LinkedIn Lost All Connections

LinkedIn Lost All Connections

As the world’s largest professional network with over 610 million members (including my lost connections), LinkedIn is a powerful platform for making business connections. But with so many users (including, again, my lost connections), it can be tough to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential employers, clients, and business partners.

That’s where LinkedIn connections come in.

LinkedIn connections are a great way to get noticed by the people you want to connect with. By connecting with someone on LinkedIn, you’re essentially saying, “Hey, I like what you do and I want to be connected with you.”

LinkedIn connections can lead to all sorts of opportunities, from job offers and business deals to simply getting your name out there. And the best part is, anyone can do it – you don’t need to be a big shot to start building LinkedIn connections.

That’s all. I had to create a short AI intro.

So, let’s go to the main subject:

LinkedIn Lost All Connections

A few minutes ago, when I logged into my LinkedIn account (I do this several times, daily), Big Surprise: All the icons with the people I messaged were blank (even the LinkedIn Offer Bot, Melissa), and on the Connection area, in the left column, there appeared “-1” (from 700+ connections of a healthy 2010 account). Strange. I refreshed the site, clean the browser cache, and access LinkedIn from the other two computers, you know…regular stuff: Nothing. I also grabbed my phone and called a friend to ask him if I am still there or not: I wasn’t. Strange.

So, like a normal person I am, what I did?

I opened the Notepad (yes, classy) and start to write this article. Now, after this short (and with very bad grammar), I messaged LinkedIn support, and I am waiting for the answer about how to solve this LinkedIn glitch. Let’s see.

To be updated in a few minutes…

After 15 minutes of refresh, I still don’t get a way to contact the LinkedIn Support. All I get is this message: Due to high support volume, it may take longer than usual to hear back from our Support Agents.

To be updated in a few minutes…

My LinkedIn Network was finally recovered

It looks like it was a glitch, because all the Connections seems to be ok right now.