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How to Add More than 30 Hashtags on Instagram in 2023

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Hashtags on Instagram are a great feature that allows us to reach a lot more people whenever we post.

Instagram, however, limits the number of hashtags you can use on a single post to 30, and if you tried to add more than this, it won’t let you.

So, over the last couple of years, smart Instagram users have found ways to exceed the limits.

One of those strategies was to put 30 hashtags in the captions and add another 30 in the comments section.

Another workaround was to post without any hashtags in the caption and then post 30 hashtags in the comments section before going back to editing the caption and adding another 30.

All these and many others worked for a while, but Instagram eventually caught on and patched its system so that it stopped working.

But in 2021 …

Can You Add More than 30 Hashtags on Instagram?

The simple answer is, yes! And in this tutorial, I’m going to walk you through the simple steps of adding more than 30 hashtags on Instagram.

Hopefully, this won’t get patched any time soon.

How to Add 30 Hashtags on Instagram

  1. The first thing you need to do is to add 30 hashtags in the caption when you’re posting
  2. Go to the comments section and post a random comment without hashtags
  3. Now reply to the comment you’ve just posted with 30 hashtags
  4. Give it a minute and then delete the first comment

As a result of this, you will have more than 30 hashtags in your post. The ones in the comments will not be visible to users, but they are to Instagram’s algorithm.

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Adding more hashtags alone will not help get you more reach and followers. You want to make sure to add a different set of hashtags for your niche every time you post.

This is where you need an advanced tool like MetaHashtags that will help you tailor hashtags that you’re more likely to rank higher for and reach more people.

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You can also use this tool to check and eliminate hashtags that are banned on Instagram.

Ranking higher for these hashtags will also get you to rank for popular and more competitive hashtags that you’d otherwise never appear anywhere for.

Here’s an example of where this strategy was used:

add more than 30 hashtags on instagrammore than 30 hashtags reach

175 hashtags were used on this post alone.

As you can see, when a hashtag strategy for Instagram is executed properly, you can easily reach more people and gain an impressive amount of followers from just a single Instagram post.

In Closing

The number of extra hashtags you’ll be able to post will depend on age and how active your account is.

Newer and lesser active Instagram accounts may not be able to exceed 70 hashtags in a single post, while aged and more active ones will easily do up to 300 hashtags in one post.

It’s best to experiment with your own until you find the sweet spot for your Instagram account. MetaHashtags should ease that for you.


Can I add more than 30 hashtags on Instagram in 2023

Yes, you can add more than 30 hashtags on Instagram in 2023, but it is not recommended.

What happens if I add more than 30 hashtags on Instagram?

Instagram will not allow you to post your content if you try to add more than 30 hashtags. If you manage to post it by any means, it may harm your engagement as Instagram may mark it as spam.

Why does Instagram limit the number of hashtags?

Instagram limits the number of hashtags to prevent users from spamming their posts with irrelevant or repetitive hashtags. It helps to maintain the platform's integrity and ensure that users have a positive experience while using Instagram.

How can I choose the right hashtags for my post?

You can choose the right hashtags for your post by doing research on popular hashtags in your niche, using relevant hashtags that describe your content accurately, and avoiding generic hashtags that are too broad.

Is it better to use all 30 hashtags or fewer than 30 hashtags?

It is better to use only relevant hashtags, even if that means using fewer than 30 hashtags. Using irrelevant or repetitive hashtags can harm your engagement and make your posts appear as spam.

Can I use the same hashtags on every post?

It is not recommended to use the same hashtags on every post. Using the same hashtags repeatedly can lead Instagram to flag your posts as spam. It is best to use a variety of relevant hashtags that describe your content accurately.

Can I hide my hashtags on Instagram?

Yes, you can hide your hashtags on Instagram by placing them in the comments section instead of the caption. This can make your post look cleaner and more professional.

Should I create my hashtags or use popular ones?

It depends on your goal. If you want to increase your reach, it is better to use popular hashtags that are relevant to your content. If you want to create a brand-specific hashtag, it can help increase brand awareness and engagement.

Can I add hashtags to old posts?

Yes, you can add hashtags to old posts by editing the caption or adding a comment with the hashtags. However, it is not recommended to add too many hashtags to old posts as it may look like spam.

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