Why Does TikTok Only Show My Follower Growth When I’m Live?

Why Does TikTok Only Show My Follower Growth When I’m Live?

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    “Hi everyone, I’ve been getting followers as you can see here but my follower count is not going up. Does anyone know why this happens? My follower count only goes up when I go live but when I’m not it doesn’t.”

    TikTok Only Show My Follower Growth When I’m Live

    The number you see on your profile for your number of followers is actually rounded. So, if you have 12,450 followers, it will show as 12.5K. This is because the number won’t actually change until you hit 12,550 followers.

    To see your actual follower count, you need to fully close the app (so it’s not running in the background – the black page with the TikTok logo should come up when you open it again) and click on the number of followers on your page.

    It should show in small writing your actual follower count.

    So, why does TikTok only show your follower growth when you’re live? The answer to that question is a little bit more complicated. But, in short, it has to do with how the app tracks your followers.

    TikTok keeps track of your followers by following the people who follow you back. So, if you’re not going live, then you’re not really getting new followers – because the app isn’t tracking anyone who isn’t following you back.

    And if you are going live, then the app is tracking all of the new people who are following you in real-time.

    That said, there are a few things that you can do to make sure that your follower count is still going up even when you’re not going live. First, make sure that you have a good content strategy.

    That means making sure that you’re uploading high-quality videos on a regular basis. And second, make sure that you’re engaging with your followers as much as possible. Reply to their comments, like their videos, and follow them back.

    All of those things will help to ensure that your follower count continues to grow even when you’re not going live.