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Instagram Daily/Hourly Comment Limit for 2023

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    Instagram has been making significant changes to the way that users can interact with each other on their platform in recent years.

    The company is now limiting the number of comments you can make per day, to combat spam and bots.

    Previously, there was no limit in place for how many comments people could leave on a post.

    This limitation will be seen as a negative change by many people who enjoy commenting on posts they like or find interesting. However, I tend to agree with this decision for the long-term benefit of Instagram’s community.

    Keep reading to find out more about Instagram’s limitations on commenting!

    Commenting Limits on Instagram

    Commenting on Instagram in 2021 is now more restricted than it ever was before.

    Two years ago, you could easily leave as many comments as you wished on other users’ posts and bring attention to your Instagram business without experiencing any difficulties.

    Today, in an effort to curb spamming, Instagram is now restricting the number of comments a user can make in a day.

    Posting too many comments on Instagram today can easily lead to your account getting blocked from performing actions.

    It doesn’t end there, if you keep posting a lot of comments after the block has been lifted, they’re likely to ban your Instagram account.

    Just as in the case of the follow and unfollow limits on Instagram, you’re going to have to avoid exceeding the commenting limits in order to keep your account safe.

    We’ve rigorously tested the limits to how many comments you’re allowed to post and have come to a conclusion.

    What we’ve found is, there are factors that determine how many comments you can post in a single day without getting in trouble.

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    Factors That Influence the Number of Comments You Can Post on Instagram

    We found these important facts in our testing:

    • Age of the Instagram account
    • How the account was created
    • How long the account has been active
    • Whether you’re leaving comments manually or using automation
    • The general setup of your account.

    We found that aged Instagram accounts (2-3 years old) were less restricted than newly created accounts.

    We also found that accounts that were created on mobile devices, using mobile networks also experienced fewer blocks.


    Accounts that had been active and regularly performing actions on Instagram, such as liking, saving, DM-ing, and randomly commenting would also last longer than Instagram accounts that had been dormant for a while before aggressively becoming active all of a sudden.

    We also noticed that automated accounts performed lesser than accounts that left comments manually.

    With this in mind, in order for us to continue posting comments on Instagram, we’re going to need to formulate an effective strategy for posting.

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    How Many Comments Can You Post on Instagram per Day?

    The general consensus in the community is that you should be able to safely post up to 30 comments a day without experiencing any blocks if your account meets certain criteria.

    Although active aged accounts can manually do slightly more than that, we’re going to work with a formula that will seamlessly suit every other account and provide solutions for when you’ll want to scale up your campaigns.

    Our strategy that seems to cut across the board is very simple:

    • Always start slow. Post only up to 5 comments on the first day
    • Post up to 10 comments the next day. As you can see by now, we’re adding 5 comments per day to our campaign.

    You shouldn’t have any other commenting problems if you’ll follow these simple steps and you can safely post up to 30 comments per day.

    Instagram Comment Limit per Hour

    Working with our previous comments limit per day, if we’ll set aside 8 working hours per day.

    With an 8-hour working schedule, if you take the 30 comments per day limit evenly and break it down into hours, you’ll find that you can post up to 4 comments an hour.

    You’re probably thinking 30 comments per day or 4 comments an hour are too few to achieve your target on Instagram.

    The solution for this would be to run more than Instagram accounts so that if, say, you have 5 accounts, you’ll be posting up to 150 comments per day.

    All this can be achieved using automation. In the next section, I’ll show you how you can set this up once and have a system that will perform all your commenting without you needing to do anything else.

    Using Automation to Simplify Instagram Commenting

    In order to simplify our commenting campaign on Instagram, the next best course of action would be to automate the entire commenting action.

    (If you’re reading this guide from a mobile device, it’s probably a good idea to send this article to your PC).

    Our tool of choice for this example will be Jarvee.

    Instagram commenting using automation

    Selecting Instagram

    The first thing you want to do is to download the 5-day free trial of Jarvee and install it. Once you’ve installed it on your PC, log in using the email you registered with and the password they sent to your email inbox.

    When logged in, click on SOCIAL PROFILES >> ADD PROFILES, and just under Instagram click ADD PROFILE (not INSTAGRAM SCRAPER).

    You can then add your username and password and then click VERIFY ACCOUNT.

    It will take about a minute to log in. When logged in, that status will show VALID.

    jarvee instagram commenting tools

    Click On ‘Tools’.

    Getting an error when you’re trying to comment on Instagram?

    Instagram states that you cannot include more than 5 @ mentions in a single comment.

    You obviously can’t include more than 30 hashtags, and you can’t post the same comment multiple times (including emojis).

    The Instagram commenting tool on Jarvee offers us a myriad of options to work with. When you click on the Sources tab, there are 11 options to choose from.

    All these options allow you to use spintax so that every comment posted will be unique.

    Instagram is very good at preventing spammy comments, so, to avoid getting flagged, you want to use spintax so that you don’t post the same comment repeatedly.

    Jarvee instagram commenting sources

    Comment >> Sources

    PS: If you’re having trouble using spintax, let me know in the comments section below and I’ll add a quick tutorial to this article.

    Once you’ve selected your preferred sources option, you can now move to the settings tab to set up the limits for posting comments.

    Jarvee Instagram comment limit settings

    Comment >> Settings

    Here you can play around with the settings and when you’re satisfied you can toggle the STATUS button to Start.

    In the COMMENTS LIMITS options, you can tell Jarvee to post 5 – 10 comments per day and increase daily with 3 – 5 comments until it reaches a maximum of 30 comments per day. These are safe settings.

    In the hourly comment limit option, you can start with 0 – 1 comment an hour and increase this number by 1 daily until you reach a maximum of 4 comments per hour.

    How Long I’m I Blocked from Commenting on Instagram?

    When you’re blocked from commenting on Instagram, you will need to wait for 24hrs before you can start commenting again.

    To avoid getting blocked from commenting in the future, make sure to start slow, just as we’ve mentioned above, and keep your commenting frequency within the recommended limits.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments section below, and I’ll respond to them as soon as I can.