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A New Way to Mass Unfollow on Instagram in 2023

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A tutorial on how to mass unfollow on Instagram on AUTOPILOT!

While we can all agree that Instagram is a great social media platform to run a business on, it is also important to have your Instagram account looking professional.

Sometimes this could mean having to Mass unfollow on Instagram, particularly those who did not follow you back, and since they do not interact with your posts, they could be causing your engagement to suffer.

You might also be looking to unfollow users who, although they followed you back, do not like or comment on your posts.

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Sadly, Instagram does not come with the functionality to Mass unfollow on Instagram. As a matter of fact, Instagram discourages users from unfollowing too many people within a short period.

If you attempt to manually unfollow, say, 500 users at one go, you could in a best-case scenario get an unfollow block that could last a day, and in a worst-case scenario, your Instagram account could get banned for violating Instagram’s terms of service.

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What’s the Instagram Unfollow Limit per Day?

Before embarking on the choice on a tool to Mass unfollow on Instagram, it’s important to know the limits. Instagram’s unfollow limit varies for new and old Instagram accounts.

For accounts that are more than 6 months old, the Instagram mass unfollow limit is 2000 per day with a gap of 12-22 seconds between each unfollow.

For accounts that are less than 6 months old, the unfollow limit is 500 per day with a gap of 36-48 seconds per day. The per-hour limit is between 60-200 accounts.

Why would you need to Mass unfollow on Instagram?

On Instagram, people make snap judgments based on what they see from your channel. One of the ways people judge your page is by the number of people you follow.

Following too many people can signal that you’re a spammer, you poorly use an automation tool, or that there is something generally bad about your channel that is making people not want to follow you back.

Whatever the reason is, following too many people without having an equal amount of followers is a signal to people that there is something fishy about your page.

Fishiness is not how you build a successful Instagram page.

If this situation describes you, a quick and easy way to redeem your page is to perform a mass unfollow on Instagram.

Now, this is where you need a tool that you can set up to gradually unfollow on Instagram on autopilot.

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The best app to mass unfollow on Instagram

There are quite a few apps out there that claim to be the best Instagram unfollow app.

They boast of having the functionality to mass unfollow on Instagram, however, you want to stay away from these apps because apart from the possibility of your Instagram account getting stolen, you risk having your account permanently deleted.

If you want to mass unfollow on Instagram, you need a tool that will unfollow for you gradually on autopilot. An intelligent tool that mimics how a normal Instagram user would unfollow.

Personally, I use JARVEE and have been since 2017 for all my social media automation needs.

It’s a tool that I use to find out who unfollowed me on Instagram and it’s also the only tool I use to unfollow everyone on Instagram.

You can get JARVEE absolutely free and use it for this purpose during the trial period.

With JARVEE, you can have your account unfollowing users that you choose to while you focus your attention on other important areas of your business.

The cool thing about this social media automation tool is that apart from unfollowing users on Instagram, you can also use it to grow, not just one, but several Instagram accounts on COMPLETE autopilot!

Besides unfollowing everyone, Jarvee can also serve the purpose of removing followers on Instagram. It does this by making use of its ‘block’ feature.

You’ll only need to set it up and it’ll do the rest for you on autopilot.

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It doesn’t end there.

JARVEE allows you to automate your social media activities on other platforms as well, including:

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How to start mass unfollow on Instagram using JARVEE

NOTE: To make this tutorial quicker and a lot easier, grab the free trial of JARVEE NOW! and start following along.

unfollow instagram free

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get the free trial of JARVEE (don’t worry, they won’t ask for your credit card). Install it on your PC and login with the information sent to your email when you first registered. Once you are logged in, you will need to add your Instagram account(s) on JARVEE.
  2. To add your account on JARVEE, click on SOCIAL PROFILE on the left Menu bar.
  3. Now click on ADD PROFILE and select INSTAGRAM.
  4. Fill in your Instagram login details and click VERIFY.
  5. Once your account is VALIDATED, you can now click on TOOLS on the left Menu bar. Here you will see all the accounts that you have added on JARVEE.
  6. To set up auto unfollow, click on the name of the account whose users you want to unfollow. A new interface will appear with all the features available for Instagram. Since we are only interested in auto unfollowing, you’re going to click on the UNFOLLOW tab.
  7. Here you have a myriad of options to go with (see image below) mass unfollow instagram app mass unfollow instagram app 2019
  8. Once you’re done choosing your preferences, turn the STATUS on and sit back while JARVEE does the magic for you.

If you get stuck or need any assistance, feel free to leave us a comment below in the comments section and we’ll help you out.

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Before You Mass Unfollow On Instagram, Read This

Today, Instagram has become so anti-spam and controlling that even regular users are affected by Instagram’s strict rules and restrictions on anything that might potentially be spam.

Instagram has become tougher to spam and spam-like behavior on the platform over the years. And they won’t hesitate to take action if necessary.

Let’s look at some useful ways that you can avoid getting permanently or temporarily banned or even block on Instagram.

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What is an Instagram shadowban?

Typically, when you get banned from Instagram, you receive a notice that your account is reported.

However, you don’t receive any notification with an Instagram shadowban; you only see your engagement decreases.

Another clear clue that your account might be shadowbanned is when your hashtags don’t work.

Instagram punishes accounts that are not playing fair or those who might have got unlucky by simply using the wrong hashtags, etc.

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How can I beat the Instagram shadowban?

1. Don’t mass follow and like

While this article is about mass unfollowing on Instagram, there is a risk associated with a mass following, for instance, by trying to grow a notable number of likes and followers at one time, you will receive a temporary block from Instagram.

The reason for this would be because they considered the limits on follows and likes.

PS: Kindly note these figures religiously:

  1. The maximum number of likes per hour is 60.
  2. The maximum number of follows per hour is 60.
  3. The maximum number of messages per hour is 60.
  4. But if your account is just new, the limits are different:
  5. The maximum number of likes per hour is 30
  6. The maximum number of comments per hour is 30
  7. The maximum number of following/unfollow per hour is 30.

Violating Instagram rules causes a temporary block. It involves limiting the profile’s function; You can’t comment, like, follow or write in Direct Messages for some time (from 2 hours to 2 weeks).

If you are lucky to get blocked temporarily, don’t do anything with your profile, Just give it a little rest before it is completely restored.

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2. Don’t share Images/Videos Violating Social Network Rules

Photos and videos with naked bodies, sexual content, and violence are considered unsuitable. Whatever your goals are, posting such inappropriate content can get you banned, so be careful.

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3.User complaint

Someone might find your account a threat, so they click the Report button. If other people report your account too, Instagram will sooner or later block your profile.

People would complain of different reasons such as mass liking, mass following, abuses, inappropriate content, spam, etc.

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4. Complete your Instagram Profile

Add a little bio in your profile. Also, make sure you have a real profile picture. This brings validity to your profile and avoids unnecessary focus on your account from Instagram.

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5. Post Regularly

You must post pictures on Instagram and remember that posting regularly is what matters. An active display of social profiles can mainly save you from getting blocked. Jarvee can save you the trouble by auto-scheduling posts so that you can focus on other matters.

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6. Copyright Infringement

Copyright is a serious issue on Instagram. All pictures in your account have to be either yours or permitted by the owner.

If you want to share someone else’s picture, tag him/her in the photo (provided he/she has an Instagram account). If you use pictures for a commercial purpose, you have to ask the owner’s permission too.

Additionally, if you post a video with music that you don’t have the rights to, Instagram will certainly remove it.

If you ignore the copyright rules, the author can report you to Instagram for using the photo without their permission, and you would be blocked for copyright infringement.

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7. The different IP address and device

If you log into your account from various devices and approve it via SMS, Instagram is less likely to ban you.

Though, if you log in with different devices and IP addresses, Instagram may think scammers hacked your account. The social network responds to it instantly and blocks the profile for your own safety.

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8. Perform reasonable actions

Keep your follow/unfollow activities balanced. Bulk actions might seem aggressive, which may deactivate your account, and even worse, that you might get temporarily blocked.

In some cases, all you should do is giving some rest to your account. Try to log in after some time such as 24 hours. It would help you to return your account.

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9.Verify your email

This is an easy but highly crucial way to avoid getting blocked or banned. When you verify your email, you prove that you are a real person.

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10. Do not comment too many emojis

For some reason, Instagram doesn’t like it when you comment emojis excessively. Limit yourself to leave fewer emojis per comment.

11. Do not copy your comments over and over

Instagram keeps an extra eye on repeated comments. The reason is that Instagram may consider you a bot.

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12. Do not spam-comment

As I mentioned commenting is Instagram’s biggest problem when it is about spam on the platform.

While spam-liking is used as a way to get more attention to the accounts, it isn’t harmful to anyone. However, Instagram is pretty strict with how many comments you leave on posts in a short time.

13. Do not spam-like posts

Liking a large number of posts in a short time is known as spammy action. But when you start liking excessively, it is a sign to Instagram that you’re acting spammy.

If you’re new to Instagram

If you are new to Instagram, before you start following other profiles, make sure you post for yourself. Generally, a good start includes posting pictures regularly.

What should you do to not look spammy?

· Avoid editing your captions after posting a photo.

· Stop using hashtags in your comments put them in the caption.

· Don’t post too many posts every day (up to 3).

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