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Can You See Who Viewed Your Pinterest Profile?

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    Have you been wondering who viewed your Pinterest profile?

    Pinterest is basically an online pinboard.

    It’s is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like home decor, fashion trends, healthy living, and more.

    Pinterest allows you to share as well as explore new interests and ideas.

    This is done by posting (Known on the app as “pinning”) images as well as videos to your own boards.

    The boards are categorized according to the theme they represent, each pin usually redirects back to the website of origin.

    This means you can always revisit the original source of the image or video.

    Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool for bloggers and business owners, it does this by means of interaction with the users who view your pin.

    This is done by liking, sharing, and repinning images on the platform.

    You can use this to notice trends and gain insight into your audience’s interests and preferences, that way you can create content that caters to their needs.

    Is It Possible to See Who Viewed Your Pinterest Profile?

    The answer is No!, Pinterest doesn’t give you the option to see who viewed your Pinterest profile.

    What they do instead is suggest other users that might be interested in your Pinterest profile.

    If you happen to be exploring new pins to like, Pinterest will suggest pinners that you might be interested in following.

    This is based on the pins that you have liked in the past.

    It’s a great way to discover new and interesting pinners, and it also helps you build a following.

    Can You See Who See Who Repinned Your Pins?

    Knowing who saved your pins on Pinterest can be valuable for market research purposes, to know what exactly your audience is interested in.

    But Pinterest doesn’t make this information available on their platform unless you have verified your website on Pinterest.

    This means linking your website with your Pinterest account.

    Once you have them linked just type domain).com and hit enter.

    This will generate a list of all your repinned pins.

    You will now be able to see who repinned your pins and on what boards they did so.

    How Else Can You Get Infomation About Your Audience?

    Another great way to get information about your audience on Pinterest is by use of Pinterest Analytics.

    To use this feature you need to first convert your Pinterest account into a business account.

    Then click on the Analytic tab as illustrated below.

    pinterest analytics

    On the Analytics page, you will be able to get information about your audiences such as Impressions, Engagements, Pin clicks, Saves, and much more.

    You can use this information to find out your audience’s preferences.

    This will help you build content that caters to their needs on Pinterest, making you more likely to succeed.

    Also, by knowing who makes up your audience on Pinterest, you can discover other platforms where they are most likely to be found.

    You can start by looking for their social media profiles, blogs, etc.

    It’s also good to note that even though Pinterest doesn’t give you the option to directly see who viewed your Pinterest profile, this doesn’t mean you cannot find out.

    How Can You Stop Someone from Viewing Your Pinterest Profile?

    You can stop someone from viewing your Pinterest profile, following you, messaging you, or interacting with your Pins.

    You can do this by simply blocking the user.

    In order to block a user, just click on their profile, then on the 3 dots, and finally hit the “block” option.

    block pinterest user

    Users you block will still appear in search, feeds, and group boards.

    All the Pins you saved will remain on your profile.

    You will need to remove those Pins individually.

    You can also use secret boards to keep your Pins hidden from other people.

    Only you can view your own secret boards (unless you invite another person).

    For extra privacy, you can change your name or use secret boards to keep your Pins hidden from others.

    To create secret boards just follow the following steps:

    Log into your Pinterest account, and click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of your screen.

    Click on the board you wish to keep private.

    make secret pinterest

    Click on the 3 dots on the right-hand side of the board.

    keep board secret

    Scroll down and click on “Keep this board secret”.

    Finally, click on “Done” to save.

    Secret boards don’t show up on your profile, or in searches.

    You can also use them to keep drafts if you tend to accidentally publish before you’re ready.

    Once you hide your Pins, no one will be able to find them unless you invite them in.

    What Happens When You Block Someone?

    When you block someone on Pinterest it means that they will be unable to:

    Follow you.

    Send you a message.

    Interact with your Pins.

    See your boards.

    See the Pins you saved in their feed.

    They will also no longer be able to see your profile.

    Also, if the person blocked happened to be in your groups, they will no longer be able to participate in any of your group boards.


    Although there is no option within the app to see who viewed your Pinterest profile, there are still ways you can find out.

    You can use Pinterest Analytics to get information about your audience, you can use your secret boards to keep yourself anonymous by preventing other people from seeing any of your Pins.

    You can also block users if you don’t want them interacting with or following you on Pinterest.