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How to Get Unbanned from Reddit-Solved 2023

How to Get Unbanned from Reddit and Reasons Why You Were Banned

Many people get banned from Reddit. This is how to get unbanned from Reddit and how to keep it that way!

This article will be about how to get unbanned from Reddit, as well as how you can avoid being banned in the future.

If you’re reading this article, chances are that you’ve been banned before or know someone who has.

It’s a frustrating experience and one that most people would like to avoid if possible.

You might already know what got you banned last time, but we’ll go over some of the basics just in case there’s something new for you (or for anyone else reading).

Types of Reddit Bans

Subreddit Level Ban

At the subreddit ban level, you are banned from a specific subreddit by its moderator. They’ll usually send you a PM alerting you that you have been banned, the reason for the ban as well as the period of the ban.

Depending on the severity of your offense, the ban will be lifted after a given number of days.


A Reddit shadowban just as any other social media shadowban is quite sneaky. It’s disguised to limit your reach without your knowledge.

Once you post or comment on Reddit, it will seem submitted as usual on your end but its reach is deliberately limited by Reddit.

It will have little or no effect on the intended audience and it will keep your post from showing up in the feeds of other users you do not follow.

Reddit Automoderator Ban

Sometimes moderators use ‘Auto moderator bot’ to automate the moderation process on their behalf.

This is especially useful on well-established subreddits with tonnes of posts and comments to keep up as an individual.

One of the features of the auto moderator is to ban posts from a specific user, once you’ve been spotted by the bot, any post or comment will go through as normal but will soon be removed from the subreddit in its entirety.

How to Know If You Were Really Banned from Reddit

In the event whereby you’ve been banned from a subreddit by its moderator, they will send you a PM to let you know that you’ve been banned.

You will no longer be able to post any posts or comment on other people’s posts. The links icons will simply disappear.

If you’ve been shadowbanned, you will get the ‘page not found error when you try to log out and see your user account page via this format “”. You can also check if you are shadowbanned by using this tool

If you are banned by the Reddit auto moderator ban, you won’t get a private message, you can only ascertain whether you’ve been banned by checking on your posts and comments after a day or so.

If you find them missing, then the auto moderator has banned your Reddit account. You will also see a ‘removed’ tag on the comment section where you’d previously commented.

Reasons to Get Banned on Reddit

This is how you can get banned on Reddit.


By using bots to mass subscribe or vote a certain post, comment, user, or subreddit to the top of /r/all; this may also trigger an automated ban from Reddit’s spam filter.

Posting any content that violates these rules will result in the termination of your account.

Upvoting Your Posts with Other Accounts

Reddit algorithm will catch you if try to gain mileage by upvoting your posts with other accounts.

This is deemed as an abuse of the voting system and will result in your account being banned.

Subreddits You Moderate

If a user is found to be editing or otherwise undermining the integrity of the comments on their subreddit, they may receive an automated ban from Reddit’s spam filter.

This punishment also extends to subreddits that are moderated by someone who has been banned elsewhere in order to maintain the quality content that is submitted to that subreddit.

Posting Comments Meant to Harass Others

Posting Comments Meant to Harass Others

In order to keep the Reddit community safe, maintain quality content, and reduce spam, Reddit prohibits the posting of any harassing comments.

These rules are enforced by how strict they are at moderating their subreddits

– if you are found to be in violation of these guidelines, it will result in a permanent ban from that subreddit.

– Reddit’s anti-harassment policies apply to all users regardless of their affiliation with the site

– To avoid any confusion or misinterpretation, if you are banned from a subreddit for violating these policies then it will be reflected on every other account that has been linked to your Reddit profile.

Self Promotion or Off-topic Posts

You might get banned from a subreddit if you blatantly post self-promoting links or other nonrelated content.

For instance, if a subreddit is about social media and you post on cryptocurrencies, then you might be banned.

Soliciting for Upvotes

On Reddit, if you solicit for upvotes or link to a post with an intention of getting people to upvote on it, then you might get banned.

Basically, any type of self-promotion that doesn’t offer value will result in a ban on your account.

Posting Too Many Links

When you post too many links on Reddit, it will result in a ban because you’re not giving any other type of content.

How many links is too much? that’s up for debate and it depends on the subreddit you post to, but generally speaking, avoid posting more than one link per day or five total posts in your feed.

How to Get Unbanned from Reddit

The first step, to get unbanned from Reddit is to identify the type on the ban. if the ban is at the subreddit level ( whether moderator or Automoderator ban).

You can write to that moderator, admit your mistake and apologize on the behalf of your account.

In the case of a shadowban, if you think it was unfairly done then you can message the moderators using this link

If the ban is from a Reddit admin, then there’s not much you can do to get unbanned, and instead should try getting back on their good side by trying again with an alternate account or just waiting for them to change how they react to bans.

How to Avoid a Reddit Shadowban

In order to avoid a Reddit shadowban it is advisable to avoid any of the following:

-Posting too frequently (more than once every 30 minutes)

– Having a username that’s similar enough to other users’ usernames so as not to cause confusion such as “austinpets123” or “canadapets123.” can also lead to spamming.

– Using words like ‘Xbox, ‘apple,’ and ‘windows.‘ because these are used in subreddit names, they may be mistaken for spam when there was no intention at all.

This will help with avoiding limited post visibility due to how keywords work on Reddit.

Additionally, ensure you go through the rules on any of the subreddits to avoid breaking any of the rules.

What Should You Do If Someone’s Harassing You on a Subreddit?

If a user is bothering and/or bullying other users, please report them by clicking their username and selecting ‘report’. this will notify Reddit moderators and they will take appropriate action

You can also let the moderators know by using the ‘message’ function in the sidebar (it looks like an envelope) which many mods are actively checking all day long.

They’ll be notified that there is a problem with one of their subs and check it out right away.

This is especially helpful for subreddits with lots of members because they may not see everything going on in the comments but a message should draw their attention!


Reddit is a social media website that is ranked #11 in the United States. Users can create “subreddits” which are communities devoted to a particular topic and they can vote on content.

Submissions with more votes will be seen first while users who have bad karma (which comes from downvoting) or break rules like spamming, harassment, etc., will usually be ranked lower on the subreddit.

This means that if you break the rules or have bad karma, it will be harder to get ranked and noticed on Reddit which can lead to being banned from a subreddit or even the website itself!

We hope this article was instrumental in helping you learn How to Get Unbanned from Reddit. feel free to reach us in the comment section below for further clarifications and concerns.

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