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6 Amazing Tiktok Automation Bots to Go Viral in 2023

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The app has grown to over 300 million users, and there is no sign of this number slowing down.

In fact, it’s only going to get bigger! It seems that TikTok is a goldmine for marketers.

Some even go as far as using automation bots to go viral on the platform.

Read on to find out more details about these TikTok automation bots that will make you go viral.

What is TikTok Automation?

TikTok Automation is a way to scale the amount of interaction that you have with other TikTok users.

If you think about it, there are many different ways in which we can interact on this app- liking and commenting as well as following and direct messaging.

Unfortunately, we only have so much time in our day after all!

Fortunately, though TikTok automation allows us to do just what it sounds like:

Automate interactions through various features available within the platform so that we don’t needlessly spend hours scrolling through videos when instead they’re being done automatically by bots (or algorithms).

This will leave more time for us personally to create content and to interact with people outside of the app instead.

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How Does Tiktok Automation Work?

Nowadays, there are many bots that you can choose from which will automatically like or comment on other users’ posts as well as follow them for you.

They’re a very easy way to increase interaction on your account- all it takes is for you to do is get a TikTok automation bot that will take care of the automation work for you!

TikTok automation can also be used to bring your account to the top of discovering feeds, something that’s very useful if you’re trying to grow the brand awareness of your page.

There are many types of bots available including those which are Instagram friendly. The app has a lot of potential for growth, and it’s not going to stop growing any time soon!

Why Should You Use Bots/Automation?

We know it’s tough out there but growing a following on TikTok is far from impossible.

In fact, by leveraging these tools for your account, you will be able to gain new followers in no time at all!

The impeccable algorithms behind these tools are able to help you get real followers for your account and we all know that this is the key ingredient needed for sustained growth on any social media platform

Especially when using such an incredible app as TikTok.

These TikTok automation bots use some magic and wizardry that will send your follower count skyrocketing without much effort or work involved.

It doesn’t take long before they start adding up into the thousands!


The best TikTok accounts are built on consistency.

It’s not just about posting content, it’s also how you interact with your followers and the style of posts that make up your feed.

People who follow you want to be able to see consistency across the board- in frequency, as well as types of videos, posted.

So they know what they’re getting into when following a particular account or person.

Consistency can keep people interested enough for them to return again and again because it’s like seeing themselves reflected back at them from an outside source.

Being reminded of their own inner voice or self-worth by someone else going through similar experiences is comforting for some people too!

Automation can help manage this without taking away any authenticity so there isn’t more work

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Do you have enough time to enjoy all of the TikTok content that your followers post every day?

There is only so much time that you can dedicate to growing your account during a typical work week.

If it’s hard for influencers, imagine how difficult this must be for someone who has more than one job!

What if there was an automated way around posting and responding on social media?

That would mean being able to focus on creativity without getting lost in the weeds of engagement with other users.

Something we know is essential when trying to grow loyal audiences.

Methods of TikTok Automation

In order to grow your TikTok account, there are two different types of automation that you will want to explore.

The first is growth services which can be an invaluable way for a new or struggling channel to get more followers and views quicker.

TikTok bots offer the opportunity for users with smaller followings than they would like, as well as those who have limited time in their day-to-day lives due to work schedules or school commitments, the ability to gain exposure through automatic interaction on channels daily basis without even having to manually login!

And secondly, if you’re looking at boosting engagement rates from comments and likes then it may make sense to implement one of these awesome bot packages into your strategy too because this app still has its unique challenges when it comes to getting views and likes.

Automation is a valuable part of any marketing strategy whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok.

It enables you to do more with less time so that there can be more quality than ever before!

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tiktok Automation Bot

When it comes to automation bots, there are many options out there for TikTok users but not every option is a good fit for everyone.

Here’s what you should consider before deciding on the best course of action:



Some companies charge per bot/month and while these services may be more expensive than others, they’re also far more efficient.

If you’re considering automating your social media growth then remember that this purchase can either be an excellent long-term investment or just another money pit.

So know what it is that you want from the platform and choose accordingly!

Service Providers Who Offer Multiple Types of Bots

The majority of service providers require some form of payment upfront (of which will vary depending on how many different packages you’re looking at).

These are called “bot packs” which usually include a range of customization options.

However, if you’d like to have greater control over your bot experience then you may want to look into multiple providers who offer one-off purchase or monthly subscription options instead of purchasing in bulk upfront because there’s a decent chance this can be done cheaper.



Finally, the best aspect of automation is that it works!

However, what level of success can you really expect from these services?

When comparing Top TikTok Bot Services reviews let alone just individual reviews for each service provider, pay attention to things like how long users have used their services before leaving a review.

This will help give you an idea of how effective these platforms are for real TikTok users.

Best TikTok Automation Software

So you’ve made the decision to give TikTok bots a shot?

Congratulations! You’ll find that some bot services don’t require much more than signing up with your account username and password.

That’s it! These are known as one-click solutions.

However, other services will require an extra step where you can customize your bots based on specific instructions.

Depending on how complex you want your bot experience to be, there are a few different services available out there for TikTok users but here’s what I found to be the six best:

Fueltok (Recommended)

fueltok best TikTok bot

Looking to grow your Tiktok following, but don’t have enough time?

Learning to bot TikTok is one of the best ways to utilize automation and put your account in front of more users who are a good chance at becoming fans or customers.

Fueltok is our number one recommendation when it comes to using bots on TikTok for growing an account with followers that will engage you back.

It follows accounts automatically so they know someone wants their attention; this way people can find new content from other creators like yourself which increases engagement rates- all while not being seen as spammy!

Fueltok is perfect for sharing your content over multiple TikTok accounts at once when you don’t have time to post individually.

It’s a great option for those with minimal followers that want to gain more fans but just can’t seem to find the proper time!

FuelTok’s advanced targeting features allow you to target accounts based on hashtags, locations, or the followers of a competitor or niche account.

By filtering your targets with specific criteria such as follower count and activity level.

FuelTok allows users to find high-quality prospects in their desired niches faster than ever before.


  • Auto Follow / Unfollow & Like
  • Newly Released Features: Auto Comment, Liking Comments, & Auto DM
  • Target by hashtag, location, or an account’s followers
  • Filter by activity or number of followers
  • 7 Day Free Trial



TokUpgrade has been providing TikTok engagement services for almost a decade now.

They are one of the first automation companies in their industry to do so.

Their reputation is solid among users as well.

There’s no need to worry about having an account that looks genuine or not because TokUpGrade only wants what’s best for you!

One reason why people love them?

They offer targeted engagements which means they get to know your needs specifically and provide real content tailored around those interests- all at affordable prices too.

When you upgrade to a premium package, you’ll gain access to an account manager who will work with you one-on-one and set up your preferences and services.

They’ll ask lots of questions about your TikTok experience so they can know exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to engagement growth.


  • Engage Superfans
  • Hundreds of thousands of engaged users
  • Bot accounts appear genuine and friendly
  • Recognized by TikTok community & influencers
  • 7 Day Free Trial

TikTok Bot


TikTok Bot is an alternative you might want to check out.

It’s more expensive at $25 per week, but it does include a dedicated account manager and they don’t have a free trial or money-back guarantee of any kind.

However, what sets them apart from the competition are their automation features-namely comment like bots that can potentially get your potential followers’ attention if done correctly!



Autotokker is one of the first TikTok automation bots that created a lot of buzz across the web.

This bot can perform both follows and unfollows, but not currently likes or comments- limiting its applicability to some extent.

It also includes a high-quality proxy for free!

You’ll have to pay $44.99 per month which may be too steep if you’re just looking for an auto-following app with no additional features like commenting or liking capabilities.



Instazood is a TikTok automation bot that helps you automate the following actions to grow your TikTok account: Follows, Unfollows, Likes and Comments.

It has two main options for targeting which include

1) targeting users by hashtags they use or

2) all of those who follow specific accounts within your niche.

Some additional filtering might be necessary to increase quality on an account but overall we recommend trying Instazood first since it’s one of the cheapest bots out there with these features included in its price tag!


Sociello is another TikTok growth service that comes with all the benefits.

They can help you to achieve a lot more in terms of followers and likes, as they have an account manager dedicated to your needs, alongside customer support staff who are always on hand if you need any assistance or advice.

At the end of the day though it’s important not to forget what we’re here for – creativity!

As creatives use this app mainly just so they can express themselves freely rather than becoming someone else’s personal ‘account-manager-on-a mission’ (who has their own reasons) trying hard every single second of every day to get real followers and create sustainable growth… when really there isn’t anything wrong with wanting them

Can I Get My Account Banned From TikTok When I Use Automation Bot/Software?

Can I Get My Account Banned From TikTok When I Use Automation BotSoftware

No, since TikTok is still in its infancy, using an automated service will not lead to a ban, yet.

This is the best time before the TikTok Algorithm is updated to detect automation services and block any type of automation just like it has happened with Instagram.

Can Companies like This Steal My Account?

Don’t worry – they won’t steal your account. They don’t need it.

They can create their account and grow it with automated software using their TikTok bots.

They don’t need yours for success so you’re not in a risky situation.

Should I Use a Free Trial?

Some of the companies listed offer a free trial but don’t ask for your credit card information.

This period allows you to try the software before you start paying for it.

We recommend trying one of the free trials before you start paying for additional features.


Over the past years, TikTok has become one of the biggest and most popular social media apps with more than 300 million users who are using it to enjoy themselves while sharing their moments.

It allows you to express yourself freely without being judged, unlike other platforms.

However, in order for you to be successful on this platform, just like any other social media network, your marketing strategy must include various techniques that will help you get new TikTok followers as well as engage existing ones.

For example, utilizingTikTok automation bots can help increase your views as well as likes and comments.

Two things that are essential for growth since they will impact your content’s ranking in the Discover section which is visible by all users who visit TikTok on a regular basis.

You have to be consistent with your posting to grow.

However, if you’re a small or large business then you can easily automate the tasks of the following and unfollowing users.

All while engaging with them to boost engagement on posts that are doing well.

In addition, using automation bots will help in increasing likes and comments so it’s clear that these tools have proven to be a valuable asset for marketers.