How to Convert JavaScript Object to JSON string?

How to Convert JavaScript Object to JSON string?

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Do you know you can convert the JavaScript Object to JSON string using JSON.stringify()? I will show you how to use JSON.stringify with examples in this article.


As the server accepts data in string format, I needed an efficient way to convert JavaScript object to JSON string. That's where I found JSON.stringify().

???? It converts a JavaScript object to a JSON string.

???? Most often utilized when there is a need to transfer data (JavaScript object) from the browser (client) to a server in JSON string.

✋ It accepts 3 parameters value, replacer (Optional) and space(Optional).

???? Most of the time, you will use JSON.stringify with value parameter.

???? The return value is JSON string or undefined.


JSON.stringify() Example:

JSON.stringify convert javascript object to json string



JS-Object to JSON string output


That's it! ????

???? I have a simple and quick guide for you on flattening an array in JavaScript. So go ahead and learn about it.

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You can learn more on MDN about JSON.stringify().


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