How To Have A Powerful Website [BONUS: Video]

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    How To Have A Powerful Website

    Anytime a person ask me how to make his website more authoritative, I tell him that he must provide engagement content for his visitors. The authority of the website is given by the quality of the content. We talk about good articles, interesting photos or even right pictures. If you can make your visitors to stay on your website for a long time, your website will gain enough power and, finally, become an authority website.

    The power of a website consists in website backlinks, website traffic and Social Media presence. There are also other ingredients:

    • Content quality
    • Domain age
    • Domain Authority -DA
    • Page Authority -PA
    • Trust Flow -TF
    • Citation Flow -CF

    website speed and website design, but the first 3 are the most important (of course, the others are also very important). If you have the first three things already setup, in time you will generate also powerful metrics.

    But how to make my visitors to stay more time on my website?

    Well, I’ve already told you: You must have interesting content. Something between useful and emotional content.

    Let’s think about it: An old website, let’s call it “”, have a lot of useful articles. The articles have a lot of words, but no pictures. Or pictures, but ugly pictures without colours. Let’s say John search about how to make his wife happy and he found an article about this. The article is 100% made from words, no pictures, no colours even no emoticons. Of course, John will read the entire article, or until he will get bored ( and he’ll get bored soon ). After he become bored, John close the tab and make another search. This time John found another website, let’s call it “” website.

    Here, the information is not 100% well structured, but the article also contain bold text, italic text, emoticons, even pictures with happy wives and husbands. John likes it. And because the information is not 100% well organised, but John didn’t get bored, he will start to read again – and again – the article, until he will discover why those wives from the photos are so happy. So, as more as John will repeating the reading of the article, as more time he will spend on your website.

    So, if you want to have a powerful website, prepare to create good content. Not only the information presented on the website is important, but also how it’s presented. And if you insert some “emotion” there ( the picture with the happy wives, I’ve written above ), you have the almost perfect article.

    Now, the BONUS:

    Like I’ve told you in the Title of this article, I will show you a video. In the video you will not find anything useful or informative, but it have the secret element: The Emotion. I’m betting with you that you will find it very interesting. Cheers!

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