25 Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement;Add an image;Post in the morning;Target Your Audience;Be consistent;Be positive;Make it fun;Be active;Utilize polls;Use chats;Get more from fans

25 Tips to Increase Facebook Engagement

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Facebook engagement is the factor that helps your posts to become viral.

This will help you in getting more likes and comments on your post.

What could be the best way to get Facebook responses?

How can I Increase Facebook Engagement?

Here are a few tips that might come in handy if you want to get more engagements on your Facebook posts.

1. Post more often

Sounds easy, but the first tip to increase engagement is to post more often on a regular basis.

Make your Facebook page consistent and update it regularly; otherwise, you will lose followers if you do not keep them engaged with new content regularly.

If you have some extra time in hand, then try posting twice a day or at least 5 times per week.

2. Add an image

Add an image

Adding an image to your Facebook post will make it more engaging as compared to text-only posts.

It is recommended that you add an image with every post, but not necessarily all the time.

This will help you get more likes on your post.

If you are a blogger then you can use images from your blog posts or use image quotes that will make your readers feel connected to the post.

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3. Post in the morning

Post in the morning

Another easy tip to Increase Facebook Engagement is if you want to post at night, then don’t do it; this will reduce visibility.

Posting in the morning will give you higher chances of getting more likes and shares.

Post your caption along with a relevant picture at least an hour before people leave for work or school so that it stays visible throughout the day.

4. Use hashtags

Use hashtags

People love to connect with like-minded individuals if they find any common interests.

Using hashtags in your posts will help you to get connected with new social media users, the people who have similar interests as yours.

If used properly then hashtags can lead to an Increase in Facebook Engagement by more than 200%.

5. Target Your Audience

Target Your Audience

Whenever possible try to target specific interest groups or communities on Facebook, this will help you increase engagement by more than 200%.

Create a post that is specifically tailored to the interests of your target audience.

6. Be consistent

Be consistent

It is obvious that if you want to make your page popular then you need to be consistent with your content; try posting twice per day or at least five times per week.

Make one hour available every day for posting and update it regularly, otherwise, people will lose interest in following your page.

7. Use a visual caption

Most of us are moving towards a world where we readily accept visuals than text-based data; therefore use images and graphics rather than just plain texts while creating posts on Facebook.

This will compel people to get engaged with your posts.

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8. Post on weekends

Since users tend to check their Facebook page more during the weekend, so use this opportunity to post interesting content on your page that will compel them to leave a comment or share it with others.

This is also an excellent time to offer some kind of discount for a limited time period and put some personal touch in your posts.

9. Be positive

Be positive

Never ever be negative as far as posting on Facebook is concerned; try being optimistic and consider all your friends and family members’ point of view before writing anything controversial or negative in your post.

This will help you in getting more likes as well as engagements from people who belong to different parts of the globe regardless of their political views and values, etc.

10. Use local events

If you want to Increase Facebook Engagement, then use all the popular or trending local events in order to attract people to your post.

People tend to connect with things that are happening around them; therefore try using this idea of bringing people from different communities together will help you increase engagement and likes for your post.

11. Make it fun

Make it fun

Never ever overdo anything as far as posting on Facebook is concerned.

Make sure that whatever you share is something relatable and interesting but not the news that is serious cause it will put people off from reading it.

Posting something funny, quirky, or hilarious will bring more lightheartedness into the posts leading towards better engagement and an increase in Facebook likes.

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12. Don’t force it

Never ever try to be a salesman; if you want to Increase Facebook Engagement then the way is not by forcing them to do so.

The main reason why you should avoid doing this is that there is no such problem in the world that can’t be solved without any kind of solution, but still, nobody would really want to drink some nasty and bitter stuff just for having an empty stomach.

If we consider Facebook as an online platform where everyone can express himself or herself freely, then there must be a genuine reason behind their actions of liking your page or leaving comments on it.

Try improving your content or services first before making any sales pitch on your page because this will put people off from reading your page and the end result would be an overall decline in engagements.

13. Be active

Be active

Nobody is going to read your posts if you are not active on Facebook, so make sure that you visit it often enough and post something interesting on a regular basis.

In short, you should try updating your page at least once every day; this may give a lot of benefits but ensure to maintain proper spacing between two updates by having them twice or thrice per day.

14. Do link-building

To get more likes for your Facebook page, don’t hesitate in linking it with other desirable pages on Facebook like famous brands or influential individuals; this will help you build links that could prove very useful at a later date.

Linking your page with others would also compel people to check out yours as well, and when they find some interesting content on it, this will bring more likes ‘for your page’.

15. Target a specific group

If you want to get more Facebook likes for your page, then target people who belong to different age groups.

Since older people tend to have better knowledge about the brand or product/service you are offering then target them primarily rather than youngsters who would love to see things that they can relate personally with but not anything old-fashioned.

Home-based elderly persons usually prefer sharing their experiences in life through pictures.

So try posting something related to that on your Facebook pages which will gain an instant audience their way.

16. Use testimonials

In case you are running any kind of contest or activity on Facebook, then post all the latest updates about winners as well as others who have taken part in it on your Facebook page.

This will help build a good image for your brand while getting you more engagements and likes.

Don’t forget to embed videos at the end of each update along with an attractive call-to-action button that would compel users to leave comments, share or even like them just because of curiosity.

17. Utilize polls

Since people love to express themselves on polls by voting their choice, use this idea wisely by creating a poll that would be interesting enough to witness.

This will attract users to your page automatically which will eventually lead to more likes.

Use polls that are related to your business or brand only while others should be considered as general topics just to keep the interest of users going further.

18. Make it personal

Another simple reason why people like Facebook pages is because they can relate them to something around them.

A good example would be how you would feel after having too much food or drink, then ask on your wall if others dealing with the same problem have got anything in common and write about it on your Facebook page post it along with an attractive image of yours that has nothing to do with the topic nor does it belong to any kind of advertising but attracts them more towards your posts.

This will not only help you gain more likes but also initiate good conversations among people that will eventually lead to more sales in the long run.

19. Use chats

Use chats

While you are online on Facebook, try to engage users with some interesting topics or ideas.

This is a great way to know what other users are thinking about your brand besides tracking their response towards it.

Asking questions after every update can really help you gather valuable information regarding your brand and improve its profile overall as well as increase its popularity by helping others spread positive things about it through word-of-mouth publicity.

20. Use quizzes

If your fans love taking part in free contests and activities then why not create an engaging quiz for them?

You can even ask some simple yet important questions like ‘what is your favorite color’ or something like that which will surely help you increase your following.

You can even post the previous winners of any such content on your Facebook page and let people vote for those who they want to see hit next.

21. Get more from fans

Get more from fans

If you have a number of followers with no active participation then try to engage them in conversations by asking their opinion about things or telling them what exactly you are up to right at present.

This should be done as often as possible so people get accustomed to it quickly.

Your questions should not just concern only the product/service but also how users feel about it; this can prove very beneficial when you need some good masses behind your brand if any kind of crisis occurs like an unsatisfied customer spreading negative things about you which you can then deal with in a calm and polite manner.

If you happen to notice any of your followers who has been following your page for quite some time without doing anything, then try sending them some personal messages along with posting a question on your wall asking him or her if they have found something interesting about your brand.

This will surely get their attention soon enough and make them take part in the conversation as well by sharing their thoughts openly.

22. Use contests and help others

Posting interesting articles on your Facebook page is a great way to attract new likes as well as retain or even bring back the old ones; if people start liking what they see in front of them each time then any kind of change might lead to more likes automatically if this change keeps taking place over the period no matter how small it may be.

The best thing about doing so is that it attracts new audiences who would never visit your website at all which means more business opportunities for you down the line.

Also, try helping out other businesses by promoting their products or services on your own Facebook page, this will only make you seem like a good person to others and might get them to actively participate in the conversation further in order to reach out for your support when they need it.

23. Offer something for free

Offering something that is worth sharing with people makes things much easier for you; this could be anything from an e-book or even some interesting videos or pictures that can really help spread the word about your brand and eventually increase its popularity.

The best thing about such content is that these are not just limited to Facebook but can also be shared over other social media platforms as well which gives more exposure towards your business in general.

24. Use advertisements

Not only do people prefer to not pay for what they get but also because Facebook wants people to use its services, they have come up with a way that can help you spend less while getting more; Facebook provides this amazing facility of advertisements where you pay a certain amount and your message/image is displayed on the screen for a specified period before moving onto the next one.

If you want to show the number of likes on your page then it will be better if you arrange the pictures in such a way that each picture has a different like count which makes it look much nicer than if all the numbers were shown in one place.

25. Do giveaways

Just as mentioned above, offering something or even asking users to do something in turn for something else is an excellent tool to attract a lot of people to your page; these can be anything from sending personal messages or even posting interesting articles on their wall every once in a while.

However, always keep in mind that doing so too much can make it seem like you are spamming their inbox and thus never ask for more than they can afford.


There is no denying the fact that Facebook has become a really big part of our lives these days.

It can be used in almost every aspect of your daily routine and for all reasons, so you can surely expect businesses to rely on it even more in the near future.

The best thing about using Facebook effectively is that it doesn’t take too

Much effort to do so, you just have to be smart about it and the rest will be taken care of.

So what are you waiting for? Get started right away!