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How to Optimize Posts for More Instagram Engagement

How to Optimize Posts for More Instagram Engagement

How to Optimize Instagram Posts for More Engagement

Are you working hard to create content on Instagram, and just feeling like your content isn’t going where you want it to go?

We’re going to look at various components of an Instagram feed post and how to optimize each one, to get you more Instagram engagement and followers.

I’m also going to share with you some of my favorite tips for creating consistently branded content that your audience will immediately recognize as yours.

So the first thing we’ll look at is:

Post format: Photos, videos, carousels, What works best?

Algorithmically, Instagram doesn’t have a preference over photos versus videos. If your audience prefers videos, you’re will need to create more videos.

To determine this you’ll have to look at your own metrics, but carousels are the little hack that gets me more Instagram engagement.

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Instagram Carousel posts are the ad variety of a hybrid type of post of both video and image types (multi-image or video posts). You can add up to 10 images and/or videos in one large post.

I don’t recommend using carousels all the time because it can be overwhelming to your audience, but a carousel post allows you to do 2 to 10 photos, or videos in one post that they can swipe through to see more content.

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Why use carousels

Why do I love these as a hack to get me more Instagram engagement?, It doubles the chance for exposure.

If someone sees your post on the first image and doesn’t react to it, Instagram will show it to them again the next time they log in with most likely the second image.

However, sometimes the algorithm will actually determine another image in the sequence to show them that they think that person is more likely to engage with.

So you have double the chance to get exposure and more Instagram engagement.

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The next component we wanna look at is your actual post content. The actual creative that you’ve put in there. Here’s a couple of things to think about:

Use Relevant Hashtags

Using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and business helps increase your online presence and interaction with followers.

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Research and use hashtags that your competition is using, or your followers are actively following.

Also create your own hashtag that has to do with your brand and business specifically, creating a hashtag niche of your own.

They’re incredibly powerful in increasing engagement for your content. Use this free hashtag generator to ensure you find relevant hashtags easily and increase your Instagram engagement.

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The caption

The next component of your content to get you more Instagram engagement is the caption. This is super important to driving conversions, so we will make sure you’re doing it really well.

My first tip is to have a really good strong first sentence of your caption because the captions actually get truncated, with “dot dot dot” more so people are really only reading the first two lines of your caption, and if that doesn’t get their attention, they’re going to scroll past.

Think of your first sentences like a great blog post title, or a great email subject header.,Use capital letters, add emojis.

Do something to really draw people’s attention into that caption so they click on the “dot dot dot” more, and read the whole caption.

Additionally, in your caption, you might want to consider adding hashtags.

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Colour blue

The color blue is proven to get about 20 to 30% more engagement. People react to the color blue.

Have a blue sky, a blue product, a blue label, blue clothing, something in your image with a pop of blue can help boost that engagement.

Images with blue in them receive more engagement than photos with high concentrations of reds and oranges.

This actually makes a lot of sense, considering that red is commonly associated with immense passion, and that can easily translate to extreme agitation.

Blue, on the other hand, is calm, peaceful, and relaxing, which bodes well for users who habitually check their Instagram feeds to blow off some steam from a highly stressful day.

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People also connect with people. So rather than putting your product on a box on a shelf, have somebody holding that product or using it.

You can shoot the image over their shoulders or It can be just their hand, Maybe just their feet sitting in a chair.

The moment you add a human component to your creative, you get more Instagram engagement.

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Light and minimal background

Another favorite hack of mine to more Instagram engagement is to have a very minimal background and a light background. white or gray, something that is very muted, and then a bold pop of color that really stands out in the feed.

This encourages your viewers to slow the scroll and pay more attention to that content.

While bright and bold colors capture a lot of attention in real life, on Instagram, images with 0 to 15 percent saturation (or little color) produce 18 percent more likes than vibrant images, which have 20-40 percent saturation.

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One of our favorite things, animals. Everybody loves cute animals, puppies, kittens, sheep, pigs, you name it.

If you can put an animal component into your image, you’re probably gonna get more engagement.

One of my personal hacks more Instagram engagement is that I use my image, with two or three simple words overlaid on that post that tells people exactly what is going to be in that caption.

I use this for new Instagram features and updates.

It immediately gets people to stop, pay attention, and read that caption generating more Instagram engagement, and more impressions on my content.

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Be more engaged on Instagram

How to Optimize Instagram Posts for More Engagement 2020

Another sneaky way to you more Instagram engagement that I have for you is for you to be more engaged on Instagram.

Instagram will reward you with more Instagram engagement if you are actively involved in the platform.

Make sure to log in at least once a day to like, comment, scroll, watch a story or two, because your positive time on the platform, will actually result in more reach, and exposure for your content.

So don’t post and ghost. Instead, show up regularly for your audience. It’s going to help everybody in the long run.

If you are too busy to do this, I recommend using this social media automation tool, that will do all these tasks on your behalf and guarantee exponential growth for your business or social account.

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Well branded and consistently branded content

It’s now time for the bonus.

I’m going to share with you a couple of hacks to create well branded and consistently branded content, that your audience will immediately recognize as your own when they’re scrolling through the feed.

One of my favorite tips is to pick only 2 or 3 Instagram filters when creating your content. You want these to be very similar and consistent across the color spectrum.

If you pick a yellow tone filter keep all your filters in that tone, or a blue tone filter, keep them all the same.

If you’re creating food-type content, look at filters that have a high saturation, brighter tones are a great way to really pull out the contrast in food.

If your brand is more vintage style, give a little bit more of an antique look to your content that can also stay true to all of your branding.

One of the things people often ask me about is adding a watermark or a logo. I don’t recommend this, It’s actually very off-putting for most people to see your logo splashed across your content.

So try not to do this. Find creative ways with your content to create consistency.

Another trick that I often recommend is being unique with how you take your camera angles. Get down low, shoot on a slight angle stand up higher.

If you’re always shooting from a certain perspective that is aesthetically your own, it will create an immediate subliminal connection when people are viewing that content.

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Post at the right time

If you’re randomly posting content you could be digging yourself into an Instagram black hole. It’s a little tricky at first because you have to find what works best with you and your followers, but once you find the perfect time to post content, engagement with followers will increase like never before.

Depending on the day of the week, your audience, and your industry, your posting time will vary. With Instagram Insights, you can see when your audience is online and schedule your posts around their activity.

In recent months, Instagram has been testing hiding post likes in other countries, with the possibility of making this update worldwide.

By hiding post likes, Instagram hopes to “reduce the pressure” behind not having enough likes. If this goes into effect, it forces users to focus merely on creating and engaging with high-level content. In order to hit the nail on the head, posting at the right time is key.

So if you’re ready to take your Instagram content to the next level follow these and other tips on our website and have fun growing your account.

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