(SAFEMOON) SafeMoon Token - How to Buy SafeMoon Token

(SAFEMOON) SafeMoon Token - How to Buy SafeMoon Token

Important: This article is not a financial advice. I am not a financial advisor and I write this just for bringing extra traffic to my site. Do what your brain, heart (or whatever) tells you to do.

What is SafeMoon Crypto Token?

SafeMoon is a BEP-20 token that was launched on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem on March 8, 2021. The BSC ecosystem acts as a centralized finance (CeFi) ecosystem and competes with Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

The coin has gained name and fame in less than eight months of its inception. In April 2021, someone turned $6 into $430k in 43 days. Sounds great, right?!

On April 20th, SafeMoon was the all time high (ATH), with a value of $0.00001399.

In the last week, it is the 8th most talked about cryptocurrency in the World. BitMart, for example, placed it on the first page in the Top Coins chart, under Shiba Inu coin.

How much SafeMoon can I buy with $100?

As of today (October 26th, 2021), the price of SafeMoon is $0.000037. With $100, you can buy around 2693800.35. Assuming this is a long-term investment, you can make a good profit from the initial $100 investment. However, remember that this is pure speculation.

SafeMoon Will Get Listed On Binance?

Rumours are everywhere, but one thing is certain: If Binance will list SafeMoon, both companies will have to win a lot. Right now, SafeMoon is not included in the Binance list, but we may be good with some “clues” and speculation.

6 days ago, on the 20th of October 2021, it seems that Binance tried to include SafeMoon to their sitemap, and this is seen as a positive sign. I don’t know for sure what Binance has planned for SafeMoon, but so far it seems they may list them in the future. At this moment I don’t know if you are able to find the cached version of their sitemap indexed on Google, but it looks just like this:

SafeMoon Binance - Source: Reddit
SafeMoon Binance – Source: Reddit

A Reddit user posted a screenshot of Binance’s sitemap and SafeMoon was there:

View post on imgur.com

I checked the link posted in the screenshot above (https://www.binance.com/sitemap_en_3.xml) with CTRL-F and nothing found. Because my curiosity is big (maybe intensified by the “noise” made in the last 12h), I also checked with Web Archive and yes: It was there: (https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://www.binance.com/sitemap_en_3.xml).

Based on this speculation, there will be a huge value increase for SafeMoon, once (and IF) it will be listed on Binance. But it’s just a speculation, because I have a feeling that Binance auto-generate this kind of templates.

Where to Buy SafeMoon?

The best way to buy SafeMoon coins is to download the Official SafeMoon wallet. After the wallet is installed on your mobile device, in order to buy SafeMoon coins, you have to add funds. I added funds through Binance (BNB), but you can also add funds from other supported coins.

Keep in mind that right now, converting ETH to SafeMoon will cost you a ton of money (ETH gets massive gas fees), so BNB is the best way to buy/convert right now.

SafeMoon Buy Swap
SafeMoon Buy Swap

Few things before buying the SafeMoon coins:

  1. To add funds, press on the “Buy” button, and choose between Binance (BNB) and Smart Chain (BNB).
  2. To buy BUSD or BNB, you have 2 options: MoonPay and Wyre (I choosed MoonPay, but it’s up to you) – You must have a user account. If not, sign up and add your credit card and anything else they are asking for.
  3. Another rule is that you must have funds in BNB (BNB will be used as the source for the Gas Fee – usually cost around 0.0007 to 0.0010 BNB depending on the transaction). The minimum amount is $30 for BNB, so be sure you don’t add all the money (minimum $50, for the BUSD) from your credit card only to Binance USD. Anyway, for SafeMoon token, BNB is way much better than ETH.
  4. Very important: There are a lot of taxes and fees (welcome to the Crypto world), so let’s say, from $150 add on both tokens (BUSD and BNB), it will remain around $110-$130 (depending on the fees).

How to Buy SafeMoon token?

SafeMoon Buy Swap - exchange tokens
SafeMoon Buy Swap – exchange tokens

Once you get the funds, go to the SafeMoon wallet and press on the Swap. First, choose the token from where you will convert the money into SafeMoon (you can press 25%, 50%, 75% or MAX – on max, you will convert all the money from that
token). Make sure below is the SafeMoon token. If everything is ok, press Swap and Approve (you may have to insert again the password). The money are transfered in minutes into your SafeMoon wallet.

How to Sell SafeMoon token?

If you want to sell your coins, you have to follow the same Swap action explained above. In the selling case, you have to choose the tokens source (this will be the SafeMoon token) and the token target (BNB ).
Select the amount you want to withdraw and press Swap and Approve. Once the SafeMoons are converted to BNB, you can exchange BNB everywhere.

SafeMoon – How Many Holders?

According to CMC, there are around 9,053 holding addresses, and I have the feeling that this number will grow bigger next days, because once the rumors will be posted on social media platforms, more and more people will come to buy.

SafeMoon Whales – How Many Whales?

This is one of the best parts: SafeMoon whales (the top addresses by balance own aka the most rich people there) right now under 30%, which is a much better score than Shiba Inu (over 45%) or Dogecoin (over 40%). Why is this good? It is not good, but VERY good, because if an whale decide to withdraw all the money, the more percents they have, the more damage to the coin price. So, being formed in majority by different people with small amounts for coins, if someone decide to withdraw, it will not damage too much the rank of it.

Also, SafeMoon have a “Reflections” system.

SafeMoon Reflections – What is this?

On every Buy, Sell, and Transfer of SafeMoon, the person performing the action is charged a 10% tax. 5% goes to refill the liquidity pool and the other 5% is distributed back to all holders. The distribution back to the holders is what we call reflections. The more SafeMoon you hold, the more reflections you’ll receive.

Since the burn wallet is considered a holder, it also receives reflections. The reflections the burn wallet receives are what we call the burn. Since the burn wallet is the biggest holder it receives the most reflections.

One day the burn is going to stop and all the reflections that go to the burn wallet will reflect back to the rest of the holders.

Note: the 10% fee for transfers is going to to be reduced to 2% in V2 with 1% going to liquidity and the other 1% reflecting.

Is there any SafeMoon Reflection Calculator?

Yes, there are a few SafeMoon Reflection Calculators. I recommend MoonScan, because it is simple to use. Just enter your BEP-20, and you will see the magic.

Conclusion: Is SafeMoon a good investment?

SafeMoon value is speculative (like each and every other crypto coin). You may lose all of your funds if you decide to invest, or you can go big. There is a thing that you should keep in mind as well (You should always keep this golden investment rule in mind): Never invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

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