TikTok for Business: Why it's so important for marketers;social tipster;TikTok for Business: Why it's so important for marketers

How to Grow Your Business on TikTok in 2023-New Guide for Beginners

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    How to Grow Your Tiktok Account

    So you’ve just joined and want to use TikTok and you need to catch up with others who’ve grown their accounts to thousands of followers already. Well, you are not late yet.

    The app downloads of TikTok surpassed 2.6 billion times in December 2020 Which I think is kind of mind-blowing. In fact, in 2020, this was the most downloaded app of the year. Crazy, right?

    To gain followers on TikTok, you need to understand that it’s not an overnight venture. It takes time and experience.

    Below, we want to showcase to you eight powerful tips that can help boost your following on this platform.

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    Tiktok Demographics

    Before using TikTok for Business you may find asking yourself, Is this the right platform for you and your business? Now one of the things that really surprises most business owners to learn is that nearly 30% of TikTok users are over the age of 30. 30% of one billion is a lot.

    There are currently 150 different countries represented on TikTok, 65% of TikTok users are female. But when I spoke with TikTok Corporate recently they actually said that they’re working to get that balance as close to 50/50 as possible.

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    Why Use Tiktok for Business

    TikTok for Business: Why it's so important for marketers

    So you may see a real surge of athletes in an attempt to win over the males that are still hanging out on Twitter.

    TikTok is actually learning your interest and until you’ve followed quite a few profiles and engage with people, it’s going to be difficult for TikTok to know what to serve you.

    However, if you keep engaging with content that you like, and skipping the content that you don’t, you will quickly discover that you have an entirely different experience. This will make TikTok for business worthwhile.

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    In recent years there’s been a surge of consumers begging for a real look at the authenticity behind the scenes of brands, celebrities, businesses.

    We found that consumers were falling in love with brands all over again instead of the perfect photo like Instagram.

    Suddenly you’re able to show the culture behind the scenes.

    Maybe you’re super fun, maybe you’re super snarky or skeptical, that can show on TikTok, it allows your consumers to say yep!, I always knew I liked that brand and now I understand why.

    Now, quite possibly one of the coolest reasons to use TikTok for business is that unlike any other platform right now there is unlimited untapped potential to go viral by simply getting likes, even if a few.

    In fact, stars are being made literally overnight and businesses are blowing up.

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    Here’s a case study of how you can gain a following by posting on TikTok.

    For me, the first signs of potential virality were this time when I had about 60 followers on TikTok for my business and I put up a video, overnight it reached 9000 views.

    It opened my eyes to the potential for virality for any business.

    I wanted to test it in my industry and see how TikTok for business would work for me. So I created another video that was breaking down false beliefs in the marketing industry.

    What was so crazy is literally that the video went viral in the course of a week reaching nearly a million views and generating more YouTube subscribers than we had ever had before, website traffic, and actual sales rivaling sales that we generate from our Facebook Ads campaign we pay for every month.

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    How to Use Tiktok as a Marketer

    Now if you’re feeling skeptical about how TikTok marketing works, head on over to the TikTok app right now and go type in the hashtag for your industry, #Home decor for instance, or #entrepreneurs, check it out because if your hashtag is there, there’s viability for your business on TikTok.

    Now the beautiful thing with TikTok for business is because it is a closed ecosystem, you can link your profile to your YouTube, drive people to your website drive them to lead magnets.

    Another opportunity to maximize on TikTok for a business utility that is just emerging is TikTok Ads.

    I’ve had a sneak peek behind the scenes and the CPMs are juicy, the reach is incredible and the targeting is improving every single day.

    Now a question we hear a lot about TikTok is.

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    What Is the Point of Being on Tiktok?

    There are four E’s that I look at every time that we’re diving into a TikTok for business strategy: Education, Entertainment, Engagement, and Emotion.

    If you can tap into these four Es, you will have your loyal customers saying yes! and you will reach new markets from the audience reached on TikTok.

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    The first step with education is that you’re able to actually educate your consumers on this platform. For example, I’ve seen these videos that say, here is what a properly laid floor looks like. And they show examples of a great floor versus the shoddy work from one of their competitors.

    It’s beautiful and businesses are able to educate their consumers on what they should be looking for. And in fact, that leaves consumers feeling, incredibly empowered, and trusting you as the right solution for whatever it is they need to buy.

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    The number two strategy to leveraging TikTok for business is entertainment, we all love to be entertained, right? You go to movies, perhaps even Netflix binge each evening. Your customers are the same way.

    TikTok is no different in fact, the average TikTok user is spending 61 minutes per day on the app sound up, and 75% of that time is spent on the For You page searching for new content, new profiles to follow and that could be your businesses content that they’re binging in tonight.

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    Everybody loves to find people who are similar to them.

    So when people are scrolling on TikTok and they find content that makes them say ‘oh, I thought I was the only one’, they’re so excited to engage because suddenly you’ve given them permission to say, I feel the same way, or I’m excited to learn about this.

    You can create literal engagement bait on TikTok for business and TikTok audiences are eating it up.

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    The most powerful of the 4 E’s is Emotion.

    When you can start to tap into stories, maybe it’s the stories of some of your customers whose lives have been changed by your products, maybe it’s a before-and-after that leaves someone feeling incredibly inspired.

    Maybe it was that mission that your team took to another country to impact the world and you’re able to tell the story of making people feel good, making them feel happy, making them feel hopeful.

    When you can touch on emotion on TikTok for business, you’ll be amazed to see how audiences spring to life.

    People love to cry, they love to laugh, they love to even, as crazy as it sounds, get angry especially when something goes against their values.

    And this is the perfect place to connect with them emotionally.

    Now there are certain types of businesses that are most prime for TikTok and those are anything, that is B2C, especially E-commerce, physical products, anything you’re selling directly to a consumer is prime for TikTok, anything that has a beautiful aesthetic, Beauty, food blogging, luxury real estate that is ready for the TikTok market.

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    And any business that naturally has a hero or a spokesperson for the brand, it makes a lot of sense for them to be on TikTok.

    Now I’m going to blow your mind with several examples of big businesses and small businesses that are absolutely crushing it on TikTok.

    First up we have Chipotle who launched a campaign on TikTok, all about avocados. It Increased their gross sales for the following week after their campaign by over 63%, Next up, we have Calvin Klein.

    Years ago Calvin Klein launched a massive traditional media campaign featuring Justin Bieber in Calvin Klein underwear.

    When they launched their very first TikTok campaign within 24 hours, they surpassed the total number of engagements of that entire
    traditional media campaign with just their TikTok engagements alone.

    In fact, just the other day I spoke to an influencer who is a popular blogger, she had 160,000 followers on TikTok with millions of views.

    And I asked her what her going rate was for a sponsored post and she said $25 per sponsored post.

    So the ability to partner with influencers in a way, that’s more easily tracked, more cost-effective, and ultimately potentially able to even go viral is honestly unmatched by any other platform.

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    Influencer Sponsorship

    Now I’m going to share with you guys a quick tip on how you can find and secure sponsorships with influencers even if you’re not on the TikTok for business app yourself or as a business.

    Search for a hashtag that your ideal audience might use. Next, find the influencers that are putting out top content within that hashtag.

    Now here’s the beautiful thing, you can go straight to their profile, click through to their Instagram and send them a message on Instagram asking them for their rates.

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    In conclusion

    On Social Tipster, we have discussed a number of effective strategies for growing your following on TikTok. Some of those strategies including buying real TikTok likes to boost your engagement, buying real TikTok followers, and even buying TikTok views from real accounts.

    Apart from these strategies, you also have the option to use safe TikTok bots to interact with other TikTok users and bring attention to your account as well as to grow a following.

    If you consider growing your account using automation, ensure to keep your daily following on TikTok within the recommended limits.

    Also, keep in mind the daily unfollow limits on TikTok.

    Now one of the best ways for you to decide if TikTok for business is a good investment for you and your business is to spend some time on the app, give it a go, test it out, shoot some videos, have fun and generate followers on TikTok.

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