[UPDATE 24th June 2019] Website Down! Please Help!!

[UPDATE 24th June 2019] Website Down! Please Help!!

“Website Down! Please Help!!”

Update: 24th June, 2019 | Is your website down? The problem occured in the last hours? Do you think it was hacked? Well, I will go straight to the point: If you are using Cloudflare with your website, there is a big chance that your website may not be hacked, nor your server be down. This time, the problem is from Cloudflare itself.

Thousands of websites owners reported in the last hour that their websites are down. From Canada to Australia, Czech Republic to India, a lot of people had to deal with the fear they lost their site. Some of them blamed the hosting company where they host their websites. Others blamed the WordPress Security plugin. Well, good news: The issue have been recognised by Cloudflare and they work to solve it right now. As usual, they will do a great job!

Cloudflare Reported:

“Identified – We have identified a possible route leak impacting some Cloudflare IP ranges and are working with the network involved to resolve this. “

The problem, as was lately announced, was: Cloudflare is down due to route leak of AS33154( DQE Communications LLC) and AS396531 (Allegheny Technologies Incorporated).

How to temporary solve this issue

Jonathan Reinink posted on his Twitter account:

If your site is down right now, try disabling the Cloudflare proxy. That seems to be where the issue is. After disabling, it takes about 5 mins for your site to come back online (depending on your TTLs of course).

Discord Affected

Discord users met this problem too. DISCORD was down for a while with major connection issues sparked after the Cloudflare issue. Gamers from US, UK and Europe have major difficulties

A guy tweeted: “@discordapp I’m sure you know the servers are down, but the discord status website is also down.”

Another guy posted: “discord is down!”

While third one posted: “@discordapp Me and my friends discords just shut down and wont open, we’re forever in a loading screen.

“What happened?”

Here are the last Tweets about what happened:

See here the Cloudflare Status

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