How To See Snapchat Discover Page History {2Way}

How To See Snapchat Discover Page History {2Way}

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Snapchat Discover Page History: Snapchat is one of the most popular Social media apps. If you are using this app, then you are familiar with the Snapchat Discover page. In these articles, we Learn How to see Snapchat Discover Page History or How to view old Snapchat Discover Stories in detail. Read Also Snapchat Planets : Meaning, order & Friend solar system worked?.

Quick Answer:

Open The Snapchat Application.
Swipe left and go to the Snapchat discover page.
After going to the Discover page, you will see a clock icon in the right-hand corner.
Tap on the clock Icon. Now you can see your watch history on Snapchat. If you have done these steps and they have not worked for you, then you must read the full articles because we also provide another method to see a snap-discovered history. Read Also 5+ Way fix Snapchat bots adding me

There are various different methods to view old snapchat discover stories. In these section we provide one quick solution for those people who don’t have time to read another method if you want to see other method also then read the full article.

What Is Snapchat Discover?

Snapchat Discover is a News feed where you will see news or brand promotions in the form of stories. Most of the publishers used this Discover feed to promote their products.

Snapchat Discover is based on what you watch a lot, which means if you watch hair growth tips and beauty products. The algorithm will prioritize these categories and show these category-related news or products most of the time as compared to other categories.

Is Snapchat’s Discover algorithm worked on user interest?, there is no definitive answer to this question, as Snapchat does not release detailed information about how its Discover feature works.

Types of Snapchat Discover content:

Snapchat discover page is a basically a news feed you will see a news, brand promotional, influencers video and many more in the form of stories

How To See Snapchat Discover Feed?

To Start Discover feed, open the Snapchat Application go to the camera and swipe left where you will see the Discover Screen.

Why is my Snapchat Discover not working?

To Access snap discover make sure you used the latest version of snapchat application , go to the playstore or appstore and search snapchat and update it.

The next common reason is this your data connection is not strong to load the discover feature.

Does watching Snapchat discover increase Snap score?

Watch Snap discover videos from discover feed, You can either watch random stories or you can watch your fav influencers video to improve your snap score.

What is the Discover tile in Snapchat?

Snapchat Story Ads allow advertisers to place a branded tile in the Discover section of the Snapchat application. When users tap the tile, it opens into a collection of ads, anywhere between three and twenty placements. For this type of ad, Snapchat lays out the design for you based on the assets you deliver.

How to view old Snapchat Discover Stories

How to view old snapchat discover stories

To See Recently Viewed Snapchat Discover Stories, The Method is pretty simple just follow the following steps:

  • Open the Snapchat Application and go to the setting Menu.
  • Tap on the gear icon and scroll down until you find the “My Data section”.
  • Once you reached the mydata section tap on it .
  • Under the mydata section, tap on View All. Here you will see the Snapchat Discover page history. Read Also 129+ Stylish and Funny

Is Snapchat Discover the same for everyone?

According to the Snapchat privacy policy, Snapchat Discover is not the same for everyone.

As we see in above paragraph Snapchat’s Discover algorithm worked on user interest?, there is no definitive answer to this question, as Snapchat does not release detailed information about how its Discover feature works.

How We Rank Content on Snap Discover feed?

Ranking in Discover feed is not a easy task. If you want to rank your content in discover feed then follow the following points is must.

According to Snapchat company these are the points keep in mind to rank your content.

  • Personalizing and Ranking Content on Discover and Spotlight
  • Moderating Content
  • Understanding Content & User Preferences
  • Making Content Age and Language Appropriate
  • Ranking Content.

For better understanding go to the official snapchat post and explore all the above points in detail.

Is Snapchat Discover page good?

I think that Snapchat was more enjoyable before the introduction of the Discover page. People give a negative rating to the Snapchat Discover page.

How to turn off snapchat discover?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove the discover section in your snapchat but in here we see some ways to get rid of discover section so it doesn’t bother you.

  • Hide the channel you don’t want to see.
  • Report the Content.
  • Unsubscribed the channel.

How to subscribe to a Story on Snapchat Discover?

If you loved or like any snapchat discover content and you want to subscribed those channel or profile then press and hold on it and tap ‘Subscribe‘.

How To View Old Snapchat Stories Of Friends?

Officially Snapchat not give any types of features but you can view old snap stories of your friends, if you saved their stories earlier or you can use some third party app and use Screen recorder to save a stories.

Can You See Call History On Snapchat?

Since Snapchat is a messaging app so there is no option like call history. You cans end messages, snaps, video to your friends.


In This article, we Learned how to See Snapchat Discover Page History using 2 methods. snapchat discover page algorithm worked on user interest. If you are interested in hair-growing tips and you watch a video related to this, Snapchat Discover will show you a product or news related to this category.


How to use snapchat discover Features?

Open the snapchat application and swipe left.

is snapchat discover features is free?

Yes this feature is free. All snap users can access these features.