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Low Earnings: Why the Creator Fund is Falling Short for TikTok Creators

TikTok has been growing in popularity over the past few years, with users spending an average of 52 minutes on the app per day.

This is likely due to the platform’s focus on short-form video content, which makes it perfect for users who want to share quick, funny moments with their friends.

While there are many people who use TikTok simply as a way to kill time, there are also a number of creators who use the app to produce and share original content.

Unfortunately, these creators are not being compensated appropriately for their video views. In fact, one TikTok user had over 10 million views on his videos but was only generating $2.00 in earnings.

This is really not fair or appropriate and could be discouraging people from creating more videos on the app if they’re not getting what they deserve!

This low compensation from TikTok is largely due to the fact that it has a fixed Creator Fund of $1 billion.

Although this seems like a lot of money, the problem is that this fund is static and does not increase with TikTok’s growth. In fact, when viewership goes up (which increases TikTok’s revenue), TikTok creators actually make less money.

Now, high-profile creators are calling out TikTok. It looks like low pay isn’t going to be a secret for much longer – the platform may soon be forced to change its ways!

What Are Tiktok Creators Protesting Against and Why Is It an Issue?

low earnings TikTok Creator Fund - Complaints

Based on the above information, TikTok creators are upset about low earnings.

This is due to the fact that every time a creator gets more views (especially if they get millions of views) they make less money overall.

How Low Are Earnings for Creators and What Could This Mean for the App’s Future?

low earning TikTok Creator Funds

This low compensation is what has TikTok creators protesting against the app. It’s also why some users are quitting the platform after they have one million views on their videos.

One example of low earnings for a creator is an account that had over 10 million views on their TikTok video but only generated $2 in total earnings.

Of course, this isn’t fair or appropriate – it doesn’t make sense to allow TikTok’s viewership to grow exponentially while letting its creator’s bottom line go down!

The low pay afforded to TikTok creators might not be sustainable in the long run, especially if high-profile creators continue leaving the app.

If low payment continues, some people who use TikTok may abandon the app altogether, making TikTok less popular.

What Could Tiktok Do to Increase Creator Pay and Make up for Lost Revenue?

TikTok could start using a model where creator pay increases as viewership increases. This way, TikTok will also increase its own revenue at the same time!

If TikTok doesn’t implement this change, creators may leave.

If low pay continues, more and more people will stop creating content for the app – which means that everyone will ultimately lose out.

This scenario is especially true if high-profile TikTok users continue to leave the platform.

Without them making videos and attracting new users to join TikTok, low payment will only encourage low viewership and low ad revenue…which isn’t good for anyone involved.

Ways to Make More Money on Tiktok

There are many ways that TikTok users can start making money even with low revenue/viewers.

You could look at starting to promote your favorite product or service and looking at collaborations with those brands.

Or selling your own product. Look at different ways of monetizing it. Or helping other artists grow their audience on TikTok.

It might be worth it for creators to look into the types of revenue they can generate outside of TikTok because low pay might not be enough in the future when viewers are low due to low compensation paid out by TikTok.

There are platforms you could join and collab with brands looking for TikTok creators. You should be able to earn considerably more on the outside than on TikTok.

intellifluence.com is one such platform.

low earnings TikTok Creator Fund - make money on Fiverr

You could also open a service on Fiverr and drive traffic to it. Fiver is a goldmine for low-key influencers that could benefit from TikTok traffic.

Another option is to open a Patreon account and sell merch. For small creators, it might be enough to help mitigate low earnings from low viewership/ad revenue from TikTok.

Or you could try driving views back to your YouTube vids and make more money there (where ad revenue is actually decent).

All this means: if low pay isn’t going up with viewership or increasing with business partnerships, then TikTok users will definitely lose out in the long run!

In Conclusion

low payment for TikTok video views is a serious problem that TikTok needs to address.

If low earnings continue, more and more people will stop using the app and move on to other content platforms.

These measures could even put TikTok at risk of losing its users altogether – which means it’s only a matter of time before no one wants to create on TikTok anymore!