared and where is your data stored?

    TikTok Privacy

    • If you register your account through other platforms, they will have access to your information on TikTok. That is, if you use Instagram when creating it, you will allow them to have your name and profile. They will also share your data with those business partners.
    • If you want to carry out some form of monetization, you will be giving permission to share your data with the payment providers.
    • Your Tik Tok information will also be held by analytics and service providers. That is, those who moderate the content or take care of the cloud can access your data, as well as third parties who optimize the information.
    • Your ID will be known to third-party advertising and advertising companies. In this way, they associate your profile with other websites of interest.
    • TikTok business partners know your data.
    • Public authorities also have access to your profile, in this way the user is forced to comply with all legal guidelines and network problems or fraud are prevented.
    • If your profile is public you are also allowing your content to be fully visible to anyone.
    • Personal data is stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”).

    Fun facts about TikTok

    How to buy TikTok views

    • Perhaps one of the data that most attracts our attention about this application is that in its country of origin, China, it is not called TikTok but Douyin, which means “shake the music” in Mandarin.
    • The application was launched in September 2016 and by October 2019 it had surpassed Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat in the number of downloads.
    • The largest number of users are teenagers since in principle that was the target market of its creators, however, 27% are people between 30 and 40 years old, and with confinement, this number soared more.
    • In 2019 India was responsible for 45% of downloads, but this year the government decided to ban it for security reasons. The Indian leaders allege that the application could be involved in activities that harm the sovereignty and integrity of the country.
    • According to data from BusinessofApps in 2019, users spend an average of 52 minutes a day in the application and connect at least 7 times in that period of time.
    • The TikTok algorithm isn’t strict yet, making this the best time to use an automated growth service and build your account rapidly with real organic followers
    • Thanks to its rapid growth, TikTok has great potential for your social media marketing plan, you will successfully define your target audience in an easy way.
    • Every day more than 1 million videos are seen in the application that exploits the creativity of users today.
    • Although it has more downloads than Youtube, Instagram, or Snapchat, the purpose is very different. Its owners always repeat that this platform is mainly aimed at content creators who want to remain creative but fast and agile in their work.
    • TikTok is available in 155 countries and 75 languages, so your marketing strategy on this platform could easily be presented globally.
    • The social network is valued at $ 75 billion.
    • On this platform, creators have the possibility of having a “Pro” account, where they can have Analytics and better understand the performance of their content.