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5 Best AI Writing Assistant in 2023

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    Are you trying to create plagiarism-free content that is S.E.O optimized and easy to read and understand? Then you need the best AI writing assistant.

    Writing can be a difficult skill to master and there are many tools that can help improve both your writing and your productivity.

    But finding the right one requires a little digging, however, there are a few that stand out from the rest.

    These AI writing assistant tools will make it easier for you to write and improve your productivity.

    Let’s take a look at the best writing assistant tools:

    1. Jasper AI

    Jasper AI writing tool

    Jasper AI is an AI writing tool that writing assistant that can write fiction stories, blog posts, entire books, marketing emails, Ads copy, creative stories, and more.

    It is a SaaS-based AI copywriting tool harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and GPT-3.

    Using Jasper AI you can create articles of any length at extremely fast speeds.

    Jasper uses artificial intelligence to analyze the seed words you input.

    It then creates entire phrases, paragraphs, or documents based on your subject and the tone of voice you chose.

    It will help with the writing process and allow you to spend more time on other tasks that require your attention.

    Jasper Key Features:

    There are numerous Jasper features, most AI writing assistants focus on either Short-form content or Long-form content, Jarvis does both.

    It is the only true AI writing assistant that can autonomously write both short-form, long-form, and everything in between.

    1. Jasper Generates Original Content

    Jasper AI uses machine learning to generate original content, which means no plagiarism.

    Jasper Is a Real-Time Writing Assistant.

    The Jarvis interface has a live word, character, and progress counter displaying your content creation speed.

    It has a Live Preview feature allowing you to preview your work as it is being written.

    Jasper is not just for blogging or writing long-form content, it can write short-form content too.

    You can use Jasper for a wide range of purposes such as a social media post generator, Marketing/Ad copy, Press release writer, Creative writing tool, and more.

    2. Jasper writes S.E.O Optimised Blog Posts

    Jasper AI will write S.E.O Optimised articles with a focus on writing unique titles, descriptions, and keywords to improve your search engine ranking.

    Jasper can also assist you with blogging, press releases, and infographics.

    Using Jasper AI you can choose the writing style that suits you best such as casual, formal, technical, and more.

    3. Jasper Generates Long-form Content

    Jasper can create long-form articles for 1000+ word articles without the need for research, outlines, or planning.

    With over 50+ templates to choose from (which are added monthly) and the ability to create your own templates (Recipes), Jasper can easily create long-form content.

    It even offers deep learning which means that the more articles you create, the better it gets at writing them.

    4. Jasper Can Write Creative Content

    Jasper AI can also write creative content such as poems, songs, and short stories.

    If you are writing a novel or short story, Jasper can work alongside you and write the outline and draft.

    Using this option enables you to write continuously and allows you to focus on the more important aspects of writing such as character development or dialogue.

    4. Jasper Curates Content Using Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    Jasper has the power of machine learning helping to find relevant content with high relevance in popular keywords.

    Instead of relying on the use of Ad-hoc keywords, Jasper has an algorithm that does the research for you.

    Jarvis AI will find great content and curate it allowing you to save time on the research process.

    5. Jasper Creates Unique Content Using Artificial Intelligence

    Jasper generates original content by learning from millions of academic papers, news articles, Wikipedia, and other sources.

    It has the power of artificial intelligence using GPT-3 to generate unique content that is on par with professional writers.

    6. SEO Tool

    Jasper Integrates with Surfer SEO to optimize your content using the best practices for SEO, this will improve your rankings on search engines such as Google.

    Jasper can improve your search rankings and keywords by writing highly targeted content.

    Much more than just an SEO tool, Jasper will save you time and money!

    7. Jasper Writes Social Media Posts

    Social media is an integral part of digital marketing, using Jasper AI you can create social media posts.

    Jasper can help you with creating your social media posts, it can curate content using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP).

    8. Bootcamp Training Workshop

    You will receive access to the Jasper AI Academy where you will have your training needs met for up to several months.

    With the academy, you get step-by-step training from professionals.

    You will get Jasper certified once you complete the course.

    9. Plagiarism- Checker

    Jasper integrates with Copyscape, a top plagiarism checker this allows users to check for plagiarism within the editor.

    10. Grammarly

    Jasper has integrated Grammarly software to fix any grammar errors in the editor.

    Jasper Pricing

    jasper pricing

    2. Rytr AI

    Rytr is another AI-based writing assistant which generates marketing copies such as story plots, Youtube video descriptions, and Job descriptions.

    Rytr uses natural language processing to generate sentences based on the input. This will enable you to put together a story quickly using Rytr’s mind map interface.

    You can also use the Rytr website to generate a copy for your Facebook ad or Youtube video.

    Rytr Key Features:

    1. Easy to Use

    Rytr has a simplistic design that makes it relatively easy to use.

    It however has far fewer features than jasper.

    Once you submit your job, Rytr generates the article and provides it to you in a Word document format.

    2.30+ Templates

    Rytr has over 30 pre-built templates which you can choose from for your content.

    About half of them are story plots, with the rest coming in the form of marketing, news briefs, and job descriptions.

    3. Rytr Generates Long-form Content.

    Rytr generates long-form content which is more than 1,000 words long.

    This makes it ideal for creating blog posts and landing pages as it has all the right elements such as introductions, body paragraphs, and conclusions.

    4. Integrates with Semrush.

    Rytr integrates with Semrush, a popular SEO tool you can use to find important keywords for your articles.

    5. Rytr Creates Social Media Content.

    Rytr has the ability to create social media posts that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

    Rytr Pricing

    rytr pricing

    3. Anyword AI

    Anyword AI is another AI tool that mainly focuses on creating ads, blogs, or articles.

    It’s a good marketing resource because it can help you manage social media marketing campaigns.

    Anyword generates various marketing outputs copies that users can use and implement when marketing products.

    This tool helps with content curation and can be used to help you create a social media ad in no time.

    Anyword Key Features:

    1. Text suggestions

    Anyword allows you to create a wide variety of text variations.

    This can help you write better headlines or create more compelling copy.

    2. Tailormade Copy

    Anyword enables you to generate different copies according to your unique needs, out of these variations you can pinpoint which phases receive the best response from your target audience.

    3. Keywords

    Anyword integrates the keywords you input into the copy, this helps with better SEO.

    4. Predictive Score

    Anyword offers a forecast performance score of the generated copy to help you know which variations are the most effective.

    Anyword Pricing

    anyword pricing

    4. Writesonic

    Writesonic is another AI-powered copywriting assistant.

    It generates a unique marketing copy for any business in no time.

    Once you input a few lines of text, Writesonic will generate blog posts, ads, landing pages, and product descriptions.

    Writesonic Key Features:

    1. Copywriting

    Writesonic uses the PAS marketing model (Problem, Agitate, and Solution) to generate marketing copy.

    This is ideal for convincing visitors to take action and buy products.

    It also uses the AIDA sales model to help you close sales with your marketing copy.

    The AIDA model defines the steps in the sales process, these are attention, interest, desire, and action.

    2. Blog Copy

    Writesonic generates blog ideas for you as well as intros, outlines, and entire blog posts.

    This tool will help you write more compelling blog posts for your website, it will also help with guest blogging and content curation.

    3. Marketing Ads Copy

    Writesonic can be used to generate compelling marketing copy for ads on social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

    It can also be used to create a catchy flyer design for a marketing campaign.

    4. Product Description

    Writesonic can use both the PAS and AIDA models to help you create effective product descriptions.

    The PAS model is ideal for creating product features and how it can benefit the customer, the AIDA model is for persuading the customer to buy the product.

    Writesonic Pricing

    writesonic pricing

    5. Contentbot

    ContentBot is an AI-based content writing software.

    It’s is an automated copy generation service where the user simply enters input data in order to create a new piece of content.

    There is a wide range of templates available on ContentBot such as social media, articles, listicles, etc.

    Contentbot Key Features:

    1.25+ Templates

    Contentbot offers more than 25 templates to help you get started with content writing.

    Some of these templates include social media posts, product descriptions, interesting facts, memes, videos, etc.

    2. Unique Content

    Contentbot is able to generate relatively unique content

    It offers a unique score to ensure content generated is authentic and will be indexed by search engines.

    This tool offers a good way to create unique content for your website and social media pages.

    3.OpenAI’s GPT-3 Technology

    Just like most other AI writing assistants, Contentbot uses the GPT-3 technology.

    The OpenAI organization developed this machine learning technique to generate new pieces of content.

    Contentbot Pricing

    contentbot pricing


    The above tools can help you with your content marketing, from generating blog ideas to writing copy for ads and product descriptions.

    They all use AI to help writers generate content and they all use an automated model.

    The GPT-3 technology is used by most writing assistants as it offers a good way to generate fresh ideas for content.

    So far Jasper is hands-down the best AI writing assistant available.

    With numerous templates, plagiarism and grammar checker, built-in S.E.O checker, Voice command, Bootcamp training, and much more.

    It’s definitely worth checking out.

    AI has come a long way in terms of helping writers write content, but digital marketing is far more than just writing copy.

    Marketers will always need to investigate their target audience, keep up-to-date with industry news, and use innovative strategies to draw in potential customers.

    AI can help marketers to a certain extent, but they will still need to manage their campaigns and monitor results.

    The tools mentioned in this blog post can be used for content generation and writing ideas, however, a good marketer will always do their research before starting a new campaign.

    Till next time!