Website Builder With WordPress

Website Builder With WordPress

Can I build my Business Website with WordPress CMS?

In short: Yes! WordPress is the best solution for small and mid-size businesses nowadays. Why? In a few words, WordPress is user-friendly and very easy to administrate. It is the most popular Content Management System and you literally have thousands of tutorials, free (or premium) plugins and themes and a big number of community members which are available to help you 24/7.

Having a website as entrepreneur is not something common: It’s a MUST! It doesn’t matter how popular your business is on your Street or in your City. You can scale up your business and show that you provide quality products or services to the entire World. And so, you gain potential customers and build your empire business.

Nowadays you don’t need to be too tech to have a website. You can simply hire someone else with experience and creativity to administrate your Online Presence. After you’ll have the website developed, your Business Name will go over the Vancouver’s frontier, to the entire Mondo’. And the potential clients will come, and so the potential revenue.

Are you looking for a Web Designer in Vancouver CA?

With over 10 years of activity in WordPress Development, Websites Seller provides top-notch web design services for all kind of websites. If we talk about presentation websites, websites for small businesses (also known as “Portfolio websites”) or even eCommerce websites (or online shops), Websites Seller is here to offer you top quality at affordable prices, for all pockets. Vancouver WordPress Design companies usually offer just Web Design, SEO or Administration solutions.

How much costs a WordPress website?

Usually, a WordPress website costs from $1500 to $n/n, depends of your website requirements. If we talk just about a simple presentation WordPress website, the general cost should be between $1500 and $5000. If we talk about a WordPress portfolio website for, let’s say, a small business, the general cost should be between $2000 and $5000. All it’s up to your requirements and necessities.

What if I need a complete web design solution?

If you need a complete Website Development solution, Websites Seller offer you, maybe the best, WordPress Development Service, WordPress Cloud Hosting, WordPress SEO, WordPress Security and WordPress Administration. It offers even free consultation about how to select the best domain name for your website, so you will have the perfect online presence.

What about the hosting? What is it and why I need it so much?

The hosting is the virtual place ( or the server ) where you will keep your website’s files. And because your website is the virtual mirror of your Business, it is very important that the files of it to be kept in safe. WebsitesSeller provides you Cloud WordPress Hosting, with the following specifications:

  1. Pure SSD ( Solid-State Drive ) – In 2019, the SSD hosting is something that we should see everywhere. But it’s not like that. Many hosting companies, even some of the big ones, provide hosting solutions based on old technology, known as HDD (Hard Disk Drive ). The main scope of the evaluation between SSD and HDD is the Performance, or the Speed of your WordPress website. Between two different websites from the same niche ( or industry ), Google will prefer more the fastest one and it will rank it in the first spot. And who don’t like to be in the first spot of the first page in Google Searches?!
  2. LiteSpeed Web Server – This is the newest technology and it’s 9x faster than the old technology, called Apache.
  3. Cloudflare + w/Railgun – Maybe you’ve already heard about Cloudflare. This website is seen as a “Miracle” by the website owners who host their websites on Apache servers, because it speed up their website with approximately 65%. w/Railgun is the newest Cloudflare’s awesome feature that speed up the other 35%, so when you use Cloudflare + w/Railgun, you will boost your website speed with 100%. In fact, a website which runs w/Railgun, show a 139% improvement in HTML load times and a 90% decrease in TTFB (Time To First Byte ) responses. “Ok, ok.. You’ve got me. How much it costs?” If you plan to buy the add-on directly from the Cloudflare website, the price is about $200/month. With Websites Seller, you’ll got it for FREE.
  4. MariaDB – This is the most super-awesome technologyL. Your website database is the brain of your website, so it needs to be fast. This is what MariaDB do.

Final words

So, let’s say you already have an optimized website, hosted on a Server which use an old technology (Apache, HDD and so.. ). With Websites Seller’s hosting, your already speed optimized website will gain: Enormous speed, due the physique advantage of SSD + 9 x speed ( LiteSpeed Web Serves vs Apache ) + another 65% (Cloudflare) + another 35% (Railgun) + MariaDB advantage. Yes = This is speed!

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