Top 6 ChatGPT Plugins in 2023

Top 6 ChatGPT Plugins in 2023

ChatGPT Plugins 2023

In 23rd March, OpenAI embarked on a mission to enhance ChatGPT with sensory abilities akin to “eyes and ears,” using plugins. This aimed to vastly improve ChatGPT’s proficiency, transforming it into a reliable assistant capable of handling a variety of tasks. Initially, these advanced features were exclusive to a small, select group in a “restricted alpha” phase. However, as of OpenAI’s recent announcement this past Friday, over 70 external plugins are now ready for deployment to ChatGPT Plus users.

ChatGPT plugins are being rolled out to all Plus users this week

ChatGPT Plugins And Web Browsing Beta Rollout For Plus Users. Until this week, in order to got the access to the plugins, you had to apply to the “ChatGPT Waitlist“. From now, everything is open for the Plus users.

In this article, I will list the top 6 ChatGPT plugins, selected from a roster of over 70. These plugins are currently in their initial phase, suggesting that we can anticipate substantial enhancements in the near future, not only in their respective features but also in their impact on our lives. With the assistance of AI, I have endeavored to reinterpret the description of each plugin in a simplified manner, akin to the ELI5 (Explain Like I’m 5) approach.

1. ChatWithPDF ChatGPT Plugin

Analyze and interact with PDFs using ChatWithPDF

Imagine this ChatGPT plugin, like a super helper, helps you to play ‘search and find’ with PDF documents. You know how we can borrow a toy and then return it? Well, this helper uses a special web address that’s only there for a little while, and it’s like borrowing a PDF document to find things in it. It goes through the PDF file, like flipping through a picture book, and finds things that match what you’re searching for.


  • It can open and read documents from Google Drive that everyone can see.
  • It can open and read PDF documents using that special temporary web address.
  • It’s really good at the ‘search and find’ game within the PDF files.
  • It can find and show you things from the document that match what you’re searching for.

You don’t need to set up anything. Just add in the Plugin store, like adding a new toy to your toy box.


ChatWithPDF is a great secret keeper. It doesn’t keep any information forever. All PDF files are like borrowed toys, they are returned and forgotten. These so-called embeddings, think of them like bookmarks, are stored with ChromaDB on the same server, and are also forgotten with each new update. In the future, all these bookmarks will be forgotten 1hr after the user asks for them.

How it works

  • You give it the temporary PDF web address to open and read.
  • The helper then downloads and goes through the PDF document, finding things in it.
  • When you ask for something, it matches your ask with things it found in the PDF.
  • The best matches, or the closest ones to what you asked for, are then shown to you.

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2. Kayak ChatGPT Plugin

Plan a vacation with Kayak and Expedia

Alright kiddo, let’s pretend you have two robot helpers: one is called Kayak ChatGPT and the other is called Expedia.

The Kayak ChatGPT helper is super cool! You can talk to it like it’s your personal holiday organizer. You can tell it about the money you can spend, when you want to go, if you need a car to drive around, and even the food you like to eat!

For example, let’s say I asked it to help plan a trip to a place called Austin in Texas, and I want to spend less than $1,000. I also told it I like to eat a special diet called #keto. Pretty neat, huh?

But wait! The holiday is costing more than $1,000. No biggie, I can just ask Kayak how much it will really cost, and it gives me a nice list of all the things I’ll have to pay for.

Don’t you think this can be really handy when we need to know how much our holiday might cost?

Now, the other robot, the Expedia helper, is a little different. It asks more detailed questions, which can take a bit more time. I usually like the quick and easy answers from Kayak. Let’s see how Expedia planned the same Austin trip.

But, oops! Expedia didn’t remember all my requests in one go – it forgot about the flights, the car, and my food choices. I had to remind it!

In the end, the cost of the holiday planned by Expedia was about the same as what Kayak came up with. And that’s just because these are both super helpers powered by ChatGPT doing their best!

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3. Instacart ChatGPT Plugin

Buy groceries using Instacart

Imagine if you could have a helper when you’re playing pretend grocery shopping, like on Instacart? You know how we have extra pieces to our toys, like wheels to your toy car, or clothes for your doll? Those are like plugins to a game called ChatGPT+.

Plugins are cool things that let ChatGPT play with different online games, making your playtime with the AI friend smooth and fun.

Instacart ChatGPT Plugin

One of these cool toys is called the Instacart plugin. So, if you’re pretending to shop on Instacart, you can tell your shopping list to ChatGPT, and it quickly arranges an Instacart shopping cart with all the pretend groceries you want.

For example, let’s pretend I want to fill an Instacart shopping cart with over 25 different things. Watch how I use ChatGPT to quickly put all these items in the shopping cart in less than a minute. It’s like fast-forwarding the shopping game, isn’t it fun?

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4. Golden ChatGPT Plugin

Factual accuracy with Golden

Let’s pretend that there’s a magic book called the Golden Knowledge Graph. This book is super special because it’s always getting bigger and bigger with more information about many things like companies, people, special inventions, and even money given by the government. Now, there’s a special helper for this magic book called the Golden ChatGPT Plugin. When you use this helper, it lets you read the magic book while you’re talking with your AI buddy, ChatGPT. If you find a mistake, you can fix it on

What is Golden ChatGPT Plugin and How it helps

Sadly, your AI friend, ChatGPT, doesn’t know about things that happened after 2021. But don’t worry, Golden can tell it about newer stuff.

Very soon, you’ll be able to ask questions in a normal way. For example, you can ask the Golden helper to show you a list of companies that make AI toys. It’s a quick and easy way to find what you’re looking for.

Sometimes, ChatGPT can imagine things that seem real but aren’t. That’s called “hallucinating”. But the Golden helper can help stop that. It gives ChatGPT real facts from the magic book, so the answers it gives you are true.

You can even use the Golden helper to compare two things. It will tell you how they’re similar and how they’re different. And if you want to know more, ChatGPT can dig deeper into those details.

The magic book uses special tricks to understand what you’re asking about, find the right information in the book, and tell ChatGPT. The Golden helper is really good at making sure the facts are real and not imagined. And when you ask a question, it uses another helper, GPT-4, to understand your question and find the right answers.

To use the Golden helper, you just have to add it to your ChatGPT. Then, whenever you ask a question about something the helper recognizes, it will automatically use the magic book to find the answer. You can also ask it directly to use the Golden book like this: “Check that with Golden” or “Use Golden: ” or “Show a table of companies founded in Austin.”

Your AI friend, ChatGPT, gives better answers when it uses the magic book. That’s why we made the Golden helper for you. We want to give you a helper that you can trust to find the right answers.

If you want to know more about the Golden helper, you can sign up to get updates. You can also follow us on a site called Twitter, and anyone can sign up for a free Golden account to use the magic book directly.

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5. OpenTable ChatGPT Plugin

Make a dinner reservation with OpenTable

Imagine there’s a special helper for a fun game called “restaurant finder.” That’s the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin. It’s like a magic book of restaurants, with fancy ones that win special stars, cool new ones, and comfy ones where you can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner anywhere in the world. It can also help you choose special meals to eat at home and tells you news from famous chefs.

The helper uses OpenTable’s big list of restaurants to find places to eat when you describe where and when you want to go.

Let’s pretend we’re using the OpenTable helper. Here’s how you can talk to it:

“Look for a restaurant for a romantic dinner in Paris on May 20, 2023.”

“Help me find a restaurant where my family can have lunch in New York City on June 1, 2023.”

“I need to book a table for a business lunch in Tokyo for 5 people on July 15, 2023.”

“Can you suggest a restaurant that has won a special star for dinner in San Francisco on August 10, 2023?”

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6. Wolfram ChatGPT Plugin

Quantum Physics with Wolfram

Imagine ChatGPT, our friendly talking robot, just got a new toy: plugins! These are like extra special powers from other smart internet friends. On March 23, OpenAI gave ChatGPT these new toys and now it can do even more cool things.

Just think of these plugins as ChatGPT’s new ears and eyes, letting it see and hear even more things from the world. Now, let’s talk about one of these new friends, Wolfram!

A while ago, I thought it would be really cool if ChatGPT could talk to Wolfram, another super smart friend. Guess what? Now, it really can! It’s like ChatGPT got superpowers! It’s still very new, but it’s already very cool.

You see, even though ChatGPT is super smart, it can’t really do things like tricky sums or find exact information. But with Wolfram, it can!

How Wolfram and ChatGPT works together?

So how does it work? Imagine ChatGPT asking Wolfram a question, and then Wolfram works it out and tells the answer back to ChatGPT. Just like two friends helping each other out. You can see this happening when you click the “Used Wolfram” box. This way you can be sure ChatGPT isn’t making up anything.

Sometimes you might want to ask Wolfram a question directly. You can do this by saying “Use Wolfram|Alpha” or “Use Wolfram Language”. You might want to see the actual question ChatGPT asked Wolfram, and make sure it’s asking the right things.

What does Wolfram do with the questions? If it’s Wolfram Language code, it just works it out and gives back the answer. But if it’s a Wolfram|Alpha question, it’s sent to a special place and the answer comes back in a way that ChatGPT can read and use to write more.

Now, ChatGPT has a special Wolfram toy that some people can use. This lets ChatGPT do cool things like maths, find information, and even show you what Jupiter’s moons look like!

So, how does it work? Well, when you ask ChatGPT something, it asks Wolfram in a different way. Wolfram thinks about it and gives the answer back to ChatGPT. Then, ChatGPT tells you the answer in a way you can understand.

Imagine ChatGPT and Wolfram are like best friends, with ChatGPT asking Wolfram to do sums and find things out. If Wolfram doesn’t know the answer or makes a mistake, ChatGPT will try to help with what it knows and ask Wolfram again. If Wolfram is still stuck, ChatGPT will say sorry to Wolfram (how polite!) and try again.

Also, you might not see it in this quick game, but ChatGPT can even show you pictures and charts from Wolfram. Isn’t that cool?

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The advent of plugins for ChatGPT is a significant step in the evolution of artificial intelligence. Starting from March 2023, OpenAI has successfully enhanced the capabilities of ChatGPT, introducing over 70 third-party plugins, and making it a more competent digital assistant for a wide array of tasks.

Now accessible to all Plus users, these plugins have elevated user experience, simplifying complex tasks across various domains – from interacting with PDFs and web browsing, to planning vacations, doing grocery shopping, fact-checking, booking dinner reservations, and even answering complex quantum physics queries.

The plugins, though in their nascent phase, promise a future of continuous improvement and immense potential, shaping not just the AI landscape but also impacting our everyday lives.