Reels Remix: How to Do Duets on Instagram Reels

Reels Remix: How to Do Duets on Instagram Reels

With the introduction of Reels Remix, Instagram is looking to lure users from its biggest competitor yet: TikTok

Instagram reels function which was introduced in August 2020 already borrowed heavily from TikTok.

Instagram has gone further and introduced Reels Remix.

This will allow users to post videos next to other users, building on top of the original video.

This new feature is already common on TikTok, especially for dance challenges on the duets option.

This opens up a whole world of new possibilities for creating more engaging content.

Reels Remix: An Improvement for the Creation of Collaborative Content

Remix: an improvement for the creation of collaborative content

Just a few years ago when TikTok was launched on the market it caused a stir in the world of social networks.

Its novelty features quickly became a crowds’ favorite. In a bid to catch up, Instagram decided to implement reels, a video format very similar to that of TikTok

Despite this, Instagram was still far behind TikTok in terms of tools and possibilities regarding this content format.

Hence, Instagram has decided to add new features to the camera application such as Remix, a new function to perform duets on Instagram Reels.

The creation of the duos in Instagram Reels will help content creators to make collaborative videos and increase the followers of the different participating profiles.

Basically, Remix allows you to retrieve a video from another user or account and add another video to it by commenting or reacting to it to improve the complexity of the content.

Don’t forget that using this feature to remix third-party content involves respecting copyright. Therefore, it will always be necessary to have the permission of the creator of the original content.

How do you get this permission?

Normally when uploading the final video, the author of the content will have to authorize it from their profile.

How to Activate the Reels Remix Feature on Instagram

If you want to use the Reels Remix functionality of Instagram, you must have the options activated in your configuration.

First, go to Instagram account settings.

ig settings

Then, click on the ” Privacy ” tab.


Locate the “ Reels ” option and check the “ Allow remixing ” option.


This way, the Reels Remix will be configured in Instagram Reels.

This option is activated so that other people can make their own videos from yours.

You can turn off this option anytime you wish

It should be noted that the duets feature in Instagram Reels was created to generate interaction between users, generate reactions, etc.

This can also be used by brands to generate more engagement.

The best social media marketing strategies are those that know how to adapt to trends and leverage new technologies.

The duos feature on Instagram Reels allows you to increase your organic reach by taking advantage of the content generated by other users.

This is a great way to increase brand awareness and create more engaging content.

You can also tweak the final video with different filters and effects, and even add music to it.

How to Use the Reels Remix Function to an Existing Reel on Instagram

To use the Reels Remix function in the new Instagram Reels is quite simple since the whole process is very intuitive.

A.- Select the Reel You Wish to Remix

On your Instagram profile, click on the Reels option and select the reel you wish to remix.


B.- Record the Video

Tap the three-dot menu on a reel and select “Remix this Reel.”

You can then record your reel or upload pre-recorded video.

You can also adjust the volume for the original audio or your recorded one, and add a voiceover, along with other editing functions.


C.- Publish the Video

Once you have the reel done and you think it’s fully edited, it’s time to publish it. You can click on the white button to preview it and verify that everything is in place. The final step is to include a cover photo, title, and some tags. Then click on the blue share button.

Only new reels will have the ‘Reels Remix’ enabled automatically.

If you already have a reel that you wish users to be able to remix, you can manually turn that on by tapping that three-dot menu on your own video and selecting “Enable Remixing.”

If you wish to turn off remixing on all your reels, you can use the procedure we’d earlier outlined.

Tips for Using Duets on Instagram Reels for Brands

There are many ways to use the new Instagram functionality in social media marketing campaigns.

Attracting the right audience is essential for any brand as it allows you to transmit valuable information, Increase your sales and retain customers.

With duets on Instagram Reels, you can reach different customers in different ways.

Here are some ways to use this tool for the benefit of your brand:

1.- Make Reviews and Explanatory Videos

This strategy works very well when you wish to publicize a new product or service. With the use of the Remix function of Instagram Reels, information can be offered in a more detailed and complete way than if only a video was used.

On the one hand, it may show how the product works, while on the other explain how to get the most out of it. This review idea performs well in terms of reach and brand engagement.

2.- Exploit Entertainment and Generate Participation

There are many possibilities that Reels Remix offers for brands.

One that can be extremely interesting to improve user interaction is to carry out campaigns launching challenges of all kinds.

It is possible to launch a Reels Remix asking the audience to perform dances, song covers, playbacks, or any other challenge.

Entertainment is one of the most effective formulas to create bonds with the audience.

For this reason, implementing strategies where user reactions are encouraged and are made participants in the creation of content can be a tipping point to bringing the audience closer and obtaining greater visibility.

3.- A twist for Influencer Marketing

One of the star disciplines on Instagram is Influencer Marketing and reels have quickly become one of the most used content by these profiles.

Reels Remix can be a new design for carrying out these collaborations and creating much more interactive and shareable content.

Without a doubt, a perfect prescription marketing strategy that will help generate greater brand awareness.

For example, it allows you to use the personality of an influencer to promote a product, talk about its qualities, its advantages and react to them in a short video.

The level of reach produced by Reels Remix is very high and even more so if they are accompanied by an influencer who has amassed a huge number of followers.

4.- Collaborations Between Competitors

Reacting to competitor products can be a very original way to produce content for a brand.

The Instagram Reels Remix feature allows you to talk about a rival company’s product and compare functionality and features.

Currently, it is one of the most effective ways to influence the customers’ buying decisions.

In fact, there are brands whose advertising strategy is based on a direct “attack” on the competition, such as BMW and Mercedes, always with a sense of humor and irony, but which results in a very effective formula for impacting the audience.

For a social media marketing strategy, it is very important to be able to count on Instagram Reels Remix as a tool, since it offers a very good level of views with followers and also because it is a revolutionary way of showcasing a product, especially on mobile devices.

Reels Remix allows brands to present themselves to millions of users and improve collaborations, both with users and with influencers and other brands.

It is a function that should not be missing in your social media marketing strategy.

Bottom Line

Instagram is clearly serious about making the short-form video content a mainstay, it has added the Reels button to the apps’ home page.

Brands can leverage this new trend to their advantage.

With Reels Remix on Instagram, brands can create very interactive and shareable content.

This tool should not be missing from your social media marketing strategy.

Reels Remix allows brands to present themselves to millions of users and improve collaborations, both with users and with influencers and other brands.

It is a function that should not be missing in your social media marketing strategy.

Till next time!