How to master TikTok marketing;How to master TikTok marketing

How to Master TikTok Marketing in 2023

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How to master TikTok marketing

How to master TikTok marketingTikTok has arrived with force and is a social channel to complement your marketing strategy on social networks.

It started as an innocent social network for creating videos with music but has come to position itself as a new phenomenon on mobile devices.

If you still do not know what the new fashion app is, here is an article in which you will discover how to do master TikTok marketing.

What is TikTok

TikTok is a short video-sharing social platform. It allows users to share with their followers, videos on various genres, such as dance, DIY, comedy, and education.

Now that you are clear about what TikTok is, the big question is, do you need to do marketing on TikTok?

I anticipate that the answer is Yes.

Whether you have a business or a personal brand, TikTok marketing can be very useful for your content strategy and can help you increase your visibility and reach.

Why bother with TikTok marketing for your brand or business?

Besides my resounding yes, the answer is in the numbers, which never lie. TikTok is:

One of the most popular networks

If the numbers spoke, well they have. TikTok has surpassed 1 billion downloads. These numbers are projected to keep rising in 2021 and beyond.

A network that does not stop growing

Since it was launched in 2016, it has enjoyed tremendous growth. Coming to 2021 with more than 800 million monthly users according to DataReportal. Some numbers place it above other social channels such as LinkedIn or Twitter.

Users use the application

No matter how many users an app has, if they don’t interact, it will inevitably fail. Something that does not happen with TikTok, where 68% of users watch videos from other accounts, and more than half (55%) create and edit their own videos.

The content generates addiction

TikTok users spend at least the same time as on Instagram (53 minutes a day) and only slightly less than Facebook (58 minutes). Data that corroborate that it already rubs shoulders with the big boys.

Now that you know that TikTok is on fire, have you convinced yourself that you need to adapt TikTok marketing in your marketing strategy?

Through TikTok, you can share your products and services in an informal and carefree way. You are also able to reach a large audience that can become a future customer.

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How to get started on TikTok from scratch

The first thing is to download the App. No matter your system, it is available for mobile devices and tablets in both the App Store and Google Play.

Create your TikTok account

To get started on TikTok marketing you need an account that you can get in simple steps:

  • Choose the way you want to register, the fastest is by entering your email.
  • Set your password.

You already have your account!

Once created, you must differentiate yourself from personal accounts.

Remember, this is geared towards the marketing of your business.

For this you have to change your account to a Pro account, with which you can:

  • Access different tools with which to improve your content and performance.
  • It allows you to add additional information to your profile: website and contact email.
  • Consult all the statistics of your content in detail: such as reach or the number of followers.

These benefits of having a pro account allow you to see if you are getting your TikTok marketing strategy right.

For your internal strategy, it is useful, also abroad where you can get the blue check that indicates that your account is verified.

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Why you need to verify your TikTok account

If there are already almost 800 million users on TikTok, what makes you think that they can’t plagiarize your account?

Getting your blue check will allow you:

  • Be a real profile and avoid plagiarism of content or comments.
  • Find you easily when looking for you in the magnifying glass.
  • Show that it is your business and prevent them from impersonating you, avoiding fraud and scams.

How to verify your TikTok account

There are three different ways to get TikTok to grant you your blue check.

The first is to be very popular as a public figure. In that case, the account itself will check.

The second method is that you are a great content creator of this app or a recognized brand such as Mcdonald’s.

Ultimately, and if you do not meet both options, there is only one alternative: earn the check based on work.

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How to get verified on TikTok

Create quality content

To master TikTok marketing, creativity is a must, not an option.

You can use the sounds or songs that already exist and create something ingenious from it or upload your own sound through the app and make your video go viral.

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Join the challenges

One way to reach a larger audience and advance your TikTok marketing is to join one of the popular content on the platform: challenges.

Dances, sports, riddles, there is something to give and take. By using the appropriate hashtag from the challenge, your video will reach more people.

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Follow new users

Staying alone on TikTok will not help your account grow.

You mustn’t follow “tún tún”, the idea is that you create a community that is related to your sector.

If, for example, you are in the photography niche, give ‘follow’ to users who are dedicated to the same sector or influencers who stand out. By doing so you will also get better ideas on content creation to enhance your TikTok marketing strategy.

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Optimize TikTok profile

What is the use of having your account with quality videos if users cannot recognize you?

It’s time to add a personal and recognizable touch to your TikTok profile.

Change your profile picture

It can be the logo of your store or an image of your personal brand. You can also choose a video.

The point is that it must be recognizable so that a user reaches your account and knows that it is you.

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Add a description

In addition to the username and your name, which you will have to edit when creating the account as it will be a name created by TikTok itself. You must explain your bio in a few words.

You can explain what you are, what you do, or a simple clever phrase. You must use well the few lines that TikTok allows us to use.

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Insert your links

Add the profile to your business website and link your other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

Social network calls social network and, thus, you can keep your community connected to your networks permanently.

Customizing your profile will make you attractive to users and gain followers.

Have you already personalized your profile? It’s time to upload your first video.

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Learn about the TikTok algorithm

Before we get down to content and start recording videos, it is important that you know the TikTok algorithm and how it works.

It was not until mid-2020 when TikTok wanted to make public how the algorithm of its partner network works, and it is important that now that we have this information you use it when developing your TikTok marketing strategy.

The TikTok algorithm is guided by:

#1. The user interaction: Like other social networks, users interact with your content is very important to get more reach and visibility by TikTok.

#2. The information video: sound, copy, and hashtags are important to TikTok. How many times have you listened to a song in a video, clicked on the sound and it took you to all the users’ videos that contain that music?

#3. The settings of your account or device: TikTok is set on how your account is set and device. In this way, it will show you the videos of the country you are in and in the language you have configured.

If you want advice to deal with the algorithm and that your content has the success it deserves, I leave you the definitive guide to the algorithm:

How to upload videos to TikTok

Now that you have everything ready on your profile, it’s your turn to do the most important part: upload a video to TikTok.

It may seem complicated, but we are going to try to tell it step-by-step.

Click the button in the center with a + symbol

A window will open with all the possibilities for your video. What does this screen offer you?

You can choose if you want to upload a video that you have made outside the application or record one within it and add effects to what you record: from stickers, stickers, or backgrounds the combination is almost endless.

Choose the duration of the video between 15, 60 seconds, or MV, an internal slideshow creator that you can have internally in the app.

Select the ‘sounds’ option at the top of the screen. You will open another screen where you can see trending sounds or those that you have added to your favorites.

Edit your video before publishing it with the multitude of options you have in the right column.

Rotate the camera to the front for easy video recording.

Change the speed of the recording and be creative to unsuspected limits.

Add a filter proposed by the app between vertical, horizontal, food, or intense.

Give it a fun twist with face beautification or makeup to create fun faces without leaving the couch.

Create a countdown to take a video if you can’t hold the camera. It can be up to 10 seconds.

Once edited and after recording the video, you can continue modifying things:

Adjust the sound you have put on, trim the video or raise or lower the volume of the music.

Add sound, video effects (faces, slow down, put a cinema-style countdown), put a text, or take one of the stickers-emojis from the TikTok library.

Wait, you’re not done yet. Just with a funny video, you won’t reach all the people you love.

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Add a description to your video

The last thing before publishing is to add a description to your video: what it is about, a clever title or just add the name of the challenge or video you do. Do not forget the hashtags related to the content or mentions to friends or users.

You can also make your video public or private, allow or not comments, allow duets for others to take your video and publish it together with theirs, save it on your device or share it on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.

Show your products or services on TikTok

If you have a physical store or online business and you want to highlight your products on TikTok, you must take into account the audience you are targeting.

As we have commented before, the age range of users is mostly between 16 and 24 years old.

The content you post should be fun and light-hearted, and even hooligan at times. Ensure your videos do not violate the community guidelines, if they do other users will report you to TikTok.

This may cause your account to be suspended or even banned in which case you will have to send countless appeals.

Analyze your TikTok strategy

Marketing in any social network without analyzing the results of the entire TikTok marketing strategy is a mistake.

Find out what type of content works best for you so you can optimize your TikTok marketing strategy until you succeed on TikTok.

Keeping track of analytics is a very important step in your TikTok strategy to get the most out of your account.

TikTok Ads: How It Works

We get into the rich stuff, we get to the crux of the TikTok marketing issue: how to advertise on TikTok.

The first thing you have to know is that you cannot make ads or promote videos from the app. You have to do it from its own website, TikTok Ads, a bit in the style of Facebook’s Business Manager.

Therefore, you will have to register on this “new website”.

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Register your business information

First, you will have to add the location of your business and if it is a company account or a personal brand.

Whether you choose a business or personal account, you will have to provide information such as your name, phone number, or website.

Between 48 hours and up to 5 days, TikTok will contact you to confirm this information.

Create your ad

1. Create your ad.

When you already have access to your TikTok business, the first step is to click on ‘Campaign’ or ‘Campaign’, depending on the language you have.

You will have to click on create, since being the first campaign you do, you will not have the edit button enabled.

2. Set your goal

So far, TikTok only allows three types of goals: traffic, conversions, or app downloads.

It is simple, to take users to your website, get interactions or have your app installed.

3. Choose the budget.

There are two ways to choose the budget that you will allocate to your campaign, daily or total.

Whatever price you put in, pay attention in case your campaign is not working, cut it before it becomes very expensive.

4. Create an ad group

It is time to create your ad group within the created campaign.

In this section, you can modify the location, which can be automatic according to TikTok, or edit it yourself, and that your ad appears in addition to TikTok in the rest of the group’s apps, Vigo Video, Buzz Video, among others.

Then edit the details requested by the platform itself, as if it were Facebook Ads: the destination URL, names, images, etc. You can also enter terms that describe your page or app in the keywords section and reach your target audience.

Before continuing, in targeting you can define the audience you want to reach, segmenting by gender, location, age, language, or categories, among others.

5. Optimize your campaigns

Before launching your ad, you will have to set the optimization objective of your campaign: conversion, which will show your ad to the public that has the best chance of converting the action you promote; click, the goal is to get the highest possible number of clicks and impressions, in which the ad will appear as many times as possible.

Within this section you can select the intelligent optimization or ‘Smart Optimization’, so that your ad is constantly optimized in the conversion goal, increasing its cost.

Remember to also set the circulation date of your ad group, the budget, and if you want your ad to be every day or on specific days.

6. Design your ad

As we have already mentioned, on TikTok you can advertise through videos or images.

If you are not satisfied with your “home” videos and the applications to edit videos are not your strong point, calm down!

TikTok has a ‘Video Creation Kit’ where you can create your video from templates that you can customize to your liking with images, videos, or music.

Once your design is prepared, it is time to prepare a text with a maximum of 80 characters and the call to action of your ad.

TikTok Ads: formats

Once your account is registered on the TikTok ads page, you must be clear about the purpose of your ad and, therefore, the formats available on this social network.

It is appreciated that TikTok continues to bet on bringing ads to their app because at the moment the types of ads are a bit in their infancy.

Ads in the feed or Biddable Ads

These types of ads are reminiscent of those you have already made on Facebook or Instagram.

Those who create an ad to appear on the wall of users and lead to a web page, buy a product or download something.

The positive is that you can create custom audiences, segment by age, location, and gender, normal, well.

However, so far you still cannot do it for interests, which limits access to your potential audience a bit.

Brand takeover

This type of ad appears on the user’s screen the moment they open the app, that is, instantly.

It appears on the full page of the device that can be a static image or a video and target an internal TikTok profile or an external link, a product page.

Hashtag Challenge

If you’ve ever wanted to challenge your users to do something, this is going to be your ad. Although we warn you, it will not be cheap.

In this type of ad, the brand prepares a challenge (challenge) through a trend (hashtag) in which users can participate.

An ideal way for your brand to go viral and increase views through challenges that users do.

Brand Lenses

Taking advantage of your creativity is part of your day-to-day, right?

Well, it is time to bring it out in this type of ads, where you can create your own filter, augmented reality in this case, for users to use in their videos.

In this way, if you know how to be original, you will get visualizations for your brand by getting your lens or filter to go viral.

Another form of TikTok marketing

If the above ways of reaching more users on TikTok don’t convince you, you can try influencer TikTok marketing.

As a brand, you can contact influencers to appear in videos with products that you sell.

Except for the great personalities who charge a lot per publication, you can try to reach an agreement to give the product away in exchange for promoting it in the video.