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How to Automatically Unfollow Everyone on TikTok with One Click

I have seen many people who want to know how to unfollow everyone on TikTok. This is a very common question that I am asked by a lot of my friends who are using the follow-unfollow strategy to grow their TikTok accounts.

It is not possible to mass unfollow everyone on TikTok at once, but there are tools that will help you automatically unfollow users over a period of time while observing TikTok’s unfollow limits.

You need to be careful not to exceed these limits because if TikTok catches on they may block or shadowban your account.

How to Unfollow on TikTok (manually)

Unfollowing a user on TikTok is a pretty simple process.

  1. Tap on ‘Following‘ to open a list of all the users you’re following how to unfollow on tiktok manually
  2. To the right of the names of the users you’re following, there’s a button that says ‘Following‘. Keep tapping it for every user you’d like to unfollow unfollow on tiktok with one click

Remember not to exceed the daily unfollow limits so that you won’t get your TikTok account in trouble.

How to Unfollow Everyone on TikTok in One Click

If you want to unfollow everyone on TikTok with one click, then there is the option of using an app that will do it for you.

There are many tools available that allow users to schedule their own follow-unfollow sessions and they’ll automatically unfollow every user at a set time without exceeding limits or getting your account blocked.

Developers of these unfollow apps usually make sure that the unfollowing process is gradual to make the process appear natural.

Here, we’ll discuss two of the best unfollow apps for TikTok that we’ve tested and show you how they work.

TikTok Unfollow Apps

The majority of the unfollow apps for TikTok that we tested were pretty similar in terms of how they work.

1. FuelTok

fueltok tiktok unfollow tool

FuelTok is one of the best apps out there. It’s a great time-saving app that will automatically unfollow users for you without getting your account in trouble with TikTok.

It’s a fully automated app that allows you to schedule your follow-unfollow sessions for any amount of time you want.

FuelTok will then unfollow targeted users at the set time until you tell it to stop.

FAQs – FuelTok

How does FuelTok work?

FuelTok will automatically send follow requests to users who are in your target niche, increasing the likelihood of them following you back.

This allows for more visibility to your page while increasing followers gradually over time.

Once too many people are followed, the unfollow feature can be activated with one click so all of those on the following list can be removed one by one until you have completely unfollowed everyone!

How many followers can I expect to get daily?

With the right settings, target, and niche on TikTok, you can gain up to 100 new followers every day.

Are followers real?

You will see a significant increase in followers that are real people who choose to follow you, according to your criteria. The purpose of this tool is to make the follow-unfollow process more efficient, rather than just blindly following and unfollowing.

Is the service safe for my TikTok account?

Yes. FuelTok is a TikTok management tool that helps you to be more efficient by automating follow requests and other tedious tasks. It also offers higher quality targeting, meaning your posts are reaching people who are most likely interested in them.

They have a growing community of over 1,000 active users that are able to run their services without any issues.

Is there a free trial? Can I try it out?

Yes, you can enjoy unlimited use of this app for free! You’ll get seven days without any commitment.

Can I do manual activity on TikTok while using your service?

You can post and also watch other people’s content, but do not engage or send follow requests if you plan on using FuelTok at the same time.

What are the targets?

The target is the account in the same niche as yours that you wish to attract followers from, so if your page focuses on Adidas then it would make sense for you to find Nike’s followers and engage with them.

Make sure there are at least one or more accounts in your niche with over 1 million followings.

How long does the warm-up take?

It takes 3 days for your account to gradually ramp up its activity until it reaches the desired speed settings.

Why does my account only send follow requests if I have the unfollow feature also ON?

The app only starts unfollowing accounts if it has been 5 days since you set up the account, as in the first few days there are not enough people to do so.

2. Socialpire

Socialpire TikTok unfollow tool

Socialpire is an app that allows you to use targeted engagement, like liking following, and unfollowing other TikTok users in order to grow your account.

With up to 20 different account and hashtag sources, you’re all set. You can use the simple follow/unfollow algorithms or customize it to work however you want.



If you’re looking for a way to automate the follow-unfollow process on TikTok, FuelTok and Socialpire are two great tools that make it easy.

These apps will help you grow your following while also keeping your account safe from getting banned.

With FuelTok, you can schedule your TikTok to follow targeted users and automatically unfollow them.

With Socialpire, you’ll be able to use automated or customized tools for engaging with other TikTok users that will help your account grow over time.